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  1. Jennifer Netherland 2023/10

    We had an amazing FIRST experience with American Pest. The technician was great, thorough, and explained our situation in detail. We made a follow up a month later because we started to have issues again. The technician planned to come out between 4-6 on a Thursday, and no showed my husband with no heads up. He had left early from work. The following day, we also did not receive any kind of communication as to why. This past Monday, we put in ANOTHER request to have someone call us about the no-show and the pest issue, with no response. We liked our first experience, but unfortunately the follow up was really unprofessional with the lack of communication. We tried to resolve this before posting a review.

  2. Vincent Pizzitola 2023/10

    Wells preformed through examination of house

  3. Pam Faircloth 2023/10

    We were delighted with the excellent job Judah did on our house last week. He was careful of property, protecting recently-washed windows, as he sprayed for insects. He checked with us to be sure that he understood our “issues,” and he performed the service perfectly. He was on time, professional, and very amiable. American Pest is fortunate to have such a good employee.

  4. Ellen Field 2023/10

    Last week did not come and I waited and did not call did come on rescheduled date and every other time it’s been fine.This time Left a weird do it yourself cardboard trap for me to stick under a vent or baseboard- assuming they sprayed around outside of home as asked butI could not be home- kj d if wish they had left a note ad well saying they had sprayed as well

  5. James Crump 2023/10

    We’ve dealt with the company for a long time and are very pleased with the service.

  6. Rebecca Lancaster 2023/09

    We have had multiple Pest illnesses. Everyone at American Pest has been Friendly and Professional. The technicians are knowledgeable, answer my questions, and are helpful. I would recommend them to a friend.

  7. Dave Moore 2023/09

    American pest control does a great job. Out of all the companies we have had, this company got the job done.

  8. Shelley Neofotistos 2023/09

    Great help to us for removing the pesky pests!

  9. Debra Waters 2023/09

    We’ve been customers for over 20 years. They are very responsive.

  10. Pat Burns 2023/09

    This is the second year that I have used American Pest to treat inside and outside of my house for insects particularly to prevent spiders. Professional, responsive, easy to schedule, on time, respectful of my property. Treatment is very effective. Would highly recommend.

  11. Andi Goodman 2023/08

    Toudee was proactive and professional

  12. Sue Kennedy 2023/08

    I was battling those tiny black ants! I was at my wits’ end and called American Pest. They came out two days later. Reviewed my situation and treated my home and yard. The next day I saw one live ant. One really slow ant and all rest I’ve seen inside and out have been dead. I’m quite pleased with the result.

  13. Tasha Owens 2023/08

    Professional and Respectful!!!

  14. Karen DelGrosso 2023/08

    Outstanding service, especially provide by Buddy. He is so accommodating and willing to treat those special areas at my home! Thank you all, and especially Buddy!

  15. Kris Rodriguez 2023/08

    We love these guys and our service person is the best! He is so thorough, polite, and respectful of our space.

    They addressed a major issue we could not get a hold of in a matter of a week. In maintenance now and so thankful for their service.

  16. Tommy Moore 2023/07

    Please do not just show up without notifying us at least two days before the planned visit. A surprise visit is not an option we want.

  17. Jo McDowell 2023/07

    The American Pest technicians are professional, polite, and respectful of property. They are always on time, work thoroughly with efficiency. We have hired them for quarterly, one time and annual termite maintenance. American Pest sends reminder emails on upcoming appointments which is most helpful.

  18. Sharon Egbert 2023/07

    We had a great experience from start to finish. I feel more comfortable going in and out my doors. They are thorough and answered all our questions.

  19. Jim 2023/03

    Outstanding company!! Quality products and professional technicians always on time and they take great pride in their work!! Can’t say enough good things about them!!

  20. Karyl Reynolds 2023/03

    American Pest got rid of the rodents and do follow ups for us.

  21. Pat Graziano 2023/03

    We have been clients of American Pest for a few years now, back when it was Intrastate. When Ritchie comes to our home he is polite and very knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend American pest to our friends and neighbors – and have!

  22. Bobby Shaw 2023/03

    Dave was excellent! He was very efficient & also gave me additional tips! Highly recommend!

  23. Victoria Harding 2023/03

    Good service. Have been a customer for 4 years.

  24. Robbi Savage 2023/03

    Always exceptional.

  25. John Bojarski 2023/03

    Robert, as usual did a great job of explaining what he found and how he solved the problem.

  26. Jeffery Robbins 2023/03

    Shawn and his counterparts at American Pest are not only knowledgeable, but their tactics for controlling and eliminating insects ants and rodents are top-notch.
    American Pest was able to eliminate our rodent issue (fairly common in the late winter) in one day. Their understanding of rodent habits and trap placement were as impressive as they were effective.
    We are very grateful.

  27. charlotte horton 2023/02

    Representative calls calls before arrival time to make sure it’s convenient for homeowner. Service man Shawn is always courteous, polite, professional, and informative. I’ve had this service for years. I have no infestations, despite living on a farm with feed and hay stored and distributed around my property. Excellent service and I highly recommend this service to homeowners no matter if you live in the country, the city are the suburbs.

  28. Rachel L 2023/02

    The technicians do a good job. They listen well to any concerns that I have and take them into consideration etc.
    They have treated our home quarterly for many years for general bugs and spiders etc.

  29. patrick berry 2023/02

    Lisa did an excellent job and was very thorough. I am confident the pest problem I was suffering through will be dispatched with soon.

  30. Elena McPeeks 2023/02

    Bruce is a wonderful representative of American Pest and always makes sure the services are effective and keeps us informed of what services he provides during his visits.

  31. Patricia Martin 2023/02

    The techs always call before arrival and arrive during designated time. My tech, Andrew, is always friendly and remembers exactly what I need done. And I have no issues with bugs or termites in my home. Highly recommend this company.

  32. Gary Hegemier 2023/02

    Wendell is Excellent

  33. robert heath 2023/02

    We have dealt with Robert for many years and value his friendliness and knowledge very much.

  34. Pat Morgan 2023/02

    Excellent work

  35. Sandra 2023/01

    American Pest services rids my home of pests, and in less time than I am told to expect. If I have an outbreak between service times, I get an immediate response. Service required — ants, spiders, rodents. The service providers are all efficient and courteous. Great personal service. Thank you.

  36. Mahalia Arnold 2023/01

    The technician is always prompt and professional. We have not had a problem with pests since subscribing to this service

  37. lyn deane-harris 2023/01

    Friendly servicemen, knowledgeable and efficient. Have used this company for years, no reason to change.

  38. Chuck Neal 2023/01

    Great service and friendly, professional exterminators.

  39. Monica Reese 2023/01

    I been with company for a few years now. I have had the best technician ever. He is like a family member. (Robert)

  40. Joanne Chaplin 2023/01

    Always a good experience!

  41. Nikilyn Grimsley 2023/01

    Very quick but thorough inspection. No big up-sale or pressure to buy services.
    Very professional technician

  42. Joe Lawrence 2023/01

    Good company- very responsive when we had a difficult ant infestation.

  43. Lynn Magrini 2023/01

    I will always recommend
    American Pest! I have got the best tech. He always calls before coming and asks if he can get me anything on his way. He knows I have dogs so he always brings them treats. Too bad we can’t clone people, he is the nicest person and will do anything!! Very trust worthy as well! Highly recommend!!

  44. Beth Rush 2023/01

    The American Pest termite inspector was efficient and communicative. He wore shoe coverings while inspecting the lower level of the house and garage.

  45. Tracy B 2023/01

    We have used American Pest (and Intrastate before they merged) for years and always been happy with our techs, the service, and the level of professionalism.

  46. Brigitte Powell 2023/01

    Bat bug extermination

  47. Donald Wright 2023/01

    Good job. Excellent worker with great attitude.

  48. Peter BurkartPeterB 2022/12

    The technician called about 15 minutes prior and was more than helpful while performing the inspection. She answered all of our questions with a smile on her face and in her voice. And the mouse was caught within a few days. Highly recommend this service.

  49. Joe Shocket 2022/11

    Looked for bugs and put out the bug boxes.

  50. M Harris 2022/11

    Professional, always on time, very knowledgeable about all the bugs in my area. Will use again

  51. Sharon 2022/11

    General quarterly service

  52. Constance Sachlis 2022/10

    The gentleman was very professional and nice.

  53. Melissa Pope 2022/09

    The Service Tech, Cameron, is extremely efficient and gives great details concerning the unit at treatment. We have received several emails from residents of him listening to their concern and appreciates the time he spends taking care of their issue. We also appreciate the service manager, Wells, taking time out of his busy schedule to check on the sites and make sure that we are happy with the service of American Pest.

  54. Karen Farren 2022/08

    Great! Professional folks and very mindful of being at, in, and around my home.

  55. James Kirkpatrick 2022/08

    Truly the best, the fact the tech put a bag over my daughters toothbrush shows the level of professionalism she has.

  56. Sandra Carter 2022/07

    I put in a call about hornets that were nesting in the railing of our deck. The tech went around the entire deck with a treatment that will keeps the bees away for two years! I’m over the moon. Those things were such a nuisance! No more piles of sawdust from their drilling holes in the wood.

  57. Lornel Tompkins 2022/07

    Very knowledgeable technician. Product odorless and effective.

  58. Charles Richardson 2022/07

    Very positive. My technician (George Collier)was great.

  59. Jeremie Ha 2022/06

    My apartment complex uses American Pest and I’ve been very happy with the service from the tech who has come each time.

    Positive attitude and all around doing great in this messed up world.

  60. Isaias Cummings 2022/06

    Thank you for your help!

  61. Tami Wyrick 2022/06

    Marco was excellent

  62. Joseph Fonzino 2022/06

    A professional, friendly service very reasonably priced. They’re always there for you if you need them.

  63. Kirk Reed 2022/05

    Great communication with office and technicians!

  64. Glynis Boyd Hughes 2022/05

    We see Robert, our pest control specialist, as part of our extended “family,” helping us to keep our home safe and pest free. He is simply wonderful and we appreciate his guidance so much.We also appreciate the quick and timely responses we get whenever we reach out.We recommend American Pest to anyone who is in need of this service.The Hughes Family

  65. Brenda West 2022/04

    Mosquito and tick extermination.

  66. Nicole Davenport 2022/04

    Quick and effective. All the people I spoke with had great customer service.

  67. Merry Donati 2022/03

    Very professional with nice employees!

  68. Tom Duffey 2022/02

    Representative was on time and did an excellent job in helping eliminate mosquitoes and other insects,

  69. Larry Henson 2022/01

    What I love most is how attentive and responsive the technician is! Richie is the best! He is the reason I continue to use American Pest!

  70. Andrew Weaver 2021/09

    Be careful. This company will sign you up for a monthly service without telling you. When you call to inquire about it they will blame you for not catching the confirmation email. The person I spoke to about it was very rude and her response seemed coached and scripted. My wife called another location complain about the same incident and another person gave her the same exact same coached and scripted response. It seems they deal with people often complaining about being signed up for services that they did not sign up for Will not use again. Seriously there are a hundred other pest services out there. Don’t use this one.

  71. Sandy Winecoff 2021/04

    The entire staff, from the office to the service technicians, are professional, responsive, and go above and beyond. I’m very impressed by their customer service and preventive pest control.

  72. Ltanya Mallory 2021/01

    Didn’t have correct info

  73. Toni Anderson 2021/01

    The best pest service around. Whenever we call they come out really fast and are always nice to deal with. We have used them for years.

  74. Steve Iwanowski 2021/01

    I was a customer for 3 to 4 years, had my account set up for autopay. Couple of months ago they start sending emails about an overdue invoice, I replied with a question of why it wasn’t taken out like the other 40 or so payments were. No reply. Then I get the “Your service will be placed on hold until your account is settled. So, your company is too inept to process a simple payment and then wants to harass me about it, yeah that’s what I need in my life. Here’s your payment and cancel my service. Maybe try a little training in your billing department. I will miss my service technician, Robert is a stellar employee.

  75. Nichi Willy 2021/01

    They came to my apartment for a German roach problem and all they did was put glue boards down. Horrible service I still have a German roach problem. Lazy technicians.

  76. Jenna Harrell 2021/01

    I’ve used the company for close to 20 years but ever since American Pest bought out Pestmasters the customer service has gone downhill. I can no longer talk to anyone locally, when I call I am routed to a call center, I get robo calls to inform me of what day the appt is. I used to get a call with a day and time for the appointment. I got a robo call for an appt on the 3rd, no one ever showed up, when I called to find out where they were I got their answering service b/c even their call center was closed. I was told when I finally talked to a manager at the call center a week and a half later that basically b/c they are closed on saturday there is no one to let me know if my appt was cancelled.

  77. Sarah Prokopchak 2020/07

    I have had the best customer service experience with American Pest. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in the industry, but also very responsive and professional. I would recommend them over their competitors.

  78. Emkayoo 2020/07

    Did a fine job of installing the termite bait stations today. After the installation, made sure I was aware of what they did. I highly recommend Pestmaster Services. They are quick, friendly, works with you, inexpensive and customize your needs.

  79. Joseph Dobb 2019/08

    Broke my belongings during their service and denied it. Sad business

  80. JGW R.W.H. 2019/07

    Great company

  81. David Beish 2019/06

    Price, ease of entrance and service.

  82. Daryl Harvey 2019/02

    Fair pricing, excellent service! Frank is very professional and down to earth.

  83. michael carragher 2019/01

    These guys are awesome!

  84. steven burge 2018/03

    I had trusted this company for 4 years to complete perimeter spraying. I travel for work so I never had the opportunity to check up on them. Today I happend to be home and watched their “technician” pull into my driveway. I happend to be pantsless at the moment so ran to grab some shorts. Before I could make it downstairs I noticed the gentleman leaving his car with paperwork. He placed the $108 bill on my front door and left without so much as stepping on an ant. This is pure fraud. I could possibly be out thousands of dollars if this has been going on for 4 years. I took a picture of a happy little ant trail just in front of my front door 5 minutes after he left. Completely safe, sound, and insecticide free.

  85. Tanya Kane 2017/06

    I just wanted to acknowledge an employee for exceptional service. Robert has been my technician for about 4 years, and in that time he has always been prompt, courteous, professional, and kind. He goes above and beyond each time he’s at my home. He asks about my children, answers all my pest related questions, and is more than helpful. It’s almost as if I look forward to seeing him for my service. What an exceptional person and employee he is.

    I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with him. He has provided an exceptional level of service consistently for the past 4 years. And as a client, I’m not sure I can say that about any other services/technicians that come to my home regularly.

    Thank you & thanks to Robert as well!


  86. Patrick Siewert 2017/06

    We’ve used Pestmasters for years and have always been nothing but pleased. Their technicians are polite and courteous and always go the extra mile for good customer service. Any time we need them on an unscheduled visit, they’re always prompt and work to take care of the issue until it’s solved. Highly recommended!

  87. Caroline Budwell 2014/10

    I saw a cockroach in my newly purchased house. It was right before a holiday weekend. They were the only company I could find that would come out that very day to inspect and treat. I was so thankful. The technician, Michael, was super friendly, right on time and very knowledgeable. He told me exactly where the bugs were coming from and exactly what to do to get rid of them. He did not even need to spray and all this advice was completely free. What a great experience. Another company was going to spay my entire house, but I was going to have to wait over a week because of the holiday.

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