Battlefield Park Kennel

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Battlefield Park Kennel
4.6 based on 32 reviews
  1. JaLiza B 2023/11

    Have been taking my English Bulldog here for 6 years. He loves it and the staff is attentive to his needs, especially as he’s gotten older. The only boarding facility that I feel comfortable boarding with when I have to travel. They are clean and friendly in all my experiences.

  2. Mike Vankay 2023/09

    Great staff. Our dogs love it there.

  3. Lisa Obrien 2023/07

    Very good with my dogs that can be difficult will use again love this place and staff. Another great experience

  4. Sharon Cannon 2023/06

    Mavis likes being here! I like the setting and the people are so friendly.
    They take good care of your pups. They also take smaller dogs and cats.

  5. Allison Williams 2023/04

    The staff is very knowledgeable and caring. We board both of our dogs (one of which is handicapped) there frequently, sometimes for as long as 3 weeks. The kennel is clean and well kept. We love Battlefield Park Kennel!!

  6. Mike Herring 2023/02

    Wonderful kennel, very reasonably priced. The staff was very accommodating to us. Our dog loved it!

  7. Jim Ray 2022/07

    Great place…. beautiful compound…clean kennels… very knowledgeable and friendly people.. wonderful place to adopt a great Pyrenees puppy or dog.. fantastic !!

  8. Shelley Horner 2022/06

    Love volunteering at the rescue side of this kennel.

  9. Sharon Sullivan 2021/11

    Wonderful caring staff and volunteers. Beautiful setting. Kennels are nice, clean well maintained.

  10. Alice Hanson 2021/09

    Everyone here has the welfare of dogs as an upmost priority. We have adopted 4 dogs from this kennel through Appalachian Pyrenees Rescue. Victoria is top notch!

  11. Ev Andrianos 2021/06

    What a fabulous place!

  12. Wesley Wachner 2021/04

    I would never place my dog here!

  13. Bobbie Mullins 2021/02

    Wonderful people so loving and caring

  14. Pat Schlitt 2021/02

    Very loving caring kennel . Your babies are safe and loved here

  15. Sean 2021/01

    Great facility

  16. Edie Hughes 2020/03

    The best place to board and find great homes for your Great Pyrenees !

  17. Angela Diggs 2019/06

    Clean establishment. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Fur babies love it. Beautiful setting..

  18. Angie Baldwin 2019/03

    Victoria the owner is the best

  19. Blake Thomas 2019/03

    Great people. Very comfortable leaving my dog with them

  20. Charles Goin 2019/01

    Amazing people, and so much more than a boarding Kennel.

  21. Chris Schroeder 2018/11

    We adopted a wonderful girl here!

  22. Coco Chanel 2018/08

    This place is trash. Rude as hell for no reason. Called to inquire about group play and the lady on the phone was pretending not to understand to I was asking. I’ll take my money and pure bred somewhere else.

  23. John Franov 2018/07

    A great place for dogs for peace.

  24. lealea white 2018/05

    They take good care of my dog dog and he is all’s ways happy when he go’s there

  25. Shana Sumpter 2018/03

    Great place for boarding your pooch. They take great care of your pet and they get playtime each day.

  26. Jason Jenkins 2018/02

    The Best boarding we’ve used, and we adopted a great dog from them

  27. Keenan Smith 2017/06

    Great kennel and rescue (rescue is specifically meant for Great Pyrenees dogs, but the kennel will serve for any dog)

  28. Jason Akins 2017/01

    They made accommodations for our dogs in a short amount of time. They were reasonably priced and the staff was very courteous and kind.

  29. PAUL STEVENS 2016/11

    Looking to board a yorkie.

  30. Cheryl Spencer 2016/07

    They take great care of our girls.

  31. Sylvia Mayo 2016/06

    It’s always a pleasure to take my Cocker Spaniel and Guinea pig to this establishment. The employees treat your pets like their own. I have been using Battlefield Kennel for years and have never been disappointed.

  32. James Carr 2016/04

    Great people and good service!!

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