Aptive Environmental

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Aptive Environmental
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  1. Becca Rowekamp 2023/10

    Davon is so helpful and answered all of my questions.

  2. Tim Jette 2023/10

    The man who came out was good. I was on work call and he was very professional and patient. Did a great job

  3. Deloris Lawson 2023/10

    Very professional and friendly service.

  4. Shavon Bailey 2023/10

    Trayc is Awesome! Thank you for treating our home!

  5. Robert House 2023/10

    Your technician said he came by and did our service but my Ring doorbell and outside cameras showed no one detected on all three cameras. He texted me telling me the job was done. I would really like to cancel this contract.

  6. Crazy Hair Don’t Care Jeams Jean 2023/10

    Exterior treatments. Bug free is the way to be. Technician communicates to make sure all problem areas get addressed and service is specialized for by home needs.

  7. Lesley Hull 2023/10

    Tracey did a wonderful job checking the outside mice boxes and letting me know that food had been eaten which is a good sign. He filled the boxes up and threw out 2 mice caught. He set up more traps for us inside the house. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and a great communicator. He sprayed for bugs too.

  8. Erskin Hickman 2023/10

    Punctual, professional, personable staff. Very thorough. Highly recommend this service!

  9. Whitney Cherry 2023/10

    Run, don’t walk away from these arrogant teenage boys running this “business.” If y’all ever knock on my door again I will call the police. These young guys are giving my neighbors poor quality service, they all wish they hadn’t switched to Aptive for pest control and although I have politely yet firmly told them several times not to knock on our door again, they continue to and won’t take no for an answer. You must be desperate for business. No means no.

  10. Maggie Carr 2023/10

    Gentleman was courteous and helpful with questions I had.

  11. Jason Plain 2023/10

    Regular service with Aptive has improved the quality of my yard and home with a vast reduction in unwanted pest. The bees in my garden have been unaffected which was a concern when I started this service two years ago.

  12. Deborah Peaco 2023/10

    Trayquon was very polite, professional and friendly.

  13. Johnathan Smith 2023/09

    Feel like the tech should have called me. He texted to let me know he was on the way and I replied back. I called but got no response. Not even sure if I’m getting my monies worth. Tech never came inside the house or sprayed the garage, not even sure if the entire backyard was completed. I shouldn’t be charged full price if all the areas are not getting sprayed.

  14. Sean Smith 2023/09

    Seems extremely inconsistent with quality and reliability!
    Contemplating terminating my contract!

  15. Karen Mier 2023/09

    Staff was excellent. He knew exactly what to do. Very professional, courteous and customer service friendly. He gets a 10. David was outstanding.

  16. chip henry 2023/09

    I asked the tech what was on the agenda and he told me. Then he was here for less than 20 minutes. There’s no way he got everything done adequately. On top of that I asked him to treat my yard for ant hills. That did not happen.

  17. SG RDY (SRG) 2023/09

    We had this Aptive Service today but im not happy with the service

    That Service personnel did not do a good job. Usually it’s a 2 man job for 30 mins but he came alone and took only 15 mins for doing In&Out side.

    He didn’t even do it on the lawn outside and windows were not cleaned.. just spay around that’s it..

    First few service were good but later it’s all commercial.

  18. Fengchun Tang 2023/09

    I was solicited and tricked to sign the contract. Soon after I find their service is not effective at all. I tried to cancel the service and was told I have to pay $199.99 penalty. When I read the contract and find it’s very unfair. Once I sign the contract, I am locked in for 18 months. In other words, I have to use their service for at least 18 months or I have to pay the penalty. On the other hand, the contract has no say if their service is not effective. Their prices are also random. Different people get different prices. They are trying to lower my service fee in exchange for me to stay in contract.

    The worst experience I ever have. Try all costs to avoid them.

  19. Brett Burch 2023/09

    Our technician Davon, did an amazing job. He answered any questions I had, and was pleasant to work with

  20. Karen Bladergroen 2023/09

    Pretty Awesome! They get the job done and respond to calls in a timely manner

  21. Tommy Summers 2023/09

    Was on time, courteous, very professional, responded willingly to my requests. One thing he could improve on is NOT spraying the window panes when he is applying insecticide spray to the window seals.

  22. W Jones 2023/09

    Service have been great. Technician is on time and ensure our home is serviced properly.

  23. Nevia Sullivan 2023/08

    Always reliable, thank you!

  24. Jeff Harrison 2023/08

    Wonderful experience. They go the extra mile to solve problems

  25. Charles Stitzer 2023/08

    Technician (Tracy) was very thorough and appeared to be well trained. Very professional and polite.

  26. Dale Cottrell 2023/08

    Will share later. What we help most now is mosquito and gnats.I am getting too bug bites

  27. Felicia King 2023/08

    The ants and spiders have gone away with the maintenance from this company. Very happy with outcome so far.

  28. S F 2023/08

    Great customer service experience, excellent service provided.

  29. subba rao 2023/08

    Thanks to the guys who came today to do the service. He is really nice and did good work. ? …

  30. nonno yobusiness 2023/08

    David did a great job. Very professional polite and informative. I upgraded my service today.

  31. Casey Ferguson 2023/08

    I signed up with them because they said they could provide the same service I had, plus some, for a bit less per service. What they didn’t say is that they’d be unresponsive to re-service requests. I’ve been trying to get in touch for a re-service (which costs no extra) for about a month now, and they finally got back to me this week, but by this time it was time for our next paid service, so what should have been a visit to resolve one small problem we had turned into a full service and a service fee… The techs seem knowledgeable but the scheduling has been a nightmare.

  32. Omar Walker 2023/08

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Kash from Aptive, and I couldn’t be happier with the service provided. Their expertise and professionalism were evident from the start. The representative thoroughly inspected the problem areas, clearly explained the treatment plan, and answered all my questions with patience. The service was executed efficiently. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of effective pest control solutions.

  33. James Warren 2023/08

    Aptive rep has been going around telling people they have bought out companies that they haven’t, and are having people send in canceled checks! Very illegal and very sketchy! Don’t trust them!

  34. Porsha Berry 2023/08

    They were really nice people. I was given a time frame of when they would be here to do the job and they stuck by their word. I’m really excited and haven’t seen a spider yet since they came and sprayed my home. I’m a very pleased customer.

  35. dorothy fordah 2023/08

    Pierce was very professional, and did a great job.

  36. Rafael Echeverria 2023/08

    This is the worst service. What the sales man told was only lies. dont trust this guys! after 4 months there were still bugs eating the plants and no answer from them. IT IS A SCAM. be aware!

  37. Miriam Dan 2023/08

    If you get someone at your door trying to sell you pest control services from this company, please beware. Their prices are different from what they initially quote you. They never give you anything in writing or a receipt explaining the charges.
    Do not deal with them..I still had pest problems after they came.

  38. Sabine Allen 2023/08

    The technician, Davon, is a lovely young man who does a fabulous job of keeping unwanted critters from my house and property. He is polite and professional and goes above and beyond when it comes to his job. I’m very pleased with his service and with Aptive overall. I can highly recommend this company to any homeowner for pest control.

  39. Charlotte Reunion 2023/08

    I feel listened to. Services customized to my home and needs.

  40. Jacob Kimmel 2023/08

    Josh was friendly, professional and provided tips on how to keep the bugs and pests at bay between treatments.

  41. Ansyl Cleveland 2023/08

    Good work


  42. Meredith Hopper 2023/08

    Vasilica was great! Very professional and he knows his stuff. We are very happy to have met him and to use him!

  43. Doug McIlwaine 2023/08

    The salesperson knocked on my door during my work day, and started his sales pitch. He said that they were in the area treating a neighbor’s house, but in fact they were not. It is never good to lie. He outlined the services offered and then said that the “regular” price for such a treatment was over $300, but since they were in the area, they could do it for just $70. I told him that I wasn’t interested. He did not take no for an answer. He was quite insistent, and it became uncomfortable because he wouldn’t stop. I never want to be rude, but almost needed to be to get him to leave. I will never do business with someone who just shows up at my door, claiming they are in the neighborhood, and they can give us such good pricing because they happen to be there. Reminds me of the people who want to treat my driveway, and they can give me a great price because there is a little bit of material left in the tank. I am not sure who runs this company but they really need to have a talk with their sales people about the proper manner in selling. Being obnoxious and pushy is not a good way to represent a company.

  44. Tish 2023/08

    Technician was responsive and performed an excellent service. Would recommend.

  45. Emaleigh Franklin 2023/08

    Parker were great salesmen. They were very friendly and personable. They did a very good job explaining everything.

  46. Michelle Weaver 2023/07

    He did a great job in explaining everything he did today for us.

  47. Holly A 2023/07

    Sending solicitors at 930 PM is completely inappropriate with NO SOLICITATION and NO TRESPASSING signs! The young man still had to be asked twice to leave, after ringing twice and was playing a video where someone was yelling “I’m just a bug man, I’m not going to hurt you!” Then he was taking selfies at our front door. Police have been called and we will be looking into the county codes that have been violated by disregarding posted notices and the 9 PM cutoff.

  48. Jenise Ruehle 2023/07

    Illiterate and pushy sales person, walked past our “No Soliciting” driveway sign and rang our doorbell, which is directly under another “No Soliciting” sign. He then proceeded to argue about what he was selling and had to be asked to leave several times. If they return I will call the police. Extremely unprofessional – this is terrible business practice.

  49. Rigo Ascencio 2023/07

    Most unprofessional sales person I’ve ever seen in my life. Who goes out at 9:30pm and plays videos stating not gonna hurt you and starts taking pictures of himself at the door. Really considering about presses charges to this company.

  50. Jim Croyle 2023/07

    This company cannot take no for an answer. When I was approached, I told the young man I was already taken care of but I appreciated that he stopped to ask.
    At this point, he thought it would be ok to start asking me questions about my current service.
    I literally had to tell him to get off my property in a not so inviting tone before he would leave.
    I would never do business with a company that thought it was ok to behave in such a way. If that’s how they treat prospective clients, that’s probably how they treat the ones they have as well.

  51. Travis Newton 2023/07

    Used car sales people are less pushy! Guy came up and rang the bell asking about our pest control. We said we were happy with them. Then asked if they sprayed our yard. They do. He then said “we’re the only ones out here that spray yards”. No, you’re not. Lying won’t earn my respect or business. We had to keep saying that we were happy and literally had to close the door in his face like the other reviewer said. That’s insane. If sales is like this, I fear for the service quality.

  52. Sandra Boclair 2023/06

    We have problems with ants, spiders, bees and general insects.

  53. Amy Gartrell 2023/06

    Davon was wonderful. He answered all my questions and was super polite. He made sure my experience was 100%! Great job Davon!

  54. Nancy K 2023/06

    Outstanding ! This company is incredibly prompt, easy to get ahold of, and has some incredible technicians! Every single technician has been incredibly polite, communicative, respectful of my property, and has done an amazing job. If you’re looking for an honest and reliable company with good people, this is it!

  55. Nancy Rudolph 2023/05

    Technician was on time, professional and thorough. Made sure I was satisfied with his work before he left.

  56. Eddie Middleton 2023/05

    Davis arrived early, was friendly, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The job was done quickly but with care and he made sure that I knew what services were being performed and what I could expect. Between Davis and Ben both have made this a service worth checking out and using for pest issues or prevention.

  57. Ted Fessel 2023/05

    Devon was great, a true professional.

  58. Bryan Strong 2023/05

    Davon was punctual and did a good job communicating what he was doing. This was my first visit from them but it was thorough and informative.

  59. Majeed Ebrahimi 2023/05

    Bad customer service. First, I called about rescheduling the service. They hung up the phone, and after that, I tried to call 6 more times. No one got my call, the nest day, they said tomorrow we will send the specialist. However, no one shows up. Don’t trust, and don’t waste your time and money.

  60. Andre Lowe 2023/05

    Technician arrived on time and was very personable. Good attitude about the work, and explained everything he was going to do, and once he was done everything he had done.

  61. Kamal Abadaya 2023/05

    Sales team VERY unprofessional. Will come to your house 9pm and knock . Will not take no for an answer and is VERY pushy. Called the customer support team and they said they will tell them to not come to my NO SOLICITING neighborhood and the next day they here again. They said they will make a sales complaint and nothing happened . I do need the pest services and I went somewhere else after this experience. I would recommend you do the same !

  62. Sarah G 2023/05

    Clear no soliciting signs posted at front of neighborhood, still this guy comes up to our door trying to get us to sign up for service. We say we are not interested politely several times. He just kept asking questions rudely. Finally our politeness wore off, we asked him clearly to leave and we just shut the door and he just stood there, not leaving, still talking. We had to open the door and tell him to get off the property. He threw his hands up and got angry. Still hesitated to leave. Thankfully he did the smart thing and got on his hoverboard and left with an attitude. It should never have taken that many times to get him off our porch. He never should have been on our porch to begin with when there are so many signs that say no soliciting. That is a miserable feeling when there is some strange person refusing to leave when you have kids in the house. You guys need to do better. You aren’t entitled to our business. If we don’t want you on our porch leave the first time we ask. We were 2 seconds away from having to call the police. If it happens again we will because what you all did was trespassing.

  63. Dee Tamberrino 2023/05

    In today’s day where customer service is a faint memory. This company goes above and beyond. Everyone is so personable and easy to talk to. Extremely pleasant company to deal with. I will definitely recommend I am truly impressed with them.

  64. Antoinette Monroe 2023/05

    I can honestly say this was one of my best visit from your company.

  65. Chris Guidry 2023/05

    Courteous agent who texted with a 30 minute warning and then was on time.

  66. Penny Cheyne 2023/05

    Initial treatment. So far so good. Both sales and technician very professional.

  67. Anthony Sullivan 2023/05

    We have cameras all over the property. It shows the technician arriving and then leaving in 6 minutes. He did not do a very good job at all. I expect a call from someone concerning this matter and an explanation of services.

  68. Armando Esperanza 2023/05

    Nice knowledge of the person who explains good. Right. Thanks

  69. John Diaz 2023/05

    Professional and friendly young man came and sprayed for spiders and ants and other bugs, as well as cleaned all the cobwebs from all my windows
    Great Job!

  70. Jamarcus Trent 2023/05

    Great experience each service.

  71. Linda Washington 2023/04

    The agent was very respectful and accomadating when I asked him to wear a mask. I was highrisk for pickn up viruses and also did the same to protect him. He was thorough and proceeded to complete the inside and outside treatment in a timely manner. He also asked several times if I needed anything else checked. Thank you for always sending an agent who gives Great customer service.

  72. David Whitehurst 2023/04


  73. Taya Jarman 2023/03

    They did a really good job servicing my home. Marc is so respectful and nice. He’s courteous and treats the areas I ask. He pets my dog and places covers on his shoes before walking in.

  74. Kuong Lam 2023/02

    Great customer service

  75. Mary Maupai 2023/02

    Their staff is always so friendly and professional.

  76. John Valleau (JWVIII) 2023/02

    Good job.

  77. Raquel Olegario 2023/02

    Very professional

  78. Valerie Ashe 2023/02

    Very effective

  79. Breeze Thru Screens 2023/02

    Raymond is very friendly and does a fantastic job. He’s very communicative and thorough and I appreciate that.

  80. Pisces One 2023/01

    I appreciate the communication as well as the punctual service.

  81. D Wittman 2023/01

    The techs always do a great job. Always pleasant and cordial.

  82. Elizabeth Phillips 2023/01

    The folks let you know when they are on the way- a week out, day of and the day before. Plenty of chance to reschedule if needed and they understand the working from home folks can’t always talk, they get the job done !

  83. Michael Gentilini 2023/01

    They responded very quickly, come out once a quarter, spray around the house, knock down all the spider webs from around the soffit and windows. They spray the foundation and even help me out with my shed.

  84. Kimberly Alexander 2023/01


  85. carol banes 2023/01

    Very nice service man.

  86. sharon coleman 2023/01

    He is always polite & helpful & offers suggestions..

  87. robert Fitzgerald 2023/01

    Service tech dressed professionally and explained exactly what service function he was to perform.

  88. Monica Johnson 2023/01

    My regular treatment . Raymond did an excellent job.

  89. Jamie Croll 2022/11

    The technician was very friendly, professional and thorough. I highly recommend this company for pest control.

  90. Dan 2022/11

    Resprayed areas on property of concern after we found our pets still had fleas. Technician showed what he used and where. This was helpful and reassuring

  91. Lowell Ervin 2022/11

    Always on time, professional, and they provide a quality service.

  92. David Bell 2022/11


  93. Patricia Perry 2022/10

    Great service!

  94. lisa pulley 2022/09

    I’m giving this one star just because they deleted my husband’s accurate “Google” one star post dated June 8th. Don’t let their five stars fool you. Somehow they’re able to have Google Reviews removed that are not within “there” standards. I’m sure this one will be removed as well so please everyone take a screenshot so you can see for yourself. Their service was poor they reschedule without notification and their business practices are questionable at best.

  95. John Cascanette 2022/09

    We used this service mainly for an outdoor problem with either moles or voles tunneling in our yard. We decided to use them for both inside and out pest control. The outdoor problem didn’t get resolved. When we contacted them they told us that they don’t do outdoor rodent control. They put a plastic trap under our shed. That was very confusing to us. They wouldn’t allow me to get out of the contract. I told them I wouldn’t pay with them not performing the main service I hired them for. They sent my information to a debt collection agency. I called the local office to try to settle for a lower amount, they wouldn’t even entertain that. I’m paying the full amount just to get this resolved. I’m posting this as a warning to anyone considering using Aptive.
    I really hope this helps people from getting in this situation.

  96. J.D. Hendrick 2022/09

    The technicians are extremely polite. I wanted to change my plan to a lower cost plan, and I have called many, many times and sat on hold forever. This is bad customer service.

    I also have emailed their Corporate Office online and did not receive any response.

    I will try to stop by their Richmond office, and will most likely cancel my service completely.

  97. Lee Fleming 2022/09

    Good business nice customer service.

  98. Jovan Holden 2022/09

    Great knowledgeable staff!

  99. Stephanie Allen 2022/09

    The technician (TJ) was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The

  100. Kathy Haigler 2022/07

    TJ helped me today! Super courteous and on the ball! Texted me to let me know he was on his way. He went over the services and asked if I had any specific areas that needed special attention. Upon leaving, he said to text him if I had any concerns and he’d be back. All of the exterminators have been extremely helpful and courteous! I highly recommend Aptive.

  101. Lesley Brendle 2022/07

    Extremely friendly and professional staff. I just wish they would treat the crawl space and under the deck rather than just the yard, foundation of the house, and requested area inside the house.

  102. Sbx Jones 2022/07

    1st visit . Very polite, prompt and friendly associates. Star rating based on initial visit. Time will tell on applicable product’s benefits.

  103. Sheryl Conyers 2022/07

    Chris was our Technician and was very nice & polite, arrived when he said he would, very helpful in proving info to help us get rid of the ants we were having issues with & was more than willing willing to help in what we asked him to do. He did a great job & we would give him a score of 10, with 10 being the highest score…..

  104. Animalistic 45 2022/06

    The technician’s name was Ryan. and he went above and beyond to make sure that our needs and concerns related to cockroach infestation were addressed. He sprayed the entire house, provided a growth regulator for every room, and even doubled back to give us more glue boards. Top notch service!

  105. Doug Bierly 2022/06

    Mice and voles have been a nuisance in the crawl space and garage and Aptive has done an excellent job addressing the issue. Also treat ants, fleas and ticks

  106. Akiko Chozu 2022/06

    The sales person scared me half to death, unannounced, he loudly came to my door and tried to open it, then knocked frantically like there was some kind of emergency.

  107. Tarsha 2022/05

    Great experience

  108. Justin King 2022/05

    General insect protection service. They were very professional fast and dod a good job

  109. Mario Palma 2022/04

    Great service!

  110. Meredith Ripple 2022/04

    We liked how effective and safe Aptive’s treatments were – and the techs were always helpful, polite and punctual. But Aptive’s scheduling and billing are a NIGHTMARE. We signed a contract specifying a bi-monthly schedule. Then we’d get a notice for an upcoming treatment. We’d call and confirm they needed to reschedule, and then it would happen again a week later. This has happened five or six times to us. They also like to guarantee service and if we have to call them to come out between treatments for an issue, it’s free if there are insects. Except they billed us each time even when the tech told us it wasn’t going to be billed. Until they get better scheduling and billing systems in place, this is not the company for us.

  111. derrick white 2022/04

    The young man who visited my house did a very good job!

  112. m austin 2022/04

    Our service technician Raymond was great. He arrived on time, he was professional but easy going, and answered all my questions regarding our puppy. I asked him to check my detached garage and he didn’t hesitate. We just switched and I’m glad we did. Better price and more service. The other company wouldn’t include my garage!! Things are looking really good after the first treatment.

  113. Ronnie Johnson 2022/04

    Inconsistent customer service including no shows and reschedules without out notification. For the last three or four cycles we see bugs come back right before they come out for a service. Too close to the next appointment to call then out for a respray.

  114. Mr Kam 2022/03

    Well since the Richmond office refuse to answer my call I’ll just say on here.
    I’ve attempted to cancel my premium membership with aptive since last year,(number is on file btw) they still send someone out and who doesn’t spray and CHARGE me for their services (even though I’ve been trying to cancel). This place is terrible, customer service terrible, truly regret listening to Google and going with it’s choice.

  115. Michael Dobbins 2022/02

    Last year when we signed and started the service it worked great. No ants, no mosquitoes, very few spiders. Did as advertised. This year we’ve had to have them come back multiple times due to treatments not doing anything. The techs barely do anything. Normally here for less than 10mins spraying spots, not everything like they should. Today we had a treatment, the guy knocked lightly instead of ringing a camera doorbell. So it was never heard. He then quickly started spraying as to try and get out before anyone talked to him. My wife talked to him briefly when she got back from the store. She said he did not seem happy. Pretty sure he never even went in the back yard to spray because they should be knocking down spider webs but they’re still there… (pictures from today after they left) The price to cancel is beyond ridiculous when they don’t hold up their end, it should be free since they break their guarantee. They have also double billed us twice and if we didn’t catch it, I’m sure they would have just let it ride. And instead of refunding it onto your card you have filed, they mail a check…

    Update 6/18/2022: Aptive sent an automated review text survey for the service call to my wife’s phone. My wife gave a 2 star review due to the lack of the Tech doing ANYTHING during our service. I have it all on my ring doorbell. He sprayed the flower beds around the house in spot but thats it. Nothing done the yard in its entirety. 2 is more than I would have given. The Tech then PERSONALLY texted my wife asking why she gave him a 2. Totally unprofessional! My wife also asked for Aptive to call her back regarding the matter, guess what. Been 2 days no call. Avoid this company if you like your money and sanity. Also added a new photo, the night after the treatment, and its a spider building a web across out back steps where the Tech said he treated… They’re either liars or incompetent. Either way its not worth the hassle to try and cancel after they swindle you.


  116. Sally Schultz 2022/01

    Marc was our rep today and did a great job. Thanks!

  117. Anne Burnham 2022/01

    Chris was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable of his responsibilities, and did a great job in a timely manner.

  118. Michael Robertson 2022/01

    Very kind, responsive technician.

  119. Brennan Mahoney 2021/10

    Just had first visit so hard to evaluate. I didn’t really go over everything Grover did while he was here, but he was very professional, friendly, courteous and thorough. So far, very good.

  120. Mack Flaherty 2021/10

    A young woman knocked on my door today at 4pm. I answered (first mistake) and chatted with her. I politely declined several times but she would not take the hint. So I finally said “no thank you, I’m not interested period” and she responded with “wow that was a sudden change”. I don’t see the need for snark just because I politely declined your service. Extremely unprofessional, and I will never give this company a dollar.

  121. Chelsea Fowler 2021/10

    Initial service was wonderful! I’m so happy to have a big company that not only does the foundation but the hard as well. Teryn was so nice and informed me of everything she was doing for us today. Very happy I switched companies!

  122. vernon tyler 2021/10

    Employee did a great!

  123. Sassy Irish Girl 2021/10

    We had 2 services tech’s (Grover & Ryan) come out & they were both friendly & professional and very thorough! They swept all around the outside of my house & the Eaves of the house & inside my garage! What I do like is that I can request a technician of my choice to come out next time! It’s nice to have personal service with people you trust! Thank you Grover & Ryan!

  124. Ray Reilly 2021/10

    Very friendly and explained everything included in the services and decently priced. Would recommend to others.

  125. Dominique Green 2021/10

    I’m new to Aptive, but so far I really like them! The serviceman was very kind, and was super thorough in going over the house and taking care of all the spiderwebs and such. I’m very relieved for their help, because we’ve had a huge spider problem – so being bug free is SUCH a relief!

  126. niccole woodson 2021/09

    So professional and responsive. Explain everything to me. I definitely recommend using the company ? …

  127. Felicia Morgan 2021/09

    Stephen was very prompt, courteous, informative and most importantly, very professional. Job well done! Thanks so much

  128. Bruce Granger 2021/09

    Great service in s timely manner.

  129. Eli Jones 2021/09

    Very friendly and professional staff and quick service.

  130. Jeff Herget 2021/09

    Extremely professional and knowledgeable would definitely recommend.

  131. Oscar Rodriguez 2021/09

    Constantly rescheduling appts. Requested Sat they agreed, then one day service outside other day inside. Was totally different to what agreed at beginning when signed contract.

  132. Zena Morse 2021/09

    I appreciate the Tech was friendly, patient with my questions. He was knowledgeable as well as professional. Overall, great service!

  133. Paul Fuller 2021/09

    Great service

  134. Cristiano Carrillo 2021/08

    The lady was nice and told us what she did

  135. Trey Ellington 2021/08

    A young woman was soliciting in our neighborhood all day yesterday. She knocked on our door several times (while working from home in meetings, so I did not answer). I finally opened the door to a knock at 8:40 pm. I heard her sales pitch several times, each time sharing that I appreciated the offer but wasn’t interested – and she continually persisted. She was very kind, but the whole situation was unprofessional.

  136. Marlon Ausborn 2021/08

    Customer service representative was awesome and service is excellent..

  137. JustIn Dev-ies 2021/08

    Same day service. Good price. The two employees I met were very professional and kind.

  138. Louise Melton 2021/08

    Arrived on time. Very nice and informative. Did a great job.thanks

  139. Mel Thorpe 2021/07

    Ryan did a great job!

  140. Gulnaz Sohani 2021/07

    Technician was very helpful and knowledgeable

  141. Jessica Hook 2021/07

    In every aspect, using Aptive was a great experience. From the initial sales pitch to the phone call to set up service to the pest control technician they were all courteous, professional and knowledgeable.

  142. Diane Martenis 2021/07

    My technician was Teryn. She was professional yet very friendly. She explained everything she was doing and answered all my questions throughly. .Was very impressed with the first visit. By the way, she has gorgeous thick hair. Thanks, Diane Martenis

  143. Sandra Kenney 2021/07

    Our community has a sign at the entrance that says “No Soliciting”.
    A young woman knocked on my door from this company. When I told her there was no soliciting and there is a sign that states this, she same “I am not a solicitor, I am a manager”. WHAT!?

    This is a company who teaches employees to ignore signs that are in place to stop soliciting.

  144. Franklin Dunn 2021/06

    Very professional and prompt and customer service oriented.

  145. Samantha Hester 2021/06

    Gave us attitude at the door when we said we weren’t interested. Very unprofessional.

  146. Bonnie Tinsley 2021/06

    Excellent service by Teran. Very thorough and friendly. Completely satisfied. Will recommend to friends.

  147. Mk 2021/06

    Keegan explained exactly what he was doing and walked me through every step of the process. As a new homeowner this is exactly what I needed.

  148. Jay Cruz 2021/06

    This woman knock at my door 3x in one day. The 3rd time was at 9pm. I have a No Solicting sign on my door and she just ignored it.

  149. Emily Marcus 2021/05

    This company had someone come soliciting for their business. The girl rang the bell and knock on the door a lot. Woke up my sleeping baby. I opened the door and asked her to please leave. She was rude and would not. I had to threaten to call the cops to get her off my property.

  150. SoGorgeous7 2021/05

    I had a package delivered by uSPS yesterday at 11:54am. A causasian young lady with blue pants, an aptive shirt, in a silver or gray car walked off with my package when I told my daughter not to answer the door for her. This young lady got into the passengers seat of the car as a Caucasian male was driving. Her hair was in a ponytail.This is a federal crime and when I attempted to contact this company, I’m only able to leave my number. If you see their workers come to yout door tell them leave and never come back.

  151. Daniel Forshey 2021/05

    First time using a bug company, everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. We are excited to see results

  152. Hesa Owl 2021/04

    Lovely guys who were very nice, easy to work with & thorough. Professional, but also friendly. Took down wasp nest I didn’t know was there. Recommend!

  153. Tammie Donavant 2021/04

    Great service. They do what they say they will do WHEN they say they will do it.

  154. Heidi Sizemore 2021/04

    Great service

  155. Kathy Stockdon 2021/04

    Such a professional company. A team that works smoothly together. Prompt. Extremely capable. So friendly and kind. Informative. Complete information about future visits. So focused on getting things done and done right. I feel confident they have my best interest at heart. Well done.

  156. Diana k 2021/04

    I dont know if they actually work or not, but they send these salespeople out all day long and knock or ring until you answer. We have a posted no soliciting in the neighborhood and I have one by my front door now and I still have to tell them repeatedly to leave. They aren’t the only bug company that visits weekly but it’s very annoying and I wouldn’t use them just because of that.

  157. Paul Tipton 2021/04

    Very professional and Teryn was very exceptional. She was very honest and upfront very happy with there service! Would recommend if you have any pest issues. Definitely a 10 out of 10!

  158. Sylvia Blemmer 2021/03

    Reliable @ professional

  159. Cheyenne Johnson 2021/03

    They scam you. Sales people say they will give you a discount but they will end up charging twice in one month (in our case we were paying 120 bi monthly but then we’re charged 60 in the same month) to make up the difference. Called the company (hey fun hack! If your left on hold because you picked the option mentioning you are a current client, hang up and say you are a new client. They’ll answer right away. Figures) and made the complaint about the extra charge. The lady told us we were charged the full filling fee. When we told her that’s not what the sales person and I agreed to, she didn’t have an answer.
    So, they are sketchy when it comes to money.

    However, whatever treatments they use is awesome. We still have ants but they are slowly going away (hopefully) and the people are usually nice, weird and wouldn’t want them to be in my house without someone there or to be home alone when they come, but still nice.

    Just be on top of them about your billing cycle and ask if you will have to pay the full fee down the line and hopefully they won’t try and cheat you.

  160. John Edmunds 2021/03

    Showed up early and did a great job.

  161. Laurie Lynch 2021/03

    Everything was great and it feels good to get started on a pesticide plan since we just moved in.

  162. Janice Cunningham 2021/03

    The account rep, Zach was very friendly and professional. He came up with a plan that worked for me. Then Steven came to apply the treatment and was professional and explained what he was using. It was a very good experience.

  163. LaShawn Mills 2021/03

    They came out and spayed around the outside of my home for pest control.

  164. Sabina Wilson 2021/03

    Teryn was on time, did a great job, and was very friendly.

  165. Dustin Winton 2021/02

    Stephen did a great job! I had some wasp nests on the attic and did not hesitate to help.

  166. Charles Collie 2021/02

    Have been great about returning to do more as bugs have returned after treatment

  167. Matiullah Mati 2021/02

    Do not use this company please. I hope I could give them 0 star. I have more bugs then i had before in my home. After few weeks of their service in my home i called them to that i have more bugs they send the same guy and they did some services and they charge me again $119 but when i called them they did not told me that i will be charged again. I am so disappointed with this company.

  168. Shannon Davis 2021/02

    We were very pleased with our visit! We are excited to start quarterly services with them. Very nice, professional and detailed!!

  169. A S 2021/02

    These guys are shady! I would not use ever. And how did they go from a 1.5 star rating to 4.4 in a few months!?

    Hired for year long plan to protect against mosquitos and ant issues in our kitchen. They come out and do the minimum, sneak around without even letting you know they are doing the service so they can leave quickly.

    Customer service responds with the speed of a sloth, and directs you to call in to speak to someone rather than actually helping you in a convenient way. If you call in, don’t expect your call to be logged or anyone to do what they said they would on the call.

    Everything is done through the corporate office – so do not expect to get to know anyone you are working with or think that this is a local franchise that cares about reputation and customer service in Richmond.

    THE BEST PART: They were 100% unable to reduce the mosquitoes or ants that we hired them for. The problem was as bad after three months of service as on day one!

  170. Julius Cochran 2021/01

    Salesperson (Ana) and technician (I wish I could remember his name because he did introduce himself) very professional. Neither were in a rush. Both were able to answer all questions we had. THE ONLY REASON WE’RE GIVING 4 STARS is that we’ve only receive our first treatment, but will come back and update our review after the next treatment as to effectiveness of product.

  171. Jamie Mote 2021/01

    Very happy with our service. Our inspector was great and treated our house with minimal effort needed from us, so FANTASTIC!

  172. Natalia White 2021/01

    I recently switched from Terminex to Aptive. So far so good. Although cost of service was slightly higher, it seems the service is way better. I didn’t have to wait 2-3 days for an appointment. Aptive came out next day.

  173. Jesus Sanchez 2021/01

    Good service and nice people

  174. Pamela Blackwell 2021/01

    Very good service.

  175. Celitta 2021/01

    Came out same day service. Freaked out because never seen any living at my resident until this summer. This area is known for environmental pest.

  176. tray johnson 2020/12

    They was good people

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