Bella Italia

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Bella Italia
3.8 based on 207 reviews
  1. Ronnie Johnson 2023/11

    This place has been an amazing find! Our family of 6 loves pizza and we’ve tried probably over 100 places and this is our favorite pizza. The Sicilian pizza is our families go to and everyone likes it. The little boys ask for the square pizza, my wife’s loves the sour dough crust, perfectly cooked! I love the heavy mozzarella cheese which taste like straight mix and not a jack mix, the sauce is flavorful and perfectly balanced, the tops taste great!

    Their pasta is fantastic as well btw.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5


  2. Melanie Weser 2023/10

    Service is awesome! Our server was attentive even though her section was full. It felt like we were her only table.
    Food is mediocre… not terrible…but not great either. One of our pasta dishes came to the table luke warm with the center being cold. Seemed like it may have been microwaved.
    This is a busy place with a smallish dining area so it got a little noisy.
    I would like to go back and try the pizza.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 2
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 3

  3. Bryan Zelaya Quintanilla (BryanWasHere :]) 2023/09

    We ordered a large pizza, half Hawaiian and half pepperoni. It didn’t take long for our meal to come to us and it was great! The pizza was a bit too soggy but it didn’t really bother us. Our waitress was nice too and the restaurant itself feels underrated. Would come again. 🍕👌🏽
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Supreme Pizza

  4. Donald “Don” Ricker 2023/08

    I had the best cheese steak sub
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Philly Steak and Cheese Sub

  5. trix mix 2023/08

    The food was absolutely delicious and offered very generous portions!
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  6. Crow McNeill 2023/08

    They need to take the Ruben off their menu. Not good. Maybe their Italian food is better.
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 2
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 3

  7. Shadymist Kennel, LLC 2023/07

    Edit: 6/30/23
    I can’t for the life of me understand the less than perfect reviews for Bella Italia. I order from here almost daily. I get huge, well seasoned, perfectly crafted, hot, fresh steak and cheese subs delivered EVERY SINGLE TIME! Antonio, the manager, is amazing and always stands behind his business, service, and food. I couldn’t say enough great things to describe this awesome restaurant!

    Edit 1/24/23
    Ordered the steak and cheese sub again today, and it was PERFECT!!! Perfect seasoning, perfect filling, perfect temp, and perfectly packed for delivery. The first time I ordered it was really good, but the sub was slightly dry. Today it was juicy too!

    Original review:
    I ordered from Postmates for delivery, and this restaurant had a BOGO special for their subs, so I got a regular philly steak and cheese w/provolone and grilled onions. It comes with lettuce and tomato too but I asked they leave those off. It arrived quickly, it was fresh, hot, well packaged and wrapped In foil. Loads of meat, and grilled onions. It was really good, but a little dry. Overall definitely worth the money at regular price and I will definitely order again!
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Philly Steak and Cheese Sub


  8. Timothy Williams (Timmy) 2023/07

    Good food and great service

  9. Holly C 2023/07

    Great people, I did not like the food at all.
    Food: 1
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3

  10. Felecia Smith 2023/06

    I called in my order based on the prices they have on their website. But when I get to the store, the prices are $5 more than what they are online. They explain to me that they have a new menu, prices have gone up, and what I saw on line is not their website. That’s false advertising I will not be returning. They refuse to charge me according to the prices online, no compensation.

  11. Tammie Tomlin 2023/05

    I went there to pick up a order for my job with gift cards From them
    and The lady refuse to honor my gift cards telling me I was a liar and a fraud. When I asked to speak to the owner she told me she was the owner which was not true.
    Take out

  12. Glen Forbes 2023/04

    Great time meeting with former co-workers.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    French Fries

  13. Carl Stauffer 2023/04

    Used canned mushroom on a 17 dollar pizza

  14. Ulrica Graham Smallwood 2023/03

    The food is delicious, but the younger women in the business are NOT friendly. The older female and the men are nice (it’s a family owned business). I would give five stars if the customer service wasn’t so bad.

  15. demonbuddy1 2023/02

    Wait staff is always underwhelming. They move slow. Sauce is plain and tastes like Hunt’s out of the big gallon can. Meatballs and the raviolis we’re definitely frozen.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 2
    Service: 2
    Atmosphere: 4

  16. Sharrell Talbert 2023/02

    The Lamb Gyro Is Delicious and you can add stuff to it like bacon, peppers&onions everything it reminds me of New York gyros and that’s very rare to find at in our city but the staff is very nice
    Meal type
    Price per person

  17. Marie Laure 2023/01

    Food was not that great

  18. Sandra Bolling 2022/12

    The food is good especially the steak supreme sandwich

  19. E Mc 2022/12

    Service was slow, but the food was good. Just my opinion: I don’t think public businesses should be spreading propaganda via Fox; therefore, I will spend my money elsewhere.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  20. Lisa Burke 2022/11

    Delivery sucks I ordered food and didn’t get all of the order called them and they swore up and down that the order was right I highly recommend picking up or dine in service is slow
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: Yes

  21. River Hooligans 2022/10

    I am having to find new pizza places on ironbridge after my go to has closed for remodeling and vacation.
    So I tried this place. Right away I noticed paying for it, that it cost a dollar or so more than my normal spot and this pizza is smaller, also I was not able to order artichoke or basil at this spot. Next the mushrooms are canned. That being said, you don’t have a can of artichokes? I tried to order a half mushroom and pep, and half tomato basil and artichoke. So just tomato. Tomato is big thick slices like on a sandwich, not diced.
    They gave too many ingredients honestly. Too many canned mushrooms and thick tomatoes. Pizza was kind of wet.
    The pizza flavor is mediocre at best.

  22. Caitlin Sanborn 2022/09

    My pizza steak sandwhich was good. The tortellini dish my boyfriend got looked ify. There wasn’t anything special about the food. They should update with the times a bit with food and venue. Service was okay. We were the only two in the restaurant at 5pm. I think if an upgrade were to happen they may bring in more business.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3


  23. Marvin Lepe 2022/08

    Love the food, service & prices!

  24. Jason Alston 2022/08

    My wife loved the pizza here. She said it was the closest to NY pizza she has found!

  25. Courtney Pollard Wells 2022/08

    Food was hot, delicious, and service was good. Glad to know this place is still open!

  26. Chris Taylor 2022/08

    The pizza hero of Chesterfield! We ordered a cheese and also a pepperoni, sausage, onion and green pepper pizza and the whole family enjoyed it! 2 large pizzas fed 7 people and we are already craving more! We called an hour before close and they graciously took our order still and had it ready in less than 30 min. Very delicious i definitely recommend if you’re in the area and will be returning myself


  27. Sorceress J 2022/07

    I was in the mood for a delicious veggie pizza today and a slice of Tiramisu cake and my usual go-to restaurant was closed so I decided to give this place a try……BIG MISTAKE! The pizza was very salty and the Tiramisu was the worst I’ve ever had! It was basically dry cake with cream, it was not soaked in coffee, it had no coffee flavor at all. I was highly disappointed and will not be going here again for anything. This place is also overpriced. Please don’t waste your time/money here.

  28. Rosalba Muñoz 2022/06

    Buenísima atención y deliciosa pizza.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4

  29. Kim Stokes 2022/06

    My favorite
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: Yes
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: No
    Curbside pickup: No

  30. Cynthia G. 2022/06

    We both ordered the lasagna which was meaty and flavorful. The salads were excellent and the ranch dressing homemade. Will try the pizza next.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  31. Joetta Robinson 2022/03

    I have to wonder are these the same owners. I ordered baked spaghetti, in which I ordered before. With pepperoni and Italian sausage. They threw half supposedly italian sausage pieces which was the blandest Italian sausage I’ve ever had. The sauce tasted like pure tomato sauce. I ordered two. The only good thing about this I will never go back. Just a waste of money.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  32. lisa m. 2022/02

    I went on a Wed afternoon. Service was slow as molasses (short staffed), food not soed hot, (don’t order cheeseburger at lunch, there is no meat, french fries delicious (lukewarm when they arrived), and soda machine needs to be cleaned the coke tasted awful. That is why I gave one star
    Meal type

  33. Eugenia Marks 2021/09

    Love the Steak and Cheese and Italian subs. The sisters are very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend you visit Bella Italia Italian restaurant soon!!!

  34. Jason Luck 2021/07

    Terrible Quality
    Dine in
    Meal type

  35. Marc Davis 2021/06

    Loved it

  36. Don Henn 2021/04

    Great pizza!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  37. Verlene Reynolds Preston 2021/03

    Family atmosphere

  38. Diane Benton 2021/02

    Ordered my steak medium, came very well done, missing the baked potato. Cheesecake was good.

  39. Edward Coleman 2021/01

    Even though I eat there occasionally, I went there only to deliver something. However, this establishment would receive a rating of 5 from me.

  40. Joy Burton 2021/01

    Great food,Great service,loved💕 it,I will be back,come enjoy it yourself,you won’t be sorry🤩 …


  41. Brett Bowman 2020/12

    So so food…run down looking

  42. Wayne Wood 2020/12

    I love cheese stakes and they have the best I’ve had! Everything I’ve tried from here has been terrific.

  43. Larry Hudson 2020/12

    Great food, owner is exceptional. She takes pride in everything that is served. Always a pleasure to dine here.

  44. Jacob Bersavi Velásquez García 2020/10

    Higiene, amabilidad y esquisitos sabores.

  45. Catina Lane 2020/10

    Great italian food!

  46. Fear No Snake 2020/10

    Best place ever

  47. Timothy Saula 2020/10

    Amazing place to eat good Italian food . I had the Spinach lasagna with crispy bacon and grilled chicken. Filled me up . The taste , the aroma …..Fantastic.

  48. Nick rich Rich nick 2020/09

    Good customer service clean and always friendly and food is always up to par

  49. The W Family 2020/09

    Best pizzas in the area!

  50. chris farmer 2020/08

    Uhh well first we were the only people in the restaurant during prime time so that should of been our first hint.. Second, food is bland and not much taste..lastly I don’t mind giving places a chance but when the wall paper is falling off the walls I’d hate to know what the kitchen looks like.. sorry but I can not at this time recommend going to this place unless they do some updating..

  51. Andrew Glenn 2020/08

    Excellent customer service and food

  52. Alex A 2020/05

    It was very good. Had the stromboli. At first i thought my food would be cold. The first bite was into a mushroom, I said ‘oh oh’, thought I was going to have to send the plate back. But then I checked the rest of the stromboli and it was hot, the plate was hot too. Bit into it the second time and it was Good!! Nice and hot. My wife had the Philly cheese steak and it was Good too. Sever was very nice, but didn’t get her name. I will go back and eat there again.

  53. Gus H 2020/05


  54. Robinette Taylor 2020/03

    Im particular about my crust. Theirs was pretty good. Ill go back again.

  55. Bob Henderson 2020/02

    OMG, what great local restaurant. We had take out tonight. The subs and fries were hot. Evelyn brought the food to our car. Yea, right to us. She gas on all the safety stuff and we felt Great, supporting such a wonderful restaurant.

  56. Tisha Smith 2020/01

    Staff was polite and friendly. Food delicious!!

  57. Charli Baltimore 2019/12

    Great food

  58. DaEbshee OfEssence 2019/12

    The chicken fingers here are the best🤩 …

  59. lawanda dunn 2019/12

    I ordered a philly steak supreme to go. And verified my order prior to getting off the phone. I pick up my order and get home (15-20 min away) only to find meat and cheese on the sandwich. I called them back to make them aware of the mistake. They offered to remake the sandwich only if i come in back the same day. If i came in tomorrow (as I requested) then it would be half off. What?! I explained to the manager that as the customer, i did what i was supposed to do by clearly stating my order and now they want to inconvenience me to drive back out 20 min then 20 back home for their mistake?! I explained that i had a small child and i would not be able to come back out. Then i clarified by asking that as a customer who paid over $9 for a sandwich you are telling me that in efforts to rectify this error i need to come back out load up my child and incur driving time just under and hour and you would acknowledge the mistake OR i can pay about $5 (now we are at $14 for a sandwich) tomorrow, when it is convenient for me. And the managers response was “well thats just what we do”. I had my sons 1st birthday party there a couple of years back and the customer service was poor then (and we spent wayyyy more than $9)….looks like some things never change. As a result of this incident I will never step foot back in this establishment.

  60. Teresa Burris 2019/11

    Good food, hot and fresh!

  61. Sandra Johnson 2019/11

    Nice atmosphere.Delicious Food!

  62. Miguel 2019/11

    Been coming here since I was 5 and I don’t plan on stopping best food place on rt 10

  63. James Crooks Sr 2019/11

    Great steak sub!

  64. Max 2019/11

    I know the owners, nice people

  65. Chanel Morgan 2019/10

    Good food

  66. M. Bowman 2019/10

    My all time favorite for Cheese Steak Sub. The perfect amount of spices and always juicy. If I could give more stars I would!

  67. Jaxon Taylor 2019/10

    Nice quiet place very chill

  68. Phillip Bonaparte 2019/10

    If you love having a good time. Check out Bellia italai.

  69. Sandy Dobb 2019/10

    Super supreme pizza best in town.

  70. Corey 2019/10

    Great staff. I love the chef salad.

  71. LaTesha Sharpe 2019/09

    Been going here since I was a kid and the food never disappoint me. Staff and owner always friendly.

  72. Derek Smith 2019/09

    Cool on the weekends,bartenders are nice

  73. Mary Harvey 2019/09

    Great food, great prices. You get a lot of meat on your sandwich. The staff is very polite and friendly.

  74. Crystal Moody 2019/08

    Love it

  75. Kasey Reneau 2019/08

    Family-owned restaurant it’s really cute and the food is delicious

  76. Sheran Poellnitz 2019/08

    Great food and service. Great music depending on which night you visit. Also a great spot for Birthday parties. DJ available on weekends. Older crowd music on Saturdays

  77. Jacquelyn Minor 2019/08

    I was not at Bella Italia a couple days ago. Was at nail shop next door. However I do go to Bella Italia occasionally and the service and food is great!

  78. Margot Geisler 2019/08

    Fabulous eggplant parmesan. We had a big group (50) and were served very quickly. Have great staff and owners.

  79. Vernon Henderson 2019/07

    Great Steak Sub

  80. alice young 2019/07


  81. Nyeta Harris 2019/07

    Best pizza ever. I had chicken,mushrooms spinach with extra cheese # Amazing

  82. Conjur3 Cov3n 2019/07

    Fake Italian food. Just drink the wine or a cocktail.

  83. E. Smith 2019/07

    Great customer service and good food.

  84. Michael holt 2019/07

    Drinks was to high also had to keep reminding the lady she owes me money each purchase only two bartenders

  85. Patrick Rice 2019/07

    Family and I waited for our drinks for about 20 minutes. They have only one person working the front. We left…

  86. Antoine Horton 2019/07

    Great place Great Food & Bar for sports
    The subs are great pasta dishes are great I have had alot of their food never let’s me down in 5 years thank you….

  87. Ava Rice 2019/06

    Terrible service. Sat and waited watched them take care of all take out orders and did not come to our table. We obviously left and won’t be returning.

  88. Andrew Reder 2019/06

    Ordered 100 dollars worth of food. It came cold and two hours late. In addition everything except the mozzarella sticks was incorrect. This is my first one star review ever by the way so take that as you will

  89. Marco Brumfield 2019/06

    I love Bella’s

  90. Marcobama Thomas 2019/06

    I didn’t eat but everyone else thought the food was great.

  91. Joe Mathews 2019/06

    Fantastic Italian restaurant! The food was delicious and the staff wonderful!

  92. Charkia Riddick 2019/05

    Fun fun fun

  93. william barden 2019/05

    Great atmosphere!!!

  94. Desha 2019/05

    Good food an great dj!

  95. Carl Peyton 2019/05

    Decent food and service for the price

  96. Donna Lewis 2019/05

    Pizza was great. Nice friendly staff.

  97. Jacq Mccoi 2019/05

    Great Food, service could’ve been Better

  98. Sasha korzyk 2019/05

    Been coming here for sit down and take out for 6 years and it’s always great food. Wait staff is friendly and courteous. Service is fast and cook is generally quick. I recommend everything but the lasagna. Calzones are great.

  99. Charles Clark 2019/05

    The food is sub- par and I had to throw my mozzarella sticks away because I found some dead bugs on it. Wont be eating here again, wouldn’t recommend to anyone

  100. Karen Wesley-Thornhill 2019/04

    Love this awesome food, awesome services

  101. Anita Lloyd 2019/04

    Food is very good and prices are that bad.

  102. Angela Mastrovito 2019/04

    Ladies bathroom lights were out. No runni g water from sink.

  103. Juanita Giles 2019/03


  104. Mizante Purnell 2019/03

    Not too busy on Saturday nights

  105. Marquita Durham 2019/03

    The DJ named Chez is what’s up! Good music, drinks and food!

  106. Fee Bee 2019/03

    Good Italian food.Resaurant staff is friendly and accomodating. They do serve alcohol,and have a separate Bar area. The Bar area is available for,private parties. Bar turns into a club after 10pm on Friday and Saturdays. Good fun if air conditioner is working in the bar on club nights.

  107. Andrew Adams 2019/03


  108. Betsy Greene 2019/03

    Excellent Breads!

  109. msShortcak Gayles 2019/03

    Nice played back bar

  110. Fox Yates 2019/03

    Cool night life on weekends

  111. Sharon Glenn 2019/03

    Great food and atmosphere. The staff are great and friendly. I would highly recommend this place the pizzas are wonderful. I go at least once a week. I love it.

  112. Don Riggins 2019/02

    The best pizza 👌 …

  113. Falathia Carrington 2019/02

    Love this club the first fridays the best food is expensive

  114. Belinda McCoy 2019/02

    Nice place

  115. Teresa Dokoupil 2019/02

    Don’t order a sub. Nasty

  116. Marie Diallo 2019/02

    Great place to eat!

  117. N 2019/01


  118. Robert King 2019/01

    Good food. Friendly atmosphere.

  119. Cindy Denny 2019/01

    This place is amazing! I know the owners very well and they are ways nice and helpful. Good service and amazing food!

  120. Herbert Carter 2019/01

    25 years of local dining excelence thanks

  121. Angela Cooper 2018/12

    Food was disappointing

  122. Steve Shott 2018/12

    Great neighborhood restaurant. Request a “light bake” unless you like your pizza bottom crust burnt!

  123. Sharonda Jenkins 2018/12

    Awesome food, sweet staff and always so patient with customers. Great atmosphere for dining in.

  124. George Eglesfield 2018/12

    Great pizza

  125. Michelle Langford 2018/12

    Nice place great employees will go back very clean quick service really good food

  126. Ann Marie 2018/11

    Great chicken wings

  127. Alvin House 2018/11

    The food was great and service was very good.

  128. Monique Matthews 2018/11

    Good food

  129. Anita Dahlquist 2018/10

    Food was lacking in taste. Staff was very nice.

  130. Greg Veneris 2018/10

    Lasagna was great and so was the service

  131. Terri Wulf 2018/10

    Great brunch which includes breakfast and lunch items. Omelettes made to your specification. Bottomless mimosas for $15.

  132. Latasha Chavis 2018/08

    Love the food and the dj on friday and saturday nights

  133. Ben Barnes 2018/08

    Good service, the host was really nice. The food came fast, great onion rings

  134. Kel Perkinson 2018/08

    The service is lacking, but the food is good and fairly cheap.

  135. Tee Lashawn 2018/08

    Bella’s has brunch on sundays $15 all you can eat . Omelette and waffle station. Desserts as well. The fried fish an tator tot casserole 👌🏽 …

  136. Enga Archer 2018/07


  137. danette dugger 2018/07

    I did not enjoy my pizza at all. I ordered ham, ground beef, pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives. The pizza was lacking cheese, it looked as though they forgot the pepperoni and tossed them on last minute because they were falling off the pizza and they used ‘canned rubbery mushrooms’ and here I thought I was getting a good Italian pizza. The best thing ordered were the buffalo wings and that’s the reason behind the 2 rating. I should’ve stuck to either Pino’s, Sergio’s or Giuseppe’s.

    Lesson learned

  138. Latanya Harrison 2018/06

    A great place to eat and party on Fridays and Saturday’s

  139. Saran S Ross 2018/06

    This place is really good. My only complaint is that I waited a really long time before getting my food and the tomato sauce was too sweet

  140. Typhanie Jackson 2018/06

    Date night for me and my hunny bunny. Food was truly authentic, hot, fesh, quick and delicious! Was there on a Friday night. After 11:00p, it becomes a little social club with music, drinks and dancing. Music was age appropriate for my generation so was the crowd. Staff was friendly. I enjoyed myself. A nice place to go eat, relax and shake a tailfeather if you would like:). I will visit again.

  141. Ashley Williams 2018/06

    Every time I go there, they are friendly and helpful! The food is fantastic!

  142. Jeff Balik 2018/06

    Food was delicious and prices were very fair! Would definitely recommend!

  143. Michael Doyle 2018/05

    Great food

  144. Judy E 2018/05

    Still a great place for Italian food after many years.

  145. Siedha Stephens 2018/05

    I went with a couple of friends for their wings. They had music playing and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The wings were good and the service was ok.

  146. Kuzz Battle 2018/05

    Good food nice service

  147. Andrew Pfeil 2018/05

    $64 for 3 pizzas. Not only expensive but stingy with the toppings. For $64 you shouldn’t be able to see the cheese because it should be overloaded with toppings. It was a pinch on ham and a pinch of pinapple on a large pizza, and about 10 pepperoni on a large, the supreme needed more vegis and meat. The pizza sauce and crust was good and not burnt.

  148. Kathy Gottschalk 2018/05

    The food is a lot better than the service. I was immediately approached with a menu and drink order. I received my ice tea in a sufficient time but never saw a waitress (at my table at least) for 30 or more minutes. It then took another 30 minutes to get my food; a steak and cheese hoagie with barely warm french fries and a salad. I don’t feel that this is normal but still an annoying visit

  149. Paul Hargrove 2018/04

    Great Food… Great Service

  150. Sharon Castillo 2018/04

    Awesome food and amazing service!

  151. Angela White 2018/04

    Good food, friendly staff, lunch specials and good place for families and friends.

  152. D Linegar 2018/03

    Great food and service / nice menu variety

  153. Eboni C. (Popup Chic by SA) 2018/03

    A little cramped as a lounge/bar. Hard to get drinks, but music was ok

  154. Jarena Younger 2018/02

    I really enjoyed this place..drinks are great too

  155. Karl Morris 2018/02

    Me and my my gf were looking for a good pizza place for a quick pizza (unfortunately we did not find it with this place) $17.00 for a large extra cheese pizza is ridiculous especially when it has no flavor….disappointing definitely won’t go back or reccomend…save your money

  156. D Wilson 2018/02

    Great place to go for good food. Family, friends and ‘by yourself’ friendly. Great service. Have even had their pizza as take out.

  157. Vatrice Gibbs 2018/02

    The service was slow and food was bland.

  158. Joel Proctor 2018/02

    The waitress didn’t have a clue about the menu items, and hardly came back after we got served, even had to get up to get her to stop watching tv so we could pay

  159. MICHAEL CARTER 2018/01

    Had a Ball

  160. kiyya crosby 2018/01

    Food and drinks was great

  161. Frank Carpenter 2018/01

    Nice Italian restaurant. Reasonable price.

  162. Jason Frye 2017/12

    Ok food

  163. tam smith 2017/12

    Food is always fresh

  164. Cameron McMullen 2017/12

    The staff is always friendly. We’ve only eaten the side salads and pizza but it is always delicious. We’ve always felt comfortable here and will continue to come back.

  165. Vamilu Jones 2017/12

    This is a very nice, cozy restaurant. The staff is very nice and courteous. I like to go there in the evening to enjoy my dish and sips a glass or wine. The wine selection is quite varied. The restaurant is located inside the mall. So, any afternoon or evening, you want to have a casual dinner with friends, Bella Italia is there.

  166. Clarence Ross 2017/11

    Nice cozy spot with good food and atmosphere with music some nights.

  167. Reginaldo Cuellar 2017/11

    Always the excellent service and the best food Italian flavor .

  168. Joy Bowser 2017/11

    Location here is a small strip mall. No major stores, basically ma & pa shops. There’s a Food Lion & Rite-Aid, Dollar General, Wells Fargo branch.

  169. La Niece Malbrough 2017/10

    Saturday nights are wack

  170. Nirva DeVernet 2017/10

    Nice place for carving lunch or dinner with a friend. Prices are moderate and the staf isf extremely nice.

  171. Raibonne Charles 2017/09

    Friendly staff, but was a bit disorganised. There was a good selection of Italian and non Italian dishes. The food was alright.

  172. Ms. Ayres 2017/09

    Their food was really good but it was over 95 degrees outside and their air conditioning was broken. Wasn’t very pleasant at all!

  173. Jay Hoy 2017/09

    Pour service at the bar. Took forever for the bartender to even ask what we wanted to drink. Music is so loud you can’t hear yourself think not less order a drink.

  174. Kimberly Cornett 2017/09

    This was a huge disapointment. Unfinshed interior, untrained staff, chipped dishes and worst of all poor quality food. Taste was unacceptable and not at all Italian. I will never return or recommend. Waste of time and money, ended up having to go to another resturant just to be able to eat.

  175. JC Griggs 2017/08

    Ordered a pizza because I had a short lunch break, sat down with my colleague and they already had the pizza and drinks ready for us when we got there!

  176. Ana Hodge 2017/08

    It is not what it used to be since 63Thirty5 opened. But I still enjoy coming and listening to music while enjoying a drink.

  177. Nathaniel Banks 2017/08

    The food is always good. Nice cozy atmosphere. The twins are delightful. They always greet you with a smile.


  178. Jason Baird 2017/08

    Very nice place. Steak sub is the best!

  179. Toni Roberson 2017/08

    Service was great. Should have stuck to the pizza as the lasagna sauce was sub par compared to the cheeze & the brought out the bread before anything else?

  180. Shae Williams 2017/06

    Great service

  181. William Watson 2017/06

    Everything from pizza’s to salads are fantastic.

  182. Bryan Scott Hammel 2017/06

    Polite server was quick and efficient. Food was served quickly and was as ordered. Overall a pleasant visit.

  183. Linwood Tate 2017/05

    Over-priced. Has a bar.

  184. Tony Dunn 2017/05

    Good music, vibe is cool, drinks over priced for sub par bar service

  185. Last Leads 2017/05

    Always a great lunch. I had chicken parm it was perfect.

  186. Enga Archer 2017/03

    Authentic and delicious. They also have space to rent out for small events.

  187. Denise Clark-Tillery 2017/03

    Belle’ Italia Is One of Tommy & I’s Favorite Places To Eat. We Love It. KUDOS Guys. See You When He Gets Home.

  188. Jeffrey Burgess 2017/02

    I’ve been comming here for years. The staff is like family. Great food. Good atmosphere.

  189. Susan Williams 2017/01

    Wednesday night pizza deal!

  190. Denali 1700 2017/01

    Didn’t feel like we was wanted food was good but found a hair in my food won’t go again

  191. n mor 2017/01

    If you are looking for a hearty steak and cheese sub. It is not here. I did have a slice of pizza, not bad. No A/C, hot in there.

  192. Ben Horrocks 2016/12

    Good bread.

  193. Kemberley Chase 2016/11

    Called for takeout, no menu available online.

  194. Sarah Kerekes 2016/09

    Horrible service, menu is mediocre

  195. Lavin Williams 2016/07

    Great family owned and great food

  196. Chris 2016/07

    Their pizza is good, especially on Wednesday when it is much cheaper for a large pizza ($7). Other than that, their food is pretty bad. A lot of it seems like it’s store brand frozen food that they’ve microwaved. Their salads are extremely basic, their bread was hard and bland.

  197. Scott Mitsuno 2016/06

    Food was fantastic. Service was ok.

  198. Hannah Mitsuno 2016/05

    Lots of menu !
    and pasta was so delicious

  199. mark lanton 2016/03

    03/02/2016 8:05 pm walked in. Got our waters. waited 10 mins before no one showed up to take our order. Walked out, and been asked *you all are leaving *

    Dirty seats, ripped wallpaper,

  200. Tammy Bishop 2015/10

    The best food ever. From burgers, subs and Italian food everything is wonderful.

  201. Christina Loving 2015/06

    Their steak sub and curly fries were delicious. From what everybody else in my party ate it appeared that everything was fresh and they made their own salad dressings.

  202. David Lukehart 2015/03

    First time calling in for take out ordered spaghetti and tortellini got spaghetti and linguine not even close

  203. Chase Taylor 2013/12

    2 stars is generous… I went with my girlfriend and we waited forever for anyone to even let us know we didn’t have to wait to be seated. The server was rude and short. They never came to check on us unless they brought food or salad and there’s no excuse for that because no one was in the restaurant. The food was terrible and not even close to worth the 12 dollars… If anything, the bread was halfway decent but was store bought and the salads were good but it’s difficult to screw that up. I won’t be going back.

  204. Soraya Dubois 2013/11

    The staff is very kind and they have awesome service!

  205. ALTHEA HARISON 2013/08

    The service is excellent. The food is specific to taste . Tell them what you want and they will attempt to accomplish it

  206. Rikketa Smith 2013/04

    This is a wonderful place to eat. The food is delicious and the ambiance is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Great Italian place to eat!

  207. Justin Michalicek 2012/05

    Great pizza

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