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Bartlett Tree Experts
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  1. John Reisigl 2023/09

    Just had 2 trees trimmed, 1, a cherry tree that had become a bit too wide and out of control…..great trim job there, and 1 large pin oak that really was too wide. And they did a great job of trimming it and lightning the load on some of the very long branches. And just getting rid of the dead falling debris that got stuck up in it. Very good job!!

  2. Elizabeth Myers 2023/06

    Bartlett is the best tree service company we’ve met and we met with a lot. Their reputation is well deserved. Interviewed four other companies for tree removal before calling Bartlett. Complete waste of time. We knew Bartlett is the top of the business and would likely be too pricey. We quickly learned you get what you pay for. The proposal was detailed and logical. Easy to understand. The job was not inexpensive, but worth every dollar. From Mitch the arborist, to Jessie who treated healthy trees, to the crew of Brandon, Ivan, and Josh, everyone was exceptional at their respective jobs. Pleasant, competent, on time, respected the property. We could not be more pleased and so thankful we are now in the rotation for regular treatments.

  3. L H 2023/05

    My crew arrived on a job that could of gone 2 ways — as they got into it — the pressure points might of not coopereated and it could of turned into a 2 day job BUT everything went perfect and they saved the 3 1000 watt ring lights — they knocked it out efficiently and most of all when they left our riding ring it was spotless. Thank you — Kurt and Lisa

  4. Frederic Lazzuri 2023/04

    We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with Bartlett. Your crews were experts at the work they performed. They arrived on time, took great care not to damage our landscaping and cleaned up all of the resulting debris. Thanks for a job well done!!!

  5. Samuel Mizer 2023/02

    Bartlett has done an excellent job preserving an aging pear tree that is prominent in our yard and tends to become top-heavy and brittle. They have also cabled several of our trees and, most recently, trimmed an overhanging sycamore away from our roof as they were shaping the pear. The service was on-schedule, courteous, expertly performed, and the clean-up was impeccable. Also, they freely offer professional-level DIY advice for tasks we wanted to undertake ourselves. Most of the tree services we see at work in our neighborhood are in clean-up mode once limbs or trees fall. If you want on-going arborist attention to your trees and shrubs with zero high-pressure sales techniques, this is your company.

  6. Laura 2023/02

    Bartlett Tree Service does all the tree trimming and pruning. The men are professional and very considerate. They go out of their way to make the trees & shrubs look nice. And the men always clean up after the trimming. I’ve worked with Bartletts for years and have never had a problem with them.

  7. Anna Rice- Wright 2023/02

    We were referred to this Bartlett Tree Experts,
    Richmond, Va by the Commonwealth of Virginia Forestry Department.
    The area we had concerns with was a site (a memorial garden) that we established after the death of our son. The trees were starting to show signs of disease, one in particular a little Dwarf Peach Tree that was given to us especially for our sons memorial garden was of great concern, we knew we needed experts for an assessment of the area.
    We have dealt many many different companies for different things around the farm. The care, professionalism, the sensitivity to why this area was so special to us and importance of ensuring it will be with us for years to come was just beyond words.
    I rarely give reviews of companies but this is one time I can do without any hesitation.
    We thank all the staff (office, and onsite staff) of Bartlett Tree Experts from the bottom of our hearts.
    Anna Wright (Jimmy’s mom)
    Montpelier, VA

  8. Tom Carswell 2023/01

    I used Bartlett Tree Experts to remove a large Beech tree because I wanted the job done right. The job they did was beyond right, it was PERFECT. The tree was near a pool and privacy fence and the branches and logs had to be carried out a gate and across a lawn area. When the job was done, the only sign they had been there was the tree stump and a few random chainsaw chips. This is the third time I have used Bartlett and it has always been a great experience.

  9. Joseph McVey 2022/10

    The end result was just what I was expecting. They arrived on time and all three workers were very pleasant. They cleaned up all debris to my satisfaction.

  10. Steve Dennehy 2022/10

    Mitchell and crew did a great job taking care of a couple sick trees. Would use again and recommend them to anyone needing tree work.

  11. C M 2022/09

    The whole team I worked with at Bartlett Tree Experts was exemplary. Scheduling and follow- up with Ellie excellent; Ethan shared my vision for a parkland in my backyard where we could save trees and he was top-notch as far as professionalism, expertise, providing timely estimates and just a neat guy all around. Sina, Ivan, & Josh were so pleasant to work with, and performed an excellent tree pruning and clean-up with such great attitudes. Overall, it was a great experience. 10 our of 10!

  12. Cpt Dave 2022/09

    Very professional, on time, performed worked exactly as planned and even pruned my crape myrtles when asked if they could!
    Will definitely use again and recommend them to anyone needing tree work. Thank you

  13. Ginny Layne 2022/08

    The Bartlett Tree experts were awesome. They did an incredible job for me.
    They were also so polite and easy to talk to. I plan on using them again soon. Highly recommended!!!

  14. Bonnie Ware 2022/07

    I’d like to compliment everyone handled my project from Donna in the office, to Mitch for the prompt response with the proposal, to Chris and Jose who did the work. They were all friendly, professional, did a great job, & cleaned up nicely. I will welcome them back for a repeat performance in a couple of years!

  15. J Bartels 2022/07

    I had 2 trees removed and extensive pruning done on 3 other trees. They removed dead limbs all over 3 trees. No other company can do this type of work. You need a professional. Cena and Adam did an outstanding job. All debris was cleaned up and removed. They arrived on time and worked hard for 4 hours. I have more work scheduled with Bartlett for the summer and fall this year. I am very confident in their capabilities. I would HIGHLY recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.

  16. Dennis McNeely 2022/06

    Great service by Bartlett. The arborist, Brandon, and the techs do excellent work.

  17. T B 2022/06

    Service was great. The technicians were very nice and knowledgeable. Will be using them again for continued maintenace of my Lelands.

  18. OJ Schneider 2022/05

    Bartlett is the best tree service I’ve ever used!

  19. bruce neiss 2022/05

    Friendly staff

  20. Natasha Rast 2022/05

    Highly recommend, they definitely know what they’re doing. I’ve hired them a couple times now to remove dead branches and low hanging limbs. Someone will come out to do a consultation first, answer questions and concerns, and give a quote. Tree cutting appointments are scheduled quickly after.

  21. Paula Pennington 2022/04

    From start to finish, it was a wonderful experience. They were on time, very friendly, and did a beautiful job trimming and cleaning up my trees. I will definitely continue to use them as my tree service.

  22. Sister Mary Elephant 2022/04

    My tree is a giant, double-trunk white oak that pre-dates my 1901 farmhouse. It requires people who really know what they’re doing, and the Bartlett crew more than met my expectations. They arrived on time and worked hard all day. They cleaned up beautifully. Best of all, the tree looks great, despite significant pruning. I couldn’t be more pleased.


  23. Dan Brandao 2022/04

    Couldn’t recommend these folks highly enough. Adam, Librado, and Josh did an awesome job with all of the tree trimming and pruning, and they replaced our terrible old cabling system with a much better one. Ethan has been very communicative and helpful throughout the process, too. If you want tree work done, you need Bartlett.

  24. Richard Patch 2022/04

    The Bartlett crew came to trim, prune and shape our Blanchard Magnolia tree. The crew arrived on time and were most interested in what our expectations were.. The crew had a good game plan on what they needed to do, but kept us informed through out the process. The crew took the time to explain why they were making the cuts they were making, and walked down the final job with us making any final pruning activities we requested.We are very satisfied with the finished job and felt that the crews communication and professionalism were excellent.

  25. Matthew Sears 2022/04

    Excellent customer service. The crew that came out was professional and very courteous. I will definitely call Bartlett for future tree service.


  26. Tom Douglas 2022/04

    My wife and I are very pleased with Bartlett services. A good experience from start to finish starting with the receptionist. They did exactly what they said they would do. Took down a mature pine, trimmed around power lines, which took a lot of time and patience. The crew were very polite, courteous, and professional. They worked very hard. In these days and times, it’s nice to have old school professionalism. Thanks to everyone ☺️

  27. Bill Hinman 2022/03

    The guys did an excellent job. The trees look great. Cleaned up every branch.

  28. Carrie Russell 2022/03

    300 year old American Elm expertly and carefully pruned by Barlett. The team was super; Brandon, Josh and Adam worked safely and tidied up very well after the “surgery.” Appreciated the extra attention to detail.


  29. Linda Turner 2022/02

    Bartlett does a wonderful job on my trees and helps keep them healthy. The guys were on time, very friendly and informative. I will continue to use their services.

  30. Ross Fick 2022/01

    Great service and communication from bid to completion. The tree removal crew, in particular, was very impressive in their professional work and care for us and our property. They definitely were highly skilled at the task and at the same time equally conscientious that they were working at someone else’s home.

  31. Brian Biskie 2021/07

    Ethan and his team were prompt, professional, and fun to work with. There are a lot of tree cutters out there, but Bartlett is in a league of their own when it comes to knowledge about maintaining the health of our trees and tree risk assessment.

    Bartlett provided us the information we needed to make a difficult decision on removing a risky tree. The crew was experienced, courteous, and exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail. I highly recommend these guys.

  32. Michael Trzesniowski 2021/02

    Brandon and Wes were like squirrels working the old growth forest that is my backyard. Selective pruning of overhangs, immature saplings, undercut canopies, cleaning out overgrowth in beds, careful pruning of neighbor’s trees, etc. Worksite was as clean as could be expected after done. Even more amazing, they set the date over a month ago and arrived as scheduled despite the recent spate of ice storm cleanup. Well worth the expense.

  33. Emily C 2020/08

    TL/DR: Bartlett is a terrific company to work with and I highly recommend them. They are professional, respectful of property, friendly, and safe. And as an added bonus, they are great with curious 3 and 4-year old boys who love trucks, machines, and want to know everything about tree pruning and removal 🙂

    Full review: I used Bartlett for tree removal and pruning a few years ago at the recommendation of a neighbor, and they were my first call when I was looking to have similar work done this fall. It was easy to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of my property, and Ethan Crockett came out and provided a detailed estimate for both the work he recommended and the work I was considering. He pointed out a tree that appeared to be fine when viewed from the house but was actually rotting at the base around the other side, and leaning over a neighbor’s shed. We ended up with quite a list and Ethan added considerable value by coming out again and re-grouping the list into prioritized tiers. Once we decided what to move forward with, the appointment was scheduled promptly. We got a reminder call the day before with additional information about arrival time and other preparation guidance.

    On the day of the appointment the crew arrived on time, evaluated the condition of the yard, and got to work. They clearly take safety seriously and had cones set up to mark areas where branches would be falling. They perform their work carefully and thoughtfully, unlike other companies I’ve seen who chop away at trees haphazardly. They were also respectful of my property and any adjoining property that was impacted by the work, and cleaned up thoroughly. But best of all, the crew was really great with my 3 and 4-year old boys, who “supervised” the work all day and peppered the crew with questions and knock-knock jokes. I was thrilled with the work they did, and my boys were over the moon with the whole experience.

    They probably won’t be the least expensive quote you get, but their customer service, knowledge, high quality of work, professionalism, and safety are totally worth it if those are things you value. 10/10 recommend.

  34. Pete Chang 2020/08

    Very responsive and professional group. Had a few trees evaluated and the arborist Ethan Crockett was very knowledgeable, identified problems right away that several other companies missed. Had tree removal and stump grinding as well as a tree planted, and felt the quality of service was fantastic. They were efficient and clean. Will certainly use them again in the future.

  35. Phill Ragland 2020/04

    Could not have had a better experience with this group. Mitch and his team of Rockstar’s showed up and over delivered by far. Our overly neglected property needed a ton of love and that’s exactly what we got. Thanks again Mitch! Looking forward to Bartlett’s continued support and on-going maintenance plan to keep our special place looking as premium as possible.

  36. King Tilley 2020/02

    I had what looked like a problem with a large white oak at the front side of my house. I called Laura at Bartlett Tree and scheduled an appointment with one of their Arborist Representatives, Greg Crews.

    The appointment scheduling was easy and for a time just a few days in the future. Mr. Crews arrived on time and we found him to be professional, knowledgeable, gregarious and friendly. He took the time to explain the nature of the problem with the tree and what the treatment would be. He also took the time to walk our property and to examine out other trees for problems.

    Everything else was fine with the exception of a small problem with several of our boxwoods. He fully explained the problem and what the corrective action needed to be. He said that he would have a quote back to us the following day, which he did.

    We accepted the quote for the proposed work and were notified that it could be done in a few days. The technician showed up at the scheduled time and she explained everything she was going to do. She was personable and friendly and proceeded to to the work skilled and professional manner. All the debris from the tree cleaning and treatment was completely removed.

    I am extremely pleased with my experience with Bartlett Tree Experts . I will not hesitate to contact them anytime in the future should a need for their services arise.

  37. J M 2019/09

    Bartlett = Excellence! This team is great to work with and very knowledgeable. Our 100 year old American Elm contracted Dutch Elm Disease and needed to be removed. Bartlett went beyond our expectations and I would recommend them to everyone. See our pictures of before work started, the crew carefully cutting each branch & then the completed work site. No one would ever know we even had a tree. Beautiful work!


  38. Gerald Glenn 2019/01

    Very impressed with pre meeting confirmation provided by this firm. Shows attention to detail and promotes great customer relationships. Looking forward to doing business with a firm that promotes attention to detail. It can only get better from here.

  39. Carolyn Collins 2018/10

    We had Bartlett recently out for tree fertilization, pruning, and limb removal. Ethan was great to work with, and even removed an extra broken tree limb at no charge. Very professional and knowledgeable company that we will definitely use again in the future!

  40. Doug Welsh 2013/06

    Very professional, give fair bids and thoroughly complete the job. They cabeled two 100 ‘ sycamore trees, placing four arrays in each tree. Great protection for the trees and for the nearby residence.

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