Barksley Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

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Barksley Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
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  1. Meagan Erickson 2023/10

    Such a wonderful service! They take the time to get to know your pet and ask all the right questions to create a care plan on your initial visit. Each sitter was professional and went above and beyond to follow our instructions. They were gentle with our old pup and provided detailed updates after each stay. We would definitely recommend!

  2. Kelly Covert 2023/09

    The Barksley team are amazing humans who truly care about the pets they watch. We have used their services for over 5 years and have been extremely satisfied. They consistently went above and beyond for our older dog to ensure she was happy, comfortable, and loved anytime we were out of town. We had multiple different people from the team watching our dog and all had great communication, care, and attention to detail in what they did. Abby and her team are awesome, and I highly recommend them if you need someone for pet care in the Richmond area.

  3. Ted Hansen 2023/09

    We have loved using Barksley over the past few years. I should’ve wrote a review earlier than this, but just remembered to do it since we are using their services soon! Lindsey is awesome and always sends us lovely updates on our two cats. She has also gone above and beyond to let us know about things around the house like an area where ants were coming in to find cat food, plants tipped over, etc. We love her!

  4. Mitzi Golod 2023/08

    Please consider Barksley when you need pet sitting. Abby and the team are THE MOST professional sitters! The team provides detailed notes of visits and pictures. They ask questions when needed. And they do so much more than refill food and water bowls, engaging in play and attention. Samuel even addressed an ant issue at our cat’s bowl! These people love animals and have been most conscientious. We are grateful to have found them!

  5. ken l 2023/07

    Poor communication. Said they had availability but never followed up when I tried contacting them about it

  6. Justin Wigard 2023/07

    When we arrived to Richmond in Fall 2022, we quickly found Barksley and have never looked back.

    All of the folks at Barksley are fabulous (particularly Abby, Blaise, Lindsey, and Karen). Blaise and Lindsey are our regular catsitters — they are prompt and professional, sending us pictures and updates every day they visit. They also adore our cat, Bailey, who also seems to adore them to pieces.

    Truly, I cannot recommend Barksley enough. They have been a true gem since we have moved down to Richmond!

  7. Christopher Doval 2023/06

    Great team of walkers. We love how they are super flexible and accommodating with our crazy lives.

  8. Rae F 2023/06

    I used Barksley services for the first time this weekend when I needed a dog sitter while I went to a wedding celebration. Abby did a great job, and even cleaned up poo when my dog went in the house (now I know to book a late night visit next time!). Their services are slightly pricier than others in the RVA area as of May 2023, but the Meet & Greet deposit went toward this weekend rate visit, and Abby got some great photos of my pupper, even did training during walks(!), and provided a lot of detail in updates in the TimeToPet site (emails), so I am very pleased.


  9. Jamie Henry 2023/06

    I cannot say enough great things about Abby and Melissa from Barksley!! This was the first time my husband and I utilized a pet-sitting service for our cat so we were a little nervous, but after our meet and greet with Abby we felt much more comfortable! She was super sweet and made sure to get as much details about our cat and his needs at the Meet and Greet visit. Melissa was our sitter and we were highly impressed with her communication and daily updates/photos while we were away. We will certainly be using Barksley again for our future pet-sitting needs!!

  10. Pamela James 2023/06

    We were anxious about leaving our 3 fur babies with a sitter. But Karen was absolutely terrific! We received reports after every visit along with pictures of our pack. I highly recommend Barksley to all, especially those who may be anxious about using a dog sitter. My husband says we’ll be going away more often!

  11. C Smith 2022/08

    For about the last 3 years, Barksley has been taking care of my cat whenever I’m away. They’ve always done a great job, and my generally unhappy cat has always seemed happy with them. About a year ago I adopted a dog and now usually have my mom’s old, blind dog as well. I originally thought I’d board them whenever I’m away, but I’ve been unable to find a kennel that I like all that much. So now Barksley takes care of them too. The cost is comparable to a kennel (depending on how many visits you get) and I feel like they get more attention, even without having someone with them all the time. I know my dog loves all the treats she gets. Kennels usually charge extra these days for the kind of updates I get from Barksley sitters every single visit. (Some of the best pictures I have of my pets have come from them.) My pets are always glad to see me come home after a trip, but in a less stressful way than when I have to pick them up from a kennel. More like in a “I’m glad you’re home!” versus a “Thank GOD you’re home!” kind of way.

  12. Cynthia Ellis 2022/02

    Just a shout out to Barksley Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service. Our recent vacation would not have been possible without Abby and her crew at Barksley! They took care of our “baby” while we were gone and they were FABULOUS! Pictures and updates multiple times a day were wonderful. A worry free vacay knowing our Gabe was is such good hands. Cannot recommend highly enough!

  13. Julia Lake 2022/01

    Jessica went above and beyond to care for our kitties while we were out of the country for a week. She identified a houseplant that our oldest kitty was snacking on/becoming sick from and removed it from his environment. Our youngest kitty is extremely scared of strangers to the extent that she hides under the bed when new faces come in the house; within 3-4 days of visits, Jessica had befriended her. Would HIGHLY recommend this group. Really outstanding work.

  14. Emilia Albeitawi 2021/07

    Absolutely fantastic and streamlined dog walking service. They truly treated me and my pets like family and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone for dog walking/pet sitting services. Abby and Natasha went Above and beyond to take the best care of my animals. I will be a lifelong customer.

  15. Jessie Camacho 2020/10

    Lindsay and Abby were phenomenal and really took care of my babies like they were their own. I appreciate them so much! If you need a reliable and caring pet sitter, these are the people to work with!

  16. Gustavo A 2020/02

    Trusting Abby and her team with my pets is so important when we travel. I feel blessed that we have developed this inherent trust, which is rare these days. Definitely recommend.

  17. Natalie Snyder 2020/01

    I used Barksley twice for extended vacations to care for my two cats. They were able to manage giving each cat different food and providing frozen food at the end of the visit (to thaw out for later). They were very communicative and shared great pictures every day. I highly recommend this service and will be using them again.

  18. Meghan 2019/11

    I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of all my interactions with Barkley staff. I needed to go out of town unexpectedly for an evening and asked if they could take my dog for a long evening walk and feed him dinner. The day before leaving town, two Barkley walkers came over and took impressive notes on every direction I had. During the visit, I received several text updates and pictures to make me feel at ease while my dog received loads of attention and care. I will be excited to use them again in the future!

  19. Claudia Micare 2019/11

    This is a well run, organized business with lovely, caring and reliable companions/walkers. My dog is happy, I highly recommend them!

  20. Joe Orszulak 2019/10

    We are so glad to have found Barksley. Their prices are competitive and the service is excellent! Chocolate Bob the Chocolate lab will be turning 17 this Sunday! The team at Barksley walks him daily, cleans up his messes, and gives him food/water/medication. When they get through with all of that they give him plenty of pets and love to boot.

    I firmly believe that part of the reason Bob has been with us this long living a good life is thanks to the care and attention Barksley provides. Thank you all!

  21. Anthony Williams 2019/09

    Professional and reliable service.

  22. Paul O'Neil 2019/07

    We appreciate all the work Barksley does for us. Our furry companions are very high maintenance, but it has never been a problem for Lindsey or Daniel to handle. They’ll go above and beyond to make sure your pooches are well taken care of and happy. Getting a photo of your smiling dogs is also a fantastic way of brightening up your day. Give them a call. You won’t regret it.

  23. Kaitlin Dennis 2019/07

    Wonderful people, very flexible, female owned….GREAT PICTURE TAKERS 🙂

  24. jess vs 2019/06

    I would 100% rate this company 10 stars if I could! My two pups have been going on daily walks with Barksley for several months now, and I couldn’t possibly be happier with them! Their staff is supremely professional, their knowledge impeccable, pricing is certainly reasonable, and scheduling/billing is organized weekly which makes life so much easier. In short: they’re everything you could possibly want from a company!

    Their pet care professionals go above and beyond on walks and visits, and send photos/updates to let you know how the day went, which is amazing for my peace of mind. I knew from the moment I first got in contact with them that the experience would be a positive one—I really appreciate how thorough and comprehensive they are, beginning with the meet and greet/intake appointment.

    After some particularly alarming pet sitting and dog walking experiences with other providers in the past (and general price-gauging from other popular services), I am SO relieved to have found Barksley. Special thanks to Lindsey, Daniel, and Abby! Four paws up!

  25. Ava Roozbehani 2019/06

    Abby is absolutely wonderful! She’s very realible, always responds quickly, and she my dogs love her!

  26. Deanna King 2019/06

    I am thrilled with all of the dog walkers at Barksley. They are prompt, friendly and amazing with my dog, Georgie Girl! I highly recommend their services.

  27. Katie Polley 2019/06

    I had a great experience using Barksley to take care of my dog, Teddy. They are dependable, send cute & detailed summaries of their visit, and also take great photos of your pet. I would highly recommend Barksley to everyone!


  28. Blake Gillespie 2019/06

    Short review – Incredible service, sweet people, totally dog knowledgeable.

    Longer review – I adopted a 2 year old beagle in Dec 2018 and had a trip planned for the last week of March 2019. While Fitz has made great strides in that time, he still struggled with being comfortable around humans and in confined spaces, so I was worried to try to board him for a whole week. Barksley made it so easy so Fitz could stay at home. I got updates as often as I wanted and the owner Abby and walker Eden were awesome to work with, sending me text updates every evening on Fitz’s day. My flight home the last day got delayed half a day but they were even able to squeeze one more visit in last minute. Fitz warmed up to them throughout the week and I know I can trust them for any quick visit or trip I have in the future. Can’t say enough great things!

  29. Lindsay George 2019/05

    We absolutely love Barksley! Abby and her team are so caring and diligent. They go above and beyond every day taking care of our two dogs. They are thoughtful about each visit and send us a photo and text update. Could not recommend Barksley highly enough.

  30. Lucas Baker 2019/04

    Abby, Lindsey and Janet are amazing!

    They’re always on time and updating on Cluster app their visit to our cat Gaston with cute pictures and sometimes even videos. They write down how was his behavior and visitation…Gaston definitely love them and I would completely recommend it!!! I love Lindsey notes also with cute greetings when we are back home…

    Thank you so much, Barksley!!!

  31. Yenni Tan 2019/04

    We have used Barksley for several months and they are a breath of fresh air when it comes to trusting someone with your beloved pup! They have several dog walkers that get to know your dog so you have assurance that they will deliver on their promise (I’ve had dog walkers not show up before…) And they are always super accommodating with last minute timing changes or appointment requests. They come in the rain, snow, and ice. Great customer service, flexibility, know-how, and most of all our pup is always excited to see Daniel and Lindsey!

  32. Carey Wodehouse 2019/04

    The Barksley team was amazing! My kitty is a bit finicky but they handled him extremely well. I really appreciate the time spent having someone around the house when I’m out of town, does so much for my peace of mind that I can really enjoy trips more and relax! The communication after each visit was my favorite part! My boy was in such good hands, they really have it all covered. Very impressed. Can’t wait to use them again on my next trip!

  33. Debra Kearns 2019/03

    Barksley from a business perspective is incredibly organized. They conduct an initial visit to meet you and your pets in your home environment in addition to allowing you the opportunity to meet and speak with their full staff.
    Streamlined requests are submitted online and immediately responded to, and the subsequent care they provide is exemplary.
    We recently lost one of the rescue cats we adopted from the same litter immediately before a trip we could not cancel. We were very concerned about leaving our remaining pet alone for the first time and vocalized this concern to Barksley personnel. They couldn’t have been more wonderful.
    Highly recommend this incredible pet service!

  34. Tara Prien 2019/03

    Barksley is the best dog sitting service I have found in Richmond. They take great care as an entire team to understand your pets’ needs, routine and concerns. My dogs were very well taken care of while I was gone, I received updates and pics frequently, and communication in general was fantastic. I’ve also been able to call Barksley last-minute for a check-in when I’ve had a longer than expected work day away from home, and they were able to pop in. I will continue to use Barksley for my pet sitting needs in the future – highly recommend!

  35. Gordon Blum 2019/02

    My wife and I are happy that we have found Barksley when we moved to Richmond 6 months ago. They are exceptionally organized & professional and genuinely care about pet. Prices are great and they are flexible to your pup or cats needs.

  36. Lauran 2019/02

    Book Barksley!! I will preface by saying that I was a full time pet sitter for an entire year before my dog Mayci and I relocated to Virginia. So I expect nothing less than the same level of care that I provided to my clients, and that’s exactly what I got with Barksley!

    I reached out to Abby on extremely short notice before the holiday to request services, and she was prompt, professional and accommodating with her reply. We were able to schedule a meet and greet for the very next day, and I was blown away when Abby arrived with the exact team that would be caring for Mayci while I was away.

    Abby and her team were thorough, friendly and extremely detailed in making sure that all bases were covered for their visits with Mayci. Mayci has a pretty lengthy medication routine (she’s an old girl), and the Barksley team flawlessly executed every single treat, supplement and dose.

    I got pictures from every visit, and loved that I had direct access to Barksley team via cell phone instead of having that important contact info masked through an app. I even had two schedule changes while I was gone, and Abby was able to accommodate an additional visit for me with no problem.

    Best of all, I returned home to a happy and healthy pup, who didn’t miss a beat (or treat) while I was gone. If you travel for work, are going on vacation, or just need a regular sitter, Barksley is THE gold standard for pet sitting in RVA! Thank you Abby, Lindsey and Blaise!!

  37. Susan Feeley 2019/02

    Awesome people, who really love your dog. Bandit knows when they come, and is so happy when they come to visit!

  38. Juli Marie 2019/02

    We have a 16 year old senior pup, Chocolate Bob. We needed someone who would care for Bob with the compassion, patience, and attention that we did. The team at Barksley has been both professional and caring. I truly feel they love Bob and give him the very best. From cleaning up his messes, to extra cuddles, and giving him that gentle encouragement on those days that Bobs legs fail him, Barkley has been there for him, and us. We will be forever grateful.

  39. carla siqueiros 2019/01

    Barksley is great 🙂 They genuinely care about your pet and take the time to get to know you and your pet’s needs. Our dog is unable to be boarded anymore in his senior years and has some health issues (so he needs extra attention). While we were out of town, they did a fantastic job caring for him and sent us regular daily updates and pics. Keeping him on his routine made us all feel better and we came home to a happy dog. Highly recommended -thanks Barksley!

  40. Lauren Sieber 2019/01

    We reached out to Abby for a last minute dog walker request and she was able to immediately accommodate us. Eden and Daniel took great care of our dog and, when we needed to schedule some extra visits, the Barksley team came through again. We enjoyed their text/photo updates. Would highly recommend!

  41. Jodi Winship 2018/11

    JJ and Remster the cats love Abby at Barksley! We hired Barksley to pet sit for a week. Abby came twice a day to feed and play with the cats. She always sent pics and updates at each visit so I never had to worry about them. Next time I take a vacation I will hire Barksley again to take care of the cats!

  42. Nico Trachter 2018/11

    We left our dog with Abby for about two weeks while we traveled internationally. Not only our dog was super happy there, she also came back to us better behaved! Also, Abby sent us an email every day with an update on what our puppy was doing on that day. Likewise, Abby also uploaded pictures and videos for us to see. Our kids (and us) could not be happier with all of these! Highly recommend Barksley!

  43. Jan G. Budryk 2018/09

    Abby and staff are super nice as well as professional. i got a quick call back when i left a message, and Lindsey sent me photos of my dog and cat while she was with them! reasonable rates, too. i would recommend highly!

  44. Tiffany Olds 2018/08

    The Barksley team Is fantastic! The have great communication, fair prices and grade A+ play time. They have been flexible and responsive! I have two high energy 3 year old pit mixes and Abby and Lindsey are great with them! Lindsey in particular who sits for them more regularly is amazing! She sends great update pictures and information, watches for hazzards and remembers what goals or behavior curves our pups are working on and even updates us on that! She leaves our yard and home better than we left it and always seems to give us a little something more than we expect. She really knows our dogs well and seems to love them. It’s great to have affordable and quality pet care when we are away! We couldn’t love the Barksley team more! But some how Lindsey keeps wowing us!

  45. Joseph Hovanec 2018/08

    Barksley Dog Walking is the best! Abby is fantastic with Maverick and he loves going on walks and spending time playing with her. The best part is not having to worry when I am not home because I know he’s in good hands. Abby treats him like her own 🙂


  46. Nicholas Zullo 2018/08

    We have had an amazing experience using Barksley with our new puppy. I give them 5 stars and would highly recommend Abby to any who is looking for someone to trust their pet with.

  47. David Conmy 2018/07

    We were SUPER impressed with Abby and everything that she did through Barksley! As soon as Abby arrived and introduced herself, I knew our dogs would be in great hands for the weekend. She treated our dogs as if they were her own, made sure they were well fed, walked, and given some great company while we were away. Furthermore, she sent us some great photographs of the dogs from her visit that looked as if they had been taken by a professional photographer! Overall, we will definitely be using Barksley again when we need a dog sitter. I HIGHLY recommend Abby and her business. I wish other businesses were as professional and good-natured as hers. She definitely won over some return customers!

  48. Morgan Lang 2018/06

    Fabulous! Quick to respond, our dog loves Barksley Dog Walking! Trustworthy, honest and we love that they send pictures during their walks! Stop looking – and just go with Barksley.

  49. Carly Nasca 2018/06

    Janet and Abby took excellent care of my cat while I was on a long business trip. Every day I received a full report with photos. I never worried about her thanks to Barksley. When I returned home, my house was spotless and my cat was healthy and happy!

  50. Carmen and Andrew Pekarek 2018/03

    We only hope to find such a caregiver when we have kids! Barksley provided professional and thorough preparation to understand our pets, habits and household, and gave consistent updates while we were away. Amazing pet photographer, too! Although our 110lb doberman and 65lb laborador can be a handful, Barksley knows how to anticipate animal behaviors to provide safe walks – even our neighbors noticed her skills when she crossed the road early with our dogs to avoid a large, loud group of touring neighbors during the Church Hill holiday tours. She is excellent. Highly recommend!


  51. Ray Johnson 2018/03

    Working with Barksley was definitely a good experience from beginning to end. They returned my initial phone call quickly and were able to set up a convenient time for the “meet and greet”, where they were very attentive to the details of my pets needs. During the time I was away, I got daily updates and photos of my cat to make me feel at ease. I would definitely hire them again to watch my pet.

  52. Paula Sokolska 2018/03

    Couldn’t be more pleased with Barksley! This was our first time using a pet sitting service, and i’s clear the owner and staff truly care about the animals/people they serve. We received an update each day with pictures of our cat, and they were really flexible with scheduling even for a last minute trip. Fantastic customer service and very responsive. Will definitely use Barksley in the future!

  53. Monica Lauw 2018/02

    We highly recommend Barksley for all your petsitting needs!

    My husband and I booked Barksley’s services on fairly short notice for a long weekend away. The Barksley team went above and beyond to accommodate us, tailoring a specific schedule so as not to disrupt our pup’s routine.

    Abby was wonderful to work with regarding coordination of services, and sitters/walkers Lindsey and Daniel treated our dogson like one of their own. We especially appreciated the detailed photos and updates we received throughout the weekend detailing Otis’ activity and well-being for the day/night.

    We can’t say enough good things about Barksley. Thanks, Abby, Lindsey, and Daniel—we’ll definitely request your services again in the future!

  54. Silgan Dispensing 2018/02

    Reliable, Trustworthy, Loving!

    The team at Barksley is just wonderful, we couldn’t have our dog without them. We recently got a puppy but without really knowing what we got ourselves into, we needed help! Abby was quick to respond to my online request and we set up an appointment within hours. This speed was amazing and it was on the weekend, even better. Once I met her and her team, I felt comfortable and we have been using them about a month. We love that we can trust them in our home. We love that they send us detailed recaps with great photos. But most of all we love that they love our Murray as much as we do. I would highly recommend them for all of the above.

  55. Evelyn Nunes 2017/11

    I highly recommend Barksley. We have had great experience with both dog walking and pet sitting services. Abby is caring and reliable, always sends pictures and updates. Everything is very professional and at the same time personal. I love her attention to detail and that she seems to really care about my dogs well-being.


  56. mary anne conmy 2017/11

    Barksley Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is run by the most fantastic dog-lover ever. In my lifetime of pet ownership I have not met a more responsible, attentive, professional or responsive person than Abby, who is the owner and operator of this unusually affordable and superior pet care service. Abby’s comprehensive client intake process ensures that she knows what you and your pets require to be healthy and happy. All important details are covered – from medical conditions to veterinarian, medications, meal times, walks, etc. Because Abby has rescued two fantastic dogs and has real-world experience working in a veterinary clinic and volunteering for an animal shelter she is fully qualified to care for pets of every temperment. My two rescued pit bulls are extremely aggressive toward other dogs and are easily stressed if approached by other dogs. Because of this my husband and I have put off traveling anywhere our dogs could not go. It takes a great deal of patience and dog-knowledge to care for my two dogs. After meeting Abby I knew she was well-prepared and completely capable of caring for my dogs and while I did not have her walk either of my dogs, I would trust her to do so in the future.

    In addition to her competence, Abby is a kind, attentive animal lover and my dogs who are usually wary of strangers fell in love with her immediately. Her positive energy is infectious and her love of animals is obvious as soon as you meet her. She will keep you posted on your pets with photos during her visits and ends the job by thanking her human clients for the pleasure of caring for their animals! Chocolate AND a THANK YOU NOTE from Abby were a welcomed surprise and were further proof I had the best pet sitter in Richmond! Truly. I may sound over-the-top but I’m very hard to please and if I’m impressed I let it be known. Abby is excellent and you and your pets will be so glad you hired her! Mary Anne Conmy, Church Hill

    I would recommend Abby’s services to anyone who wants the best care for their pets.

  57. Leigh Anne Clary 2017/04

    Nothing short of wonderful, from initial contact to arriving back home after a weeklong vacation. We knew our 7-8 week-old puppy and two sweet cats were well taken care of and we looked forward to Abby’s regular updates. I trust Abby’s excellent judgment and can’t recommend her any more highly. Several of the photos she sent are actually going into frames!

  58. Emily Sushko 2017/04

    Barksley is a wonderful pet service that I would highly recommend!! Not only are they reliable (even at a short notice), but very professional in everything they do. I trust them with my dog completely, and know he gets love and attention every time they visit. They even send little reports and pictures each day!

  59. Carl Buck 2017/04

    I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Barksley. Abby’s love for my dog is clearly apparent, and matched only by his love for her. She sends me status reports via text message during/ after every walk.
    No matter the weather Abby is always there. Since she owns her own business, she is flexible to help in last minute times of need as well. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I still can’t believe the service that I get for the price.


  60. Bruno Sultanum 2017/03

    Abby is awesome! The attention to details is impressive. From sending pictures and updates on our dogs, to leaving nice cards and treats for us and the dogs! I couldn’t ask for more.


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