Best Bully Sticks

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Best Bully Sticks
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  1. James Butler 2023/02

    Beware ordering from this company. They do not answer the phone. They do not respond to messages left. The do not adequately respond to emails. Their Facebook page appears to be spam and/or hacked.

  2. Laureen Davis (Lauri) 2022/05

    My dogs thank you guys for their awesome treats! I keep forgetting that you guys are in the same town as us. Love keeping it local!

  3. Angela Minardi 2021/08

    Poor customer service. I’m unable to delete an item or use my points! They don’t call me back or text me back! Frustrating!

  4. Lori Martin 2021/06


  5. Patrick Hicks 2021/02

    The only thing worse than the quality is their customer service.

    Mistakes happen. You just need to accept responsibility and make it right. When …

  6. Mayra Lemus 2020/11

    I like my work here,💚 …

  7. E Parker 2020/11

    Poor customer service. Poor delivery. Better service and product at other online retailers, including Mickey’s Pet Supplies and The Natural Dog Company. Will not use Best Bully Sticks again.

  8. Scarlett Barbee 2020/11

    We are happy customers and have been for almost 5 years. I understand that experiences and expectations are as unique as the people who describe them. That said, I have had only two issues and both were resolved…
    1. once I ordered chews that were supposed to be in 1lb bags. I received the correct # of bags, but 1/2lb bags. I contacted TBBS and got the remaining bags.
    2.The second incident was bison ears. Had ordered these many times, but these were very different. They looked like cow ear pieces that had been dyed red, instead of the whole and pointy ears of previous orders, and nothing like the pic online. Worst of all, the dye would stain everything once our pups started to go to town on them. I left a product review, detailing my experience. Customer service rep responded and I received a full refund-I did not have to send anything back.

    I also had some minor incidents with a sale-priced item not being available within moments of receiving email notification. Customer service rep responded within hours and I received a link to a cart with the desired quantity of the sale item as well as an additional 15% off.

    Anytime I have contacted CS with a question, issue, comment, want, or need, I have gotten a response.

    We have 11 rescues…hubby had Ike and Tina when we met and now we are also Chuy, Cindi, Kurly, Larry, Moe, Blaize, Sox, Papi and Luci…TBBS goes a long way for us to be able to provide healthy chews for our pups…and with that many mouths to take care of, we heavily rely on TBBS sales and clearance chews.

    Additionally, they offer discounts for military, law-enforcement and first responders. Best-when something is already sale, or clearance priced, I still get my 15% discount. I usually buy enough for the free shipping and to qualify for 6 month interest-free payment with PayPal credit.

    If it is an epic sale, we usually stock up a lot. A few years ago, during the 12 days of Christmas sales, We bought enough to last for a year+

    Shipping is also always prompt and fast.

    Yes, I will count package content in the future, just to be sure. If anything is short, I don’t need an option. A partial refund will be just fine. I would not expect them to incur additional expenses to just send 2 or 3 pieces.

    Important to me are where the items are sourced from. I don’t want mystery chews and like the details provided on their product page.

    I have been to many other sites to compare prices. So far I have not found any better-priced sites.

    I am very happy that TBBS brought back Bully Bites. These are the odds and ends of varying thickness, lengths and density that are left over from making bully sticks. We just cannot afford to give each of our dogs a whole stick everyday. The bites have something for each one of our 9 to 90 pounders, that will satisfy their chewing cravings.

    Another top hit are the cow hooves. They were on sale at 50%off. These last for days and they all love them.

    Natural cow ears-I cut them with my circular saw. That way the drums go to our aggressive chewers and the others are able to deal with the thinner pieces. Our bully, Cindi, has mega esophagus. She can only eat very liquid foods or something very hard that only comes off in small bits so it doesn’t get stuck and cause her to vomit…

    TBBS now also has a rewards program that basically gives you cash back in the form of $-off coupons. You can use these for yourself or gift them to a fellow pet lover.

    About the noxious odors of some items-yes, they are dried, but most are also raw…obviously, once pups are chewing on them, they re-hydrate and with that comes the smell. It is delicious to doggy noses. Not sure how bully sticks are made odor-free, but I am sure I would not want them for my dogs. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth all should be part of the experience for your pup. If you don’t like the smell, let them enjoy their treat outside.

    Again, not taking away from anyone’s experiences. These are ours and we will continue being customers for the foreseeable future.

  9. Lou Ann Ashcraft 2020/05

    Everything was going great as long as I kept ordering from them. I returned a order cause I had canceled my subscription several weeks before it was to be sent. Now I’m playing hell getting my refund. You call them and all you get it a busy signal. They won’t answer there emails to find out why I’m not received my refund yet. I guessing I’m gonna contact the BBB & my bank to see what i can have done about this.

  10. DOREEN BRINKLEY 2019/09

    My husband works there

  11. Steven Gall 2019/07

    I receive my order from Best Bully Sticks, and they were mostly the size of a pencil. Emailed them and they asked for me to take pictures of the sticks with an object, so I did use a pencil. They then wanted me to take pictures of how many …

  12. Adam Foreman 2019/03

    The WORST customer service. Unfortunately there product is actually good, but good luck ordering or getting your product. You’d think after spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their products you’d get a response. Issue every time we order. Do yourself a favor and support another company. I know I will be.

  13. Teresa Beverly 2019/02

    For anyone I have recommended Best Bully sticks to I take back everything positive I’ve said. The company sent us a bag half the size we had been receiving and still charged us $167.00 for 25 sticks. I contacted the company and a girl I spoke with on the 29th of May said “yes we are very sorry. It turns out we did send the wrong ones and we will ship you out a replacement”. Fast forward to today. She completely forgot our conversation and is trying to convince me that the package that is half the size of what we have been receiving but still has 25 sticks weighs the same as the larger package!!! Ha! And I was born yesterday!! Run from this company. My guess is they are in financial trouble and they are trying to unload the product they have left and rip off their loyal customers in the process!!!
    If I could give them a lower rating I would.

  14. 777 M&V 2018/06

    Good service

  15. Tony Dycus 2018/01

    Fairly quick unload. The unload dock is on the front where it says UPS dock 10. Dont deliver in the back like the sign on the front door says. Overnight parking either in front or back of building.

  16. Gabe 2018/01

    Seriously the WORST run online pet business I have ever encountered. I had ordered from this company dozens of times and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars. They have lost me as a customer over a $7 item. My last order I bought an item which when received was MUCH smaller then any pics they had showing the item. I called the company and spoke with one of their agents who made me take pics of the item and then called me back to tell me that “after checking the stock those are the size of the item”, I replied by telling her I dont care what you have in stock you are advertising an item thats evidently larger through pics.. you should change the pics then if you what you have ‘in stock’ does not match your photos of the item. She told me I could then go ahead and return the item, but I would have to pay shipping back! She wanted me to pay shipping back for an item I paid $7 for LOL. I told her I will not be sending the item back and I’ll just take the $7 loss and write my experience with the company in a review. Her response, “You don’t need to threaten”. I told her I’m not threatening, by saying I’m going to leave a review. She told me to hold on and then came back and said after speaking with her manager they were going to store credit me the $7. Oh thank you so much for making me jump through hoops for a $7 store credit when you should have immediately done AT LEAST that. Needless to say I won’t be using the $7 store credit. Don’t support this company. There are many natural dog treat stores online that could use your support over this sorry excuse for a company.

  17. Stan Snyder 2017/12

    The package came with two tears. It looked like the sticks went through the plastic because they just put the package in the box with no newspaper or cushioning to keep it in place.

    My workers found the package with a bunch of ants on it. I took a picture of the dead ants on the invoice. I am not quite sure why the ants died or how long they were there.

    I contacted customer service and their response was that the sticks should still be good for one year and they are trying to improve the packaging.

    I expect more for my $160 and I have bought these for years.

  18. chucky lee 2016/10

    Easy place go work!!!

  19. Khiem Tran 2016/08

    Love this company. So does my dog. Quality products, friendly staff. Will continue to be a loyal customer. Highly recommend.

  20. Renee Barnes 2016/07

    I will never order from this place ever again! I live in Florida and my shipment was sent to Puerto Rico from VA! I also was bombarded with emails in Spanish ( no I don’t speak Spanish) which has never happened before so I called the company and had to leave a message asking if my account was hacked, etc. They did return my call, unfortunately they had to leave me a message but they did not explain why it went to Puerto Rico and why I was receiving emails in Spanish from some jewelry vendor. I still have not received the bully sticks I ordered. I never write reviews but I felt I had to warn others about my experience.

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