ASAP Wildlife Control And Removal – Virginia

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ASAP Wildlife Control And Removal – Virginia
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  1. Elizabeth Howard 2023/06

    Ryan and teammate came out after hours within 20 minutes to remove a large black snake from a drain in my backyard. They were so nice and efficient! I will have them on speed dial from now on!!

  2. Robert Wingard 2022/09

    I would give zero stars if I could. They were responsive in the beginning and came out within a couple days. As soon as they got their down payment I never heard from them again despite multiple calls and texts. Their trap has been screwed to the side of my house for months.

    Save yourself time and money and just pick another company.

  3. Jerry S 2022/09

    Never called back or showed up…smh

  4. Robert Young 2022/05

    Company worked through issues with bats ?. Appreciated the efforts once we found the source of the problem. …

  5. Ian Swain 2022/04

    Called to get a dead critter removed from our crawlspace. Angel came out same day and was able to find and remove what turned out to be a dead possum wedged deep between the stairs and foundation. Cleaned and sanitized the area. Amazing service and extremely reasonably priced.

  6. Cherie Hammond 2022/03

    I had a bird trapped in my wood burning stove and I called several companies to see if someone could come out to remove it for me.
    Well the only company that responded right away was ASAP Wildlife.
    The office sent Angelina out and she was very professional and got the job done. She immediately went to the source and took care of the problem, even went on top of my roof and installed a wire net around the top of my cap so no more birds would fall and get trapped. ASAP Wildlife lives up to their name and service.
    Thanks for sending Angelina. Job well done.

  7. Amanda A 2022/02

    They came out same day to remove a dead animal in my crawl space. They were quick and took care of the problem. Would definitely call them again if needed!

  8. Jack Brooks 2022/01

    The initial visit they did in March was good, they came by and set everything up and then told us they would come back to do further work. I got a text for our bill and paid it at the end of March. They sent me texts for a quote for further work, but didn’t return my calls – I was told that the owner would call me back whenever I called the office, and they never did. They’d left some of their equipment at my house too. So fast forward to today, when two guys in a random SUV pull up in front of my house, then go into my backyard and come back with the trap they left – all without calling or even knocking on the door, even though we were obviously right there. I ended up not going out to talk to them because honestly there wasn’t anything to actually identify them, so for all I know they aren’t even with the company and just randomly took junk from behind my house…extremely weird.
    Anyway, tl;dr: company wouldn’t call us back to talk about the details of a follow up appointment & then either they or some random guys came by a month later & took their trap back without knocking on the door or calling or anything.
    PS: my housemate wants me to add that they were nice and informative when they did actually speak with us.

  9. Kristin Boyd 2021/10

    We were having an issue with birds nesting and contacted ASAP wild life. They were so professional and efficient. They came out the very next day and completed the installation. The team were very knowledgeable and went straight to work to solve our problem. They are a great company and we absolutely recommend their services. Outstanding service and very reasonably priced !

  10. Tina Haney 2021/10


  11. Cynthia Cavalieri 2021/07

    We needed to get a large black snake out of our vent outside (it was stuck). ASAP Wildlife Control was here in 30 minutes and took great care with the snake. They will make sure it’s OK and then will release it in the wild.

  12. Cara Frey 2021/05

    Dan and Ryan are life savers! After a weekend of scrambling and failing to find someone to take a dead raccoon out of my new rental property and my property company dropping the ball, they got back to me and got back to me and found someone to do the job in only a little over an hour. I really don’t know what I would’ve done if they hadn’t been able to come help us on such short notice. They were also friendly and informative. I don’t know much about pest removal but I HIGHLY recommend

  13. Gera Williams 2021/03

    Dan and Ryan always respond to our questions quickly. From bats, snakes, to wasps, they’ve been able to help with everything.

  14. Rachel Scott 2021/03

    I am a client of ASAP Wildlife for snake mitigation. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I got a call back same day and an appointment within 48 hours. Very pleased with my service. ASAP Wildlife will be my go-to for wildlife emergencies from now on.

  15. Courtney Ortiz 2021/01

    We had a snake come inside our home, everyone was super friendly and helpful. Angel was quick and responsive and was able to remove the snake! Highly recommend ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal!

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