Banfield Pet Hospital

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3.5 based on 90 reviews
  1. Elizabeth Baker 2023/11

    This place is all about making money not animals care. They do the bare minimum if your a “plan memeber” because they know they have your payme pre-service. They also do not show a very pleasant bedside manner when dealing with your fur babies.

  2. Marisa Gaitan 2023/11

    I dropped my dog off around 8:30-9am and when the doctor (Dr. Viktoria Elizabeth Moersch-Drake) called me around 2:30pm we talked about possible next steps to figure out what was wrong with my dog. When I asked to proceed with performing X-rays on him she mentioned that it usually takes an hour to get the results back and she was scheduled to be off at 1pm. I asked her to proceed with the X-rays and to keep me updated once they had an update. Around 4:30pm she called me and told me that they still hadn’t received the final results from X-ray but from what she could tell it looked like my dog had pneumonia. She then states again that she was suppose to have been off at 1pm. When I arrive to pick up my dog I requested to speak to her and she comes out complaining saying she still hasn’t even had lunch and she wasn’t suppose to still be there and whatnot. It is not my, or any other patient’s, fault that she wasn’t able to get off at her scheduled time. I understand we all have bad days but it was very unprofessional of her to repeatedly call that out as if I was inconveniencing her. When she went to the back and I was paying I continued to hear her complain. Very unprofessional and I’m dissatisfied with the service she provided. If she isn’t satisfied with her job maybe she should find something else that fits her schedule, because the last thing someone wants to hear when they are concerned for their pet’s health is the doctor complaining about having to help you. Will not be returning and do not recommend.

  3. Kim Grayson 2023/11

    Made an appointment for my cat at 9:30am a week ago for today 11/11/23 for sneezing/discharge and ear discharge. Dropped off on time. Was told they’d call when she’s ready. 3hrs later 12:30pm I called for an update. They hadn’t even examined her yet. That wanted to keep the healthy animals safe in case she’s infectious. Great. But why did I make a SICK appointment detailing her symptoms? Especially if she wasn’t going to be seen in the order of visits. Just sounds crazy cause wear gloves and wash your hands between pets. Honestly pretty a** backwards. Finally get a call she’s done at 1:30 and I can come get her at 2:30-3. Was told she has upper respiratory and ear infections which we figured. But was told she had fleas and mites. Her visit summary shows negative for mites. And she doesn’t have fleas either. Even flea combed her entire body. Not a sign of “flea dust” or a single flea. But pushed their “treatment” package for mites and fleas. I declined. Got her antibiotics only and saved almost $200. This was my first and last visit. Came here cause the rescue we got her from used them as her vet previously. I’ll be finding a local vet. Gave 2 stars simply because front desk and vet were friendly. Just didn’t like their tactics and lying.

  4. Nia Harrison 2023/09

    I have been coming here for about five years. I fully trust my dog’s care to Dr. Riddell and have had nothing but great interactions with her and the front desk staff. They clearly care about the health of our dogs and do the absolute best they can with the resources they have. I do wish they were able to see acute care cases sooner (we have typically had to wait 3-7 days) and wish they allowed for in-person appointments rather than drop offs, but I recognize that staffing shortages are a widespread problem nationwide. Hopefully they can prioritize staff hiring and retention as soon as possible.

  5. Tangee Augustin 2023/09

    I’ve had a Banfield wellness plan for a long time and find it to be extremely helpful. I have always been able to contact Banfield and get an appointment easily for my Shih Tzu. While yes your dog is there all day, I trust in the time it takes to thoroughly examine, run test, etc. I love the app where 24/7 you can chat with a vet if needed. I’ve used it successfully. You can tell the doctors care! We’ve always been able to resolve what my dog may have come in for.


  6. Erica Bagby 2023/08

    They mislead you and don’t deliver

  7. Kk Lynn 2023/08

    They took great care of out boy for his checkup and shots! Efficient too

  8. Jessica Coughlin 2023/08

    I’ve been a loyal Banfield customer for years with multiple dogs, but this last experience was absolutely atrocious. They are so shortstaffed and take on too many clients that they are unable to help anyone else (still active patients) who do not have a scheduled appointment that day. I was told it would take a week for a doctor to get back to me about my dog and his medication refill. I was lied to multiple times, and overall just had the worst experience I have ever had with Banfield. I will not be renewing my plan and will not be bringing my dog back to this location. It is not worth his health or any reasonable persons sanity to deal with this location. I have tried to contact the corporate office and have gotten nowhere so it would be great if a manager could reach out.

  9. Joyce Robinson 2023/07

    We dropped our 8 year old grandson (pit bull) off for his physical. The doctor called with a status update. No issues with the visit. It took 3 tries to make the appointment due to being put on hold for a long period of time.

  10. Malana Hope 2023/06

    The only reason I’m leaving a negative review is because I felt like I was led here under false pretense. I cancelled my previous appointment because banfield was offering free exam with coupon. After my dog was seen they said they don’t honor the coupons. Almost made me not get my dog labs there.

  11. Courtney Brewer 2023/06

    Terrible experience. Will not be taking my dogs back here.

  12. Kimberly Jones 2023/04

    Friendly staff. Great service

  13. Alen Alic 2023/03

    Puppy was in a crate for 6/7 hours for a 20 min appointment . Peed on himself in the crate + on the floor leaving. Lackluster care for my dog. Will not be coming back

  14. Soulmaz Taghavi 2022/11

    I called in a prescription for my dog at this location and when I arrived with him as they told me to do, they had me waiting for an hour and then came out and told me it would be much longer because there were several people ahead of me. Why would you tell me to show up with my dog so I could get the prescription but then keep me waiting all day and not give me a time in which I can be seen? Schedule the time to not waste mine.

  15. Daniel Haba 2022/10

    I’ve had my dogs at Banfield locations in 3 other cities before moving to the Richmond area. This location seems to be constantly overbooked and understaffed, which may be the reason why I’ve had more issues at this location in 5 months than I did in the 6 years prior. But the last straw was after paying over $1,000 for our dog to get two teeth removed. When we came to pick him up, the doctor acted annoyed that we would ask follow-up questions. The next day, he was still in a lot of pain, even after giving him his pain medicine. We called to see if they recommended anything else to help. The person at the front desk said they would have the doctor call us back, but they never did.

    Another major issue is the wellness plan. One of the main benefits we were sold on years ago was that office visit fees would be waived for any acute ailments, and that the diagnostics and treatments would be discounted. When we had an acute issue come up, this Banfield couldn’t get our dog in for over a week. There’s no point in having any of those benefits for acute ailments if you can’t actually use them.

    Our wellness plan also includes flea and heartworm medicine. This location doesn’t carry the same medicine that I’ve been getting at all of those other Banfield locations throughout the years. But they very conveniently carry a similar one that costs us $5/month more than the one we were using.

    Unfortunately, we’re stuck paying for our wellness plans until they expire in 6 months. We’ve cancelled renewal and will never be bringing our dogs back to this location afterward. I’d recommend everyone do the same.

  16. Emily Webb 2022/10

    Don’t go. Not good experience. False reports about pet.

  17. michaella dewaele 2022/09

    Made an appointment and the staff was very nice and efficient. Just needed a Rabies and microchip. A little pricey was a quick visit.

  18. Crystal Fulmore 2022/08

    They take such good care of my fur babies! Amazing in emergency situations! Highly recommend!

  19. Martika Garner 2022/08

    Absolutely the worst customer service on the planet, unprofessional staff. I’ve been rescheduled several times and I accommodated their need to reschedule , however I needed to be 20 mins later and they could not accommodate me, the laziness of having to stay. A little later for a pet and it’s owner is very sad , that shows the character of the company. Awful !!!

  20. heather V 2022/07

    This is the very first time I have posted a negative review of a vet. They used to be great but they are hemorrhaging vets and even the Practice Manager quit. Its really sad when quality declines so quickly. The current vet won’t even speak to the clients. Hopefully this changes and they return to being great like they once were.

  21. Ashleigh Griffin 2022/07

    The worst location. The reception is horrible. They never answer the phone and when they do they act like they can’t be bothered to help. When they do say they’ll do something you’re lucky if it gets done within a week, if it’s done in a day it’s a miracle.

  22. Crystal Landers 2022/07

    Always helpful and takes care of my cats needs. Always there on the phone to answer questions as well. Makes sure all my cats stuff is up to date and is safe.

  23. A.S. LoCurzio 2022/05

    So impressed with the doctors and staff at this Banfield location!

  24. Diana Voronina 2022/05

    Dont come here with a Doberman if they potentially have VwD
    go to locke and taylor

  25. Sarah Landes 2022/05

    Friendly staff and transparent pricing. Sometimes the wait is a little longer than expected but it’s a medical facility- it can’t always be helped.

  26. Tiffanie Vargas 2022/03

    I could write 10 pages just from this specific location, but I’ll do my best to keep it brief.

    The front desk staff is rude, and they could barely do anything for my dog complaining that she was ‘wiggly’ and had to have 4 people on her. I’m not saying animals are easy, because they’re not, but what else am I suppose to do when she needs an intramuscular Adequan shot every week and you can’t do it? I took her to a new vet, and all she needed was one good doctor and treats. I would suggest they either train their staff better, or allow owners to assist with giving shots and drawing blood. Yeah- I forgot to mention, that they couldn’t even draw my dogs blood, but then refused to prescribe her the medication she needed because they couldn’t test the blood (that they couldn’t draw).

    This is the WORST Banfield, and I would drive an additional hour just to go somewhere else. You will be wasting your money for the appointment, and they can’t even do half of the things you ask them to do.

  27. Katrina Godsey 2022/03

    Friendly and informative service from staff. I went there to pick up food for my cat. Definitely NOT in a PetSmart. There’s nothing particularly wrong about that fact, it just limits the prescription foods they carry.

  28. Patti McBride 2022/02

    Update: wanted to come back and provide an update. Staffing at the front desk in recent months seems to be appropriate for the level of clients they are taking in – the wait has gone from extreme to manageable. The staff all continue to be fantastic – that has never been a complaint!

    Original:The nurses and vets are great, but the front desk is severely understaffed. 2 people cannot alone handle the amount of business that goes through their front desk – it isn’t fair to the staff working the front desk, or the clients. Most of the time I cannot get an answer when I called, or they pickup and hang up, or I am put on hold and nobody ever comes back to the phone. This has remained consistent for the month I’ve been seeing there. Spending a lot of money to have my new dog taken care of but not be able to get my calls answered.

  29. Reagenia Tydings 2022/02

    My baby Lindsay had a good check up and they did a good job

  30. Austin Kinneberg 2022/01

    Have had to take cat back multiple times because they couldn’t handle him. The last visit was because he hadn’t been eating or drinking after the second visit (for 3-4 days). They took blood work we didn’t authorize even though, unprompted, told us we’d be called if they were doing anything else. They said it was probably “stress” however we had already said he was acting normal except for not eating/puking what little he did eat. I’m not confident they even treated him for not eating. I can’t help but feel this banfield is doing more harm to my pet than good. If you love your animals, maybe go somewhere. Even if the other place is more expensive, it might be a wash when they do unauthorized tests.

    Update: don’t see anything yet about the blood work yet that we didn’t ask for, but they did notate that the nausea (probably caused by one of the vaccines) as a dental issue? Buyer beware.

    Update: haven’t been able to get in touch. Chewy needed another authorization for our cats food and wasn’t able to contact them. Called three times myself and the first two just kept ringing and then went dead like someone disconnected the call. Ignore any scripted response from banfield below. Just continuous problems here. Recommend another vet unless you really want to be part of a class action.

  31. Donald Hill 2021/11


  32. Anrc Adisdir 2021/10

    Great service and cares about your animal

  33. Dina Riad 2021/07

    Do not waste your money

  34. Dara J. Friedlander 2021/07

    Love the personal attention and care

  35. Cassidy Skylar 2021/07

    If they don’t like you or your dog they won’t hesitate to be rude. Prefer driving the 30 mins south to the Midlothian location or 20 mins east to the Route 1 location.

  36. Ujjval Shukla 2021/06

    1. I had difficulty in getting appoinment for my sick pet
    2. The receptionist was rude and was not ready.
    3. Dr was not able to let me known what wrong with the my pet even after keeping his for the whole day.
    4. I had asked for additional items on the forms i have submitted and they forgot to check it all.
    5. Of couse the fee that they charged to tell me nothing was also heavy on my pocket.
    I gave 3 * since this is first time my exp is this bad. I never had issues in past, may be since it was all regular visit , never a sick visit in past.

  37. Daniel Herrman 2021/05

    Avoid at all costs!! Was quoted 200 dollars to check a bump on our dog (aspiration, I believe) and set the appointment. Due to a series of “misunderstandings” our dog ended up being scheduled for a biopsy and a teeth cleaning totalling more than a thousand dollars. The explanation was that the scheduler sometimes cant get the code right. This is so far beyond unacceptable that it’s insane. The people scheduling apparently cant differentiate between a surgery and a minor procedure.

    And to top it all off we got a call to pick her up and were told that they couldn’t find the bump on her head (there wasnt one, never mentioned) and when we explained that the lump was on her abdomen, the vet said “oh well good, I took one of those”. No clarification, no call to ask, just said screw it and picked a random spot instead of calling for clarification.

    Steer clear of Banfield if you care about your pets!

  38. Miles Davvis 2021/05

    They always take exceptional care of my furry baby.

  39. Vanessa Johnson 2021/04

    Very professional and personal with knowledgeable information.

  40. Keli JoClure 2021/03

    Great customer service, friendly staff, and clean facility.

  41. Angela Knowles 2021/03

    Banfield Pet Hospital is amazing. Everyone is so nice and knowledgable. They are also very reasonable on prices! I will definitely keep takings my dogs there

  42. Olga Sergejeva 2021/02

    Don’t waist your time. It took me a few days to get over the situation what happened to me and my doggie at this location. We scheduled the appointment and waited a few days. We had a skin problem and needed to take a skin sample for exam. So drop off at 7 am,waited for 6 hours and decided to call and check what’s been done and approximate time for pick up. What I found out after 6 hours she only got a Benadryl shot …and that’s all. About 20 minutes later the doctor called and told me that they cannot take a sample because my dog doesn’t stay still…?! ( small dog Shih Tzu) . So my only question is… do all other dogs stay still when you do this tests? Or it was the first time you attended this procedure? Gave me a few options first to put her asleep and take a sample,but the doctor said she wouldn’t suggest it because her next appointment was coming up and she won’t have time to watch my dog. That’s exactly what I have been told. The second option was to schedule the surgery and then find out what kind of mole it is cancerous or not. So nothing was done… the next day I went to different vet and we got everything done in 40 minutes. Test,results and no Benadryl!!! Thank you Banfield I have been with you for 2.5 years but I guess it time to let go.

  43. Jeanne Olive Wetherell 2021/01

    I took my 11 year old Doxie for his teeth cleaning and nail clipping and Dr. Riddell and the staff were excellent and very attentive as I was nervous with having the sedation on an older dog. I could not be more pleased. They took great care of my little boy. Thank you.

  44. Michelle Bullock 2021/01

    They are great with our puppy!!!!

  45. Cleat Anderson 2020/11

    Would give 0 stars if possible. Dropped my dog off at 7:20 for his teeth cleaning, get call around noon stating Vet is delayed w/ 2 surgeries before him and say that’s fine, thinking he’s being taken care of. Pick him up at 4:30 and he’s covered in excrement and barely makes it outside to defecate. Call Banfield and they matter of factly state “We don’t walk dogs no matter how long they are here.” So 9.5 hours without a walk is acceptable to Banfield?? I will not be stepping foot inside here again.

  46. Felicia Scott 2020/10


  47. Ali Hord 2020/08

    I recently moved to Richmond, Virginia from California and had incredible experiences with Banfield out west. I was excited to be informed that Banfield existed on the East Coast.
    However, the last 2 visits have me questioning this organization, ethics, and professionalism.
    1) The doctor that was seeing my cat today appeared to be under the influence of something- either she had not slept in multiple days or was on a sedative. Seemed scattered with suggestions and unclear without even so much as examining my animal. She had not even examined my animal and started throwing out the possibility of colitis.

    2) Here’s the big one that has left me FLOORED with the lack of professionalism at Banfield Short Pump. My cat was having very high anxiety and this location seemed ill-equipped to handle this volume of angst. They just looked blankly not knowing what to do- my cat was hissing and got aggressive- ended up biting me which he has never happened. Eventually, they went and got the person that was “amazing with cats.” If you are a vet, there should be a specific protocol when experiencing a situation like this. Well, this tech who was “amazing with cats” was not so great with people (to preserve this woman’s image, I will keep her name out of it, but truly hope you read this as an opportunity to learn and grow). As she came into the room, she looked aggressive, angry, and did not explain kindly what was going on. I was clearly upset and in tears prior to that because I was scared for my animal. I let her know I was waiting on a loved one to arrive for support and she proceeded to look at me and say, “so what’s that going to do? What we are going to do is I’m going to put on gloves, you’re going to go outside, and I’m going to put him in his carrier” saying this aggressively and without explaining any of the procedure and nothing about what was going on with my cat. I proceeded to ask her why she was being rude and having and attitude and she looked at me and said, “you know what? That’s it. I’m done here.” She proceeded to storm out and slam the door. Ummmmm? This was a TECH AND AN EMPLOYEE. Really?? Customer service…non-existent. Let’s talk about the fact that this was a high anxiety and high stress situation. Would you like somebody talking aggressively to you as you were going through a heartbreaking experience? My cat walked through a very traumatic event a few months ago and all of that was replaying in the space as I watched my animal have such a hard time and this woman was extremely rude, not helpful, and put me down for it. I’m repulsed by the lack of professionalism, by the lack of care, and super terrified that this woman is caring for other animals. Employees, you may be great with animals, but you also need to be good with the families. These are our babies. Imagine if that was done to you? As a direct result from this experience today, and how poorly everything went, I will no longer be a customer of Banfield pet Hospital and will be receiving in home vet care.
    PS- Phil, the manager, was the reason this situation was cleared up and want to publicly thank him for what he did today. He was extremely kind, informative, was really really gentle with my cat. He talked us through all of it. Jenny, the tech that stormed out, did not apologize, and after a devastating experience with my cat in general, an apology would have helped. Please be mindful when selecting this location to take your animal- I don’t feel they are ethically equipped to handle animals in a safe and professional manner.
    3) Pushing sales- they prescribed new food without even having a full examination. Trying to change my cats diet completely. Other prescriptions were written and sad no once already to it. After I said no, I received a print out for the medication. NO IS NO, Banfield.

  48. Christy 2020/06

    Great vet!

  49. Latoya Williams 2020/06

    I have been bringing my puppy Chloe here since I got her in October. Each time we have been it has been a great experience. From the young ladies at the front desk to the doctors. Brenda is especially helpful!!! She has seen Chloe and I several times and every time she will explain everything to me. She will even walk me to the aisle of the item that I need to purchase for Chloe!!!! Brenda is AWESOME!!!

  50. Albert M 2020/06

    Good service and friendly docs.

  51. thomas waite 2020/03

    Nice friendly people

  52. Vanessa Rodriguez 2020/02

    Only negative would be there are several doctors there so scheduling with that same doctor can be a bit harder to mesh with your own schedule.

  53. Coty Hendrix 2020/01

    Great friendly and knowledgeable staff

  54. Linda Dunn 2019/11

    They seem confused.

  55. Tim BURKS 2019/10

    We have been taking our little pup to Banfield for 4 years now. The Doctors are fantastic as well as the rest of the staff! Our questions are always answered and the care that our little girl receives is outstanding!

  56. Jim Grady 2019/10

    Thank you for keeping the fuzzier part of my family healthy

  57. Terry Cason 2019/09

    Great vets. Friendly. Compassionate.

  58. Ariel Baber 2019/06

    I’ve had issues with other Banfields, but this one always seems to make it right! Phil, the practice manager has bent over backwards to ensure my medical alert dog is well-cared for, and Dr. Riddell is the best vet I have ever worked with! Some vets try to con you into spending more money than necessary, or give large numbers of vaccines in a single visit. Dr. Riddell always lays out my options, explains the pros and cons of each one, gives me prices, and helps me make the best decision for my dog. She will NOT give my dog more than 3 shots in one visit (how many vets can honestly say that?) and she willingly gets down on the floor and uses treats to make my dog more comfortable on his visits. I typically have Brenda as our vet assistant, and she is always bubbly and does everything in her power to make sure my dog isn’t stressed to the max. Both Brenda and Dr. Riddell happily take time with my dog and don’t rush him. What a difference I’ve seen in my dog coming out of vet visits versus the vets who just want to get you in and out!

  59. Ryan Leach 2019/06

    Made an appointment online to only get there and tell me I was not on the system to be seen. Place did not seem at all organized to handle any customers or provide any sort of value.

  60. Valerie Lemon 2019/05


  61. Dre With the AK 2019/05

    Prices are a bit up there but great selection.

  62. Cathie Walker 2019/05

    Very nice people . Great experience

  63. KaDeedee Harris 2019/04

    Everyone here is so knowledge and sweet. I’ve never felt like they were trying “sell me” on anything. And they’re so nice to my dog (he gets really anxious at the vet, groomer ect.) and I feel like they pay attention to that.

  64. Joy Chatburn 2019/04

    The vets here are kind & patient & genuinely care about your fur babies.

  65. Dianne green 2019/04


  66. Felicia Fallon 2019/04

    I don’t much deal with them when I go into PetsMart. The times that I do though, the receptionist is very helpful.

  67. Sue Salvatore 2019/04

    Great vets

  68. Dee Reese 2019/03


  69. Lyn McSwain 2019/02

    Took good care of my son baby

  70. Jillian Risch 2019/02

    Incredibly professional and patient staff. Our dog suffered an injury after being attacked by another dog and (after a terrible experience at a different banfield in the area) we were referred to this location. Even though they had a full afternoon of appointments booked, they immediately took our dog back and started getting her cleaned up so the vet could take a look. She got a couple stitches, they bandaged her up, and spent time snuggling her and loving on her as she came out from under the anesthesia. We were away from home and hours away from our regular vet so we were incredibly thankful for Dr. Crater and her staff for going out of their way to help us in our time of need! Thank you!!

  71. Jessica Salah 2019/01

    Dr. Riddell is amazing. Her and the techs have helped us immensely with two complicated cases of IMHA and epilepsy in two different dogs. I’m always able to get in fast, which never happened in Fredericksburg. She will always consult a specialist if she needs to, which is so reassuring. We have a background in EMS and she always listens to our concerns and takes our input seriously. We never feel rushed! I’ll come back to her and this office as long as I can.

  72. E. D. 2018/11

    Banfield at West Broad is the best!

  73. Jan Mckee 2018/10

    Great care for my dog!

  74. Amber E. 2018/09

    My simple visits always take overan hour. Vets dont seem to stay long, as soon as I find one i like, they leave 🤔 The employees are great but company needs improvement …

  75. Karin Porch 2018/09

    Went to 2 Petsmarts which Banfield is part of, both wrong ones for appt. Second one worked us in so we didn’t have to keep looking for right store. Only thing was, they didn’t tell store we had appt with so they called me next day wanting to know why we were no show.

  76. Jason Edwards 2018/08

    Convenient for the pet plan and quick check ups. That’s the only pro their service and everything else is piss poor.

    Horrible at telling you the truth and are robbing you blind. First our large dog was having terrible stomach/stool problems. Wanted to charge us all these ridiculous “necessary” tests to determine the cause. The tech up front said you should just try not feeding him chicken and la de da he was fixed. So I must give kudos to her.

    Then my small dog cracked a tooth, told me I’d need to up to the dental plan and the grand total to abstract the tooth would be around the $600-700 mark. I took my dog back home to our family vet and got the tooth taken out no problem. For less than $200.

    I think it’s time to find a new vet that’s honest.

  77. Katherine Bohn 2018/08

    I’ve had some billing issues with Banfield and one bad experience with a particular vet… But I saw someone different the next time and she was great! Over-accommodated for my previous bad experience. I’ve been going here for 10 years at least. I like knowing that I can show up any time they’re open for emergencies with the Wellness Plan

  78. Sabra Anne Lucas 2018/08

    I work here, so I am a bit biased. The staff is great & I love my patients. Come see us!

  79. Mark Joyner 2018/06

    We did their new puppy program and it was smooth and comprehensive.

  80. Kaitlin Easter 2018/06

    I would give this place zero stars after today if I could. I have my 6 month old puppy on a wellness plan and have only taken her to this location thus far. I have not had an issue with any of her routine (and completely covered by the wellness plan) visits, but had the worst experience when she desperately needed to be seen. I called on Thursday and asked to make an appt for the next available time, that was not a drop off appointment, as my dog has been chewing on her tail until it is raw. The soonest that they could see her was today at 2:30. I called at 12:00 to confirm (I was not given the usual confirmation call) that it was at 2:30 and was told my appointment had been scheduled for 11:00 today. I explained that I would’ve gladly taken the 11 if offered it, but was only offered a 3:00 or a 2:30. The woman on the phone shuffled me to another employee, that was not a doctor. She repeated the same thing. I explained again that she needed to be seen. We had now waited 4 days and needed to be seen today. She put me on hold to consult the doctor, who never spoke to me directly, and then got back on the line to tell me that I could come in and maybe be seen today. I expressed that this was now an urgent matter and had to been seen, and I was told to call other locations or go to an emergency hospital. This is absurd. I made my appointment, Banfield takes my money every month, and I not only was scheduled at a time different than the one I was told but I also was not given a reminder call, was not apologized to, and was not accommodated in any way. I work in a customer service environment and understand what it is like to have to meet demanding and high needs, but this company did nothing to help me, a loyal customer, or my puppy. I will be contacting the customer service department, because if I can’t be seen when I make appointments then why am I on a monthly plan to have that ease of access? Any “pet hospital” that actually cared for their patients would’ve allowed a patient in her condition to be seen, especially when a member of their staff promised such.

  81. Heather spiller 2018/05

    Friendly staff

  82. Katrinka Bailey 2018/02

    Received info on dog first aid

  83. Tyler Ferro 2017/11

    Friendly, doggy doesn’t hate them. My dog likes sitting on the vet

  84. Jessica Thomas 2017/05

    wonderful, caring and efficient staff!

  85. Joseph DeFilippo 2017/01

    Called two times in one three day period to get advice for ill cat not eating, vet declined to speak to me and didn’t make promised callback — both times. Exactly one week later cat is dead. Thanks for nothing Banfield Short Pump.

  86. Jon Hacker 2016/11

    They did a really good job of putting down my dog.

  87. jan chysty 2016/05

    Do not ever go o ban-field. They are very rude after scheduling appointment at 5 pm in 100% temp. when my cat was crying while taking her. And manager at Short Pump refuse to take me as I am from another country. These Ban field staff is hateful. Pl do not go there specially if you born in another nation. This man is republican and racist.

  88. Susan Leighton 2016/03

    In December, our Boston Terrier Maggie, injured her leg while playing ball. The hospital saw her immediately. The staff was very conscientious and caring. She ended up having inflammation in her shoulder which was easily treatable. Thank you, Banfield!

  89. Aaron Woodard 2015/09

    I signed up for their monthly dog plan were spay/neuter, shots, and checkups are included and I truly regret doing so. The staff were always very rude and seemed to not care about helping or giving information.

    We never got to talk directly to a vet when our dog would get looked at! Our dog developed a hernia from the spay and also ran into digestive issues and a vet was never available to talk to us.

    We cancelled our plan and will now have to pay a large total to cover the work done so watch out if you do sign up and then want to cancel.

  90. Katelyn Atkinson 2014/05

    Very friendly staff who genuinely cares about their animals. I called this morning with general questions about the qualities of a mixed breed versus a pure breed (first time potential pup owner). Very helpful, realistic and understanding. I look forward to bringing my pup here after I get him/her.

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