The Top 5 Dog Daycare Centers in Richmond VA

Zoe | Nov 01,2023

The 5 Best Dog Daycare Centers in Richmond VA

For busy people like us, as a pet lover is very painful becasue we often need to be separated from our fur babies.

At this time, we need a professional pet caregiver to provide our dogs with personalized and comfortable care and attention.

If you’re picky like me, then the following list of the best doggy daycare centers in Richmond, VA, can help you out.

The Best Puppy Day Care in Richmond, VA

For us, dogs are more than just pets – they’re family. So we just want the best pet daycare services and boarding services for them.

so, we selected the best pet daycare centers with high customer satisfaction, good prices and good availability,because we think you will need it.

The Cost of Dog Daycare in Richmond,VA

Let’s quickly discuss cost first.

Prices vary between doggy daycare centers, and most offer their own package prices. But on average, the cost ranges from $20 to $40 for a full day and $10 to $25 for a half day (4 hours or less).

You should also consider certain possible additional costs, such as application fees, late pick-up fees, cancellation fees, pick-up and delivery fees, and emergency veterinary fees.

It's important to ask about these things when choosing a daycare center for your dog, as different daycare centers have different policies and fees.

Finally,almost every dog daycare centers is offers dog boarding services.

  • spacious amenities for play, exercise, rest, socialization, and feeding
  • Value for money
  • Reputation and experience
  • Pet Safety and Comfort
  • Emergency Care

1.Toby Town RVA

SERVICESDaycare Services , Staycare Services , Shampooch Salon , Boarding Services
ADDRESS2100 Maywill Street Richmond, VA 23230
CONTACT [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. ; Saturday – Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Toby Town was founded on the belief that every dog that comes through our doors is somebody’s Toby. That’s the start of every story at Toby Town. ​Each day, Toby Town's team members strive to be the hero of your dog’s Toby Town story.

Toby Town was founded on the ideals of a fur kid and his dog parent: Toby and Gloria. Smart, funny, loyal, loving, and brave, Toby was a delightful dapple Dachshund who Gloria felt could’ve been the star of his own series of storybooks.

Within the walls of Toby Town, They work with these common themes from our story:Respect Yourself;Respect Each Other;Respect Our Town;Respect Our Guests (Dogs and Humans)

Single-Dog Packages(Effective July 1, 2023)

ServiceMinimum Cost
1 FULL-DAY ​PASS $32/Day
5-DAY ​PACKAGE $30/Day
10-DAY ​PACKAGE $28/Day
20-DAY ​PACKAGE $26/Day

Multi-Dog Packages(Effective July 1, 2023)

ServiceMinimum Cost
1 FULL-DAY ​PASS $31/Day
5-DAY ​PACKAGE $29/Day
10-DAY ​PACKAGE $27/Day
20-DAY ​PACKAGE $25/Day


  • 6,700 square feet of space for dogs of all ages
  • The team is made up of smart, hard-working, self-managed people
  • Cage-free boarding
  • Customized services
  • Experienced and constant educational development
  • Best for high-energy plays


  • Packages can only be purchased in person or by phone.
  • Daycare is available Monday through Friday
Customer Reviews

" Best day care ever! Every single staff member works hard to cater to your dogs needs. My dog Charlie absolutely loves it. He has a little bit of separation anxiety and they care for him so well. They are friendly during pick up and drop off and they will work with you on times and days! Toby Town is kind, friendly, clean and safe for your dog. I wish I could give every staff member a hug because they take care of my dog so well. I am so thankful I found Toby Town! Absolutely Amazing! -- Anna Kilduff "

" Toby Town is amazing! My dog Titan loves to go there and they take great care of him. The place is beautiful and cleaner than any human day care center!! Gloria, the owner, treats my dog as if he were her own. I wouldn't hesitate to board him there because someone is always there to watch out for him. I can't recommend this facility enough! --Richmond Conservation "

" Best place on earth! It’s clear Toby Town loves all the dogs who come through the doors- my little pup feels it and she is blossoming with all that love - Toby Town is our favorite place and we feel so lucky we found it - can’t recommend it enough --michele jacobson "

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SERVICESDay Care & Boarding,Grooming And Bathing,In-Home Services,Dog Walking
ADDRESS 319 N 25th St.Richmond, VA 23223
CONTACT 804-343-7387
OPERATING HOURS Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm;Saturday 8am - 6pm;Sunday 8am - 6pm;Closed Daily from 12pm - 2pm

Pets at Play provides a spacious and comfortable environment to ensure that your pets feel at ease and relaxed. Our store is designed to be bright and airy, offering ample space for pets to move around.

Pets at Play have a team of experienced professionals at our pet store who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of different types of pets. They are dedicated to providing personalized service and care based on the specific needs of your pets.

Always prioritize cleanliness and safety. They will undergoes regular cleaning and sanitization to ensure a clean environment.

ServiceMinimum Cost
One dog $30
One dog 10 days pre-paid $280 ($28 each visit)
Each additional dog $25
Half-day, four hours or less $24 each dog
Initial interview $30

Late fee (after 7:00pm)
(6:00pm weekends)

$10 per dog


  • Customized services
  • Provides constant supervision
  • Detailed activity plan
  • Diverse range of products and services
  • Professional staff team


  • No online booking system
  • Has a cancellation policy that can cost you up to 100% of the day care service(24 Hours)
  • Closed at noon
Customer Reviews

" My doggie looked and smelled amazing after her groom today. She was so happy and calm when she came home. I can tell she was treated really well. The service was super friendly. --Lauren Hamm "

" Only been here a few times but I am now a loyal customer! They must be doing something right, because now every time I walk my dog he tries to pull me in the direction of Pets At Play. He is so ecstatic every time we go, I am starting to bring him there just for fun in addition to out of necessity! Do note: if your dog is over 70 lbs they won’t be able to be boarded overnight due to kennel sizes, but they do wonderfully accommodating larger dogs in daycare! My pup loves Pets At Play! --Alex Troisi "

" I’ve been coming here for over 9 years for my doggies. They are always able to take my dogs - even last minute. I specifically came here to say that the new groomer is very good !! --Simone Williams "

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3.Diamond Doghouse

SERVICES Dog services,Daycare, Boarding, Collars, Baths and More…
ADDRESS 1712 Ellen Rd, Richmond, VA 23230
CONTACT [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday: 7:00am-6:30pm;Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm;Sunday—NO daycare, boarding drop off and pick up only

Diamond Dog House, established on August 20, 2006, is a supervised dog park and boarding facility that prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of dogs. We offer an open cage environment where dogs can freely play together throughout the day. We specifically cater to well-socialized dogs to ensure a harmonious and energetic atmosphere.

Our facility consists of a spacious 4,800 square foot building and a main yard spanning 6,000 square feet. For trials and smaller breeds, we have a separate yard of 50 square feet. Interestingly, many of our smaller dogs enjoy the companionship of their larger counterparts, so we often integrate them during playtime.

At Diamond Dog House, we strive to create a safe and enjoyable space for dogs to socialize, play, and even spend the night if needed. Our commitment to supervised interaction and our well-maintained facility make us a trusted choice for dog owners.


ServiceMinimum Cost
Full- day Day Care $23.00 per day
Half-day Day Care $15.00 (4 hours or less)
Full- day Day Care for second dog same owner $21.00

Prepaid cards are available:

ServiceMinimum Cost
11 visits $230 (buy 10 days get 1 day free)
22 visits $460 (buy 20 days get 2 days free)


  • Experienced and constant educational development
  • 4,800 square foot building
  • 6,000 square feet yard
  • open cage environment
  • Constant communication


  • No daycase on sunday
Customer Reviews

" Barron loves the Diamond Doghouse! Dodie and Sarah are absolutely phenomenal. We have been to all rest and this is the best daycare and boarding. The team is attentive to each dog’s unique needs. We love the Diamond Doghouse.--Cynthia Goss "

" We’ve been taking our dogs here for 6 years for both daycare and boarding. We’ve been to other places and watched our dogs try to drag us back to the car. But here, they sprint to the door. One of our dogs has epilepsy and we feel so good about leaving her here. They are taken care of and loved on and we couldn’t be happier. Also you can’t beat their prices. I am getting ready to have our first baby and even though I’m due around Thanksgiving (which is a time when boarding reservations are a MUST - which I clearly can’t make because I don’t know when I’ll go into labor) they have been so accommodating, telling me not to worry and there will be space for my pups whenever it is that they come in. I am truly grateful for this place. --Bethany Silva "

" The staff is very nice and they treat your fur bady with care and kindness this is the best place to take your fur bady there's is no other place i would take my dog they are family now. --Angel Alexander "

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4.All Dog Adventures

All Dog Adventures
SERVICESDog Daycare,Boarding,Grooming,Dog Training,Board and Train + Day School
ADDRESS4111 W Clay St Richmond, VA 23230
CONTACT (804) 453-8375
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 7 AM- 7 PM;Saturday & Sunday: 7 AM - 11 AM & 3 PM - 7 PM

All Dog Adventures, Richmond's first doggy daycare, has made a significant impact since its establishment in Huguenot Village on Richmond's Southside. With their comprehensive Life Skills courses, exceptional doggie daycare services, and advanced training programs, they have helped thousands of owners and pets build stronger relationships. Their team of dedicated dog experts is passionate about educating others on creating the best bond with their furry friends.

At All Dog Adventures, their commitment to excellence is evident in their mission to be the premier pet facility in Richmond. They strive to provide engaging, fun, and educational training experiences, alongside outstanding boarding and dog daycare services. Their efforts have paid off, as they have been recognized as the Best Dog Training Company and the second Best Pet Boarding/Daycare Facility in Central Virginia for three consecutive years.

All Dog Adventures takes pride in their impressive roster of accomplished dogs. They have achieved multiple titles, including Master Agility Champions (MACH's), Agility Dog Champions (ADCH's), and Trick Dog Champions (TDCH's). Whether it's obedience, rally obedience, or various dog sports venues like AKC, USDAA/WCRL, UKC, and C-WAGS, their dogs have excelled. Many of their dogs have also become Canine Good Citizens, Therapy Dogs, and even appeared in local commercials.


  • Certifications & Awards
  • Experienced and constant educational development
  • Customized services
  • Experienced team
  • Large private spaces for plays


  • Issues with customer service
  • Prices are all over the board
Customer Reviews

" I take my high-energy dog to All Dog for daycare a couple of days a week. He always gets super excited when I tell him we are going for a ride to see his friends, and is tuckered out when I get him home. All the staff at All Dog are friendly and helpful, and Just Jack seems to love them all. I’m grateful for All Dog Adventures and their staff. --Rachel Mc Klveen "

" I’m giving All dog adventures a 5 star rating based on our first in person visit. The receptionist, Patricia, was so nice! She set up all the account data and gave us our reservation as well as a tour of the facility. We found it to be organized, clean and the training room looked good 👍🏻 I will do another review based on our first boarding experience coming up soon! --Andrea Gray "

" I started coming to ADA in August 2022 and have been completely impressed. We started with taking private lessons with Julie W. From the first day she did a great job in helping to develop a plan for my French Bulldog puppy, Martin, who ideally will be obtaining his Therapy Dog certification. Julie has done an exceptional job in working not only teaching Martin but teaching me the skills needed to help him be successful. She is extremely organized and holds us to high standards which is really important to me. We started taking group classes as well in September and those have been fun as well! Martin is now in level 2 and having a blast. He has worked with Melanie for those classes and she has done a great job. Martin loves his time at All Dog Adventures. Both he and I leave more confident each time we go. We look forward to moving up the levels and meeting our goals with the help of All Dog Adventures. :) --Mary Bowman "

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5.Dogtopia of Chesterfield

Dogtopia of Chesterfield
SERVICES puppy day caredog services,daycare,boarding,spa,grooming
ADDRESS 11004 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, Virginia 23235
CONTACT [email protected]
(804) 313-9492
OPERATING HOURSMon - Fri:6:30 AM - 7:30 PM;Sat:10:00 AM - 5:00 PM;Sun:10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Dogtopia of Chesterfield has established itself as the leading provider of puppy daycare, boarding, and spa services for dogs in the local community since 2012. With a strong focus on safety, cleanliness, and a compassionate team of professionals, they ensure that every dog in their care has a fantastic and secure experience.

The facility boasts three spacious indoor playrooms and a generous outdoor play area featuring artificial turf, providing ample space for dogs to run, jump, and play. Each playroom is carefully designated according to the dogs' size, temperament, and play style, ensuring a harmonious environment where every pup can enjoy off-leash freedom while being attentively supervised by the well-trained playroom staff.

Dogtopia of Chesterfield goes above and beyond in maintaining the highest standards of safety. As a certified Heroes for Healthy PetsTM facility, they undergo training in infectious disease management, including preventative care such as strategic vaccination, and follow strict cleaning and disinfection protocols. This certification program, co-sponsored by esteemed organizations such as the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America, and Pet Sitters International, among others, demonstrates their dedication to maintaining disease-free facilities and prioritizing the health of pets.

Dogtopia of Chesterfield have webcams in every playroom – allowing you to check in on your furry family member and watch them play throughout the day (excludes naptime and overnight). You can easily access our webcams using your computer or smartphone.



1 Day a Week $36
2 Days a Week $68
3 Days a Week $99
Unlimited Weekly $140


Full Day $40
Half Day $27


  • Heroes for Healthy PetsTM facility
  • Large and safe transportation for dogs
  • Homestyle boarding
  • Constant communication
  • Have webcams in every playroom


  • Allegedly rude staff (according to some past clients)
Customer Reviews

" The staff at Dogtopia are the best and really take great care of the dogs and their customers. We especially appreciate the great communication and helpfulness - we are so thankful for Dutch who goes above and beyond to provide amazing service. --Chris Barr "

" Dogtopia staff, including Erik and Mary, have always been attentive to me and my dog, Simon. They are great at communicating any issues they may be having and with how Simon is doing. I always feel at peace knowing they are taking care of him. --Sara Abbott "

" The best! Maxwell has been going to this location for years, never one problem. They greet him by name when arrives. The staff have taken excellent care of him after surgery. He boarded recently and it felt amazing to pick him up so happy and relaxed. No heavy panting. No distress in his eyes or behavior; he was as calm as he would have been had he been home. Thank you for giving him and our family peace of mind! --Kathy Jones "

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FAQs About Dog Daycare Centers in Richmond VA

Is daycare a good idea for dogs?
For busy dog lovers who have to spend long hours away from home, dog daycare can be a great option.
How to Choose the Best Doggy DayCare?
In addition to ensuring the facilities are clean and well-staffed, it is important to consider various aspects of dog care such as playtime, feedings, potty breaks, timeouts and rest periods, as well as providing safe toys and equipment for dogs to interact with. These factors contribute to creating a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for every dog in their care.
What Immunizations are Required for daycare?
For the safety of all guests, The daycare centers always require proof of vaccinations. Dogs must be current on Rabies, DHPPV/DA2PPv (distemper, hepatitis, pavovirus) and Bordetella vaccinations. While we do not currently require the Canine Influenza H3N8 and H3N2 vaccine, the flu is dangerous to dogs and we do recommend getting the shot.
My Dog is Not Feeling Well,May I Still Bring Her to the daycare centers?
Bacteria and parasites can be passed easily from dog to dog, so only healthy dogs should attend daycare.
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