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All Dog Adventures
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  1. Todd Heath 2023/10

    I’ve been going to this location for over 20 years & two dog generations. The previous owner sold it to “All Dog Adventures.” With that said, I realize new ownership has its challenges to keep the bar high & pricing moderate. Both are very Disappointing ?! Beth, the “manager”, really should be required to take some customer service classes to enhance her weak managerial skills.She is very rude & full of “woke” excuses. I have (3) gorgeous Poms. The male has alopecia/hair loss. My bill today ~ the highest its ever been was $160 + $21 tip. I called Beth to ask about the bill. They rarely answer She couldn’t give me a ligit reason. Prices are all over the board. If thats your thing-cool. Not me. Groomers are 2-3 star .Management thinks you Owe them. I hope this helps others who love their animals!

  2. Elizabeth Salvatore 2023/08

    Wonderful place with wonderful people that genuinely care about you and your animals!!!

  3. Rachel Mc Klveen 2023/08

    I take my high-energy dog to All Dog for daycare a couple of days a week. He always gets super excited when I tell him we are going for a ride to see his friends, and is tuckered out when I get him home. All the staff at All Dog are friendly and helpful, and Just Jack seems to love them all. I’m grateful for All Dog Adventures and their staff.

  4. Trequan Brown 2023/07

    My dog and I love them

  5. Katherine Waller 2023/05

    Best place for training both ends of the leash!

  6. Andrea Gray 2023/05

    I’m giving All dog adventures a 5 star rating based on our first in person visit. The receptionist, Patricia, was so nice! She set up all the account data and gave us our reservation as well as a tour of the facility. We found it to be organized, clean and the training room looked good ?? I will do another review based on our first boarding experience coming up soon!

  7. Anthony Gonzalez 2023/01

    Great place!! wonderful people, really love dogs, I’d recommend them 100 times out of 100

  8. Mary Bowman 2022/11

    I started coming to ADA in August 2022 and have been completely impressed. We started with taking private lessons with Julie W. From the first day she did a great job in helping to develop a plan for my French Bulldog puppy, Martin, who ideally will be obtaining his Therapy Dog certification. Julie has done an exceptional job in working not only teaching Martin but teaching me the skills needed to help him be successful. She is extremely organized and holds us to high standards which is really important to me. We started taking group classes as well in September and those have been fun as well! Martin is now in level 2 and having a blast. He has worked with Melanie for those classes and she has done a great job. Martin loves his time at All Dog Adventures. Both he and I leave more confident each time we go. We look forward to moving up the levels and meeting our goals with the help of All Dog Adventures. 🙂

  9. Mike Driver 2022/10

    Great Experience, wonderful dogs and humans!

  10. Jessica Lyszyk 2022/09

    UPDATE: The owner called me and worked out a solution that would be appropriate for our pup. She was incredibly supportive and understanding. My mom always taught me that a negative customer experience is the opportunity to demonstrate strong customer service. This experience was the perfect example of that situation.

    INITIAL POST: We registered for basic dog training because we were drawn to the flexible schedule and small class size. After we paid, they called to schedule the class and the flexible schedule was no longer an option – we were assigned to a specific class. Class sizes are small (there were 6 dogs in ours), but they neglect to inform you that multiple classes are occurring in the same space at the same time. There were two basic training classes and a higher level training group all in the same space. The constant barking made hearing instruction difficult and stressed my dog. In my class, there was an instructor and an apprentice who offered individual feedback, but they often contradicted each other. I reached out to the business to share with them that we would not participate in the classes any more and shared these concerns, among others, with them and no one ever got back to me. We were hoping for a positive experience and we felt like we had really done the research to find the right fit and this was not a positive experience for us.

  11. Gwen Dietz 2022/08

    Ownership responsive to feedback, my dog really liked the staff

  12. Above the paw 2022/05

    Really seem passionate about their job.

  13. Geoff Soja 2022/04

    Will do it again!

  14. Jordan Coughly 2022/04

    Great place!

  15. Sue Salvatore 2022/03

    Wonderful place to train your pups. You cannot beat the Manners Classes Level 1-3.

    Obedience classes taught by experienced person with competition knowledge.

    Agility classes are great to. Focused on agility foundation.

  16. Kendal Lene 2021/06

    Honestly still shocked this place is open, im back working at the same location as 4 years ago and just today i watched an emplyee of this company stand around and watch a significantly smaller dog “playing” with much bigger dogs and yelping very loudly and the guy just sat on the steps and played on his phone until and employee that works with me yelled at him to do something. id never bring my dogs there

    I work near this place and all I hear are the dogs being yelled at for barking or playing. I never see the dogs being trained outside anymore and the lady just sits there while the dogs “outside” time is them in separate kennels that are no bigger then 6 by 8. Then they are brought back in after about an hr of outside time. Certainly not a place I would ever bring my dogs. I see those dogs everyday and how they are treated.

  17. Erin Geoghan 2021/05

    Great place for daycare and training. Focus on positive reinforcement training and our pup never picks up bad behavior from daycare as the training is reinforced there through the day.

  18. Mary Morgan 2021/05

    I have a difficult puppy and the trainer of my class, Michelle, was very helpful in teaching me to understand what my puppy needed. I even did some one on one with her and it was great.

  19. Dave 2021/05

    We currently have three dogs in training at All Dog Adventures. They all have gone through and completed their three levels of manners class training and upon completion one of the dogs additionally completed Therapy dog/CGC training class. Currently all three are currently enrolled in agility training class.

    It’s important to know every dog is different, has a different personality and each takes to formal trying differently but with patience, persistence and practice along with the excellent guidance of the wonderful instructors at All Dog Adventures as well as practicing on your own with your dog between classes, positive consistent changes are achieved. It doesn’t happen overnight but gradual with each class. We’ve seen this not only with our dogs, but with the other dogs in the same classes. It’s been nothing but an enjoyable positive experience for both us and our canines and we can see their eagerness to go each time we enter their training facilities.

  20. Niki DeSantis 2021/05

    We had a great experience taking one of our scared rescue pups to All Dog Adventures. They were aware of my pups special characteristics and helped train to her abilities. We really appreciated the attention to the needs of our pup from Grenada. Thank you

  21. McKenna Williams 2021/03

    Nice facility, nice people, but absolutely not accessible. Only entrance has stairs to a main door not wide enough for ADA standards. While I understand the building was grandfathered in, there are many modifications that could easily be made to be more inclusive to clients/potential clients.

  22. kent romska 2021/03

    Nothing but well trained dogs and their humans.

  23. Steve Barnes 2021/02

    Our dog loves it here. When we have to leave him for daycare, there’s no guilt because he absolutely loves it. We’ve taken our dog about six times every time has been great.

  24. Alexander Lawson 2021/01

    My dog Luna does not play well with other dogs. All dog adventures will work with her to ensure she gets sufficient play and love. They are the only daycare and boarding that we have found willing to work with Luna and not deem her aggressive.

  25. Sherry Shortridge 2021/01

    If you are looking for a dedicated training team-look no further. Professional, very clean facility, trainers dedicated to pets as well as the owners. If you can get in a class with Ashley-do so! She is wonderful.

  26. Adam Padgett 2021/01

    Nice people, didn’t fit our dog but knows what he is talking about

  27. Archer Brinkley 2020/09

    I go to ADA for their obedience and manners classes. I’m in the middle of class two, and I am excited to get through all three and hopefully onto agility! I love their tiered comprehensive training program, and they have a very knowledgeable and friendly trainers. They’ve been a great help as I’ve been raising my first puppy. I did an exhaustive search of training classes in the city, and all dog adventures stood out for their moderate price and glowing reviews.

  28. Brandon Rowe 2020/08

    The personalized care and small group sizes make this an ideal dog daycare. We wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

  29. K L 2020/07

    Not very impressed. The trainers are not really involved with the owners/dogs. There are often multiple classes going on at once, making it very difficult to hear what the trainers are saying in the first place. So much going on at once also provides a lot of distractions for new dogs, which the trainers kept insisting was good for them to learn from, but hard to deal with if you’re dropping $260 on classes for a puppy with a short attention span. I found that the Richmond SPCA classes for puppies were way better and much better attuned to puppies needs. If you’re worried about your dog having good manners, walking on a leash well, etc = go to the SPCA classes. If you plan to show your dog one day, then maybe ADA is up your alley.

  30. Dominic Sadarangani 2020/05

    *First time dog owner and subsequent first time dog daycare customer.*

    Human review:
    Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Caring, professional, and responsive. Great rates and even better experience. Have done two visit thus far both with “Alex.” Easy to see the staff is passionate about what they do, no reason whatsoever to think twice about trusting this staff with my guy.

    Dog review:
    woof (with a happy positive tone of approval)

  31. Lucy Moniz 2020/03

    I worked here for two years and I can honestly say this kennel takes excellent care of the dogs. I worked on the daycare/ boarding side not the training but I loved the smaller groups of dogs. Less altercations and it made it easier to bond with the dogs individually and also observe if they weren’t acting like themselves. The dogs were grouped by Michelle who’s been there 20 years . This kennel is one of the very few kennels that you can rest to sure your dog will be loved cared for and have an exciting time !

  32. Matt Daum 2020/01

    These people are incredible! We’ve been taking our pup for two months now and the improvement we’ve made with him is night and day. We really appreciate that they’ve given us really great exercises to take home, and their flex schedule classes are so convenient when our weeks don’t look the same consistently.


  33. Lee Reynolds 2020/01

    These people know dogs. Very well!

  34. Desiree Green (cottondesi) 2020/01

    Was reffered by my apartment to go here for a temperament test. I was able to come in the same day and it was very quick. Very friendly staff!

  35. Ellen Sealock 2020/01

    We’ve been to a few different training facilities in Richmond, and this is the one we’ve enjoyed the most. Here’s why we love it:
    1. Frequent classes. Classes are 2x a week (vs. the normal 1x a week) and include a lot of in class practice time vs. talking so you and your dog actually get to practice. You can continuously train for months.
    2. Flexible schedule. You pick the 2 classes you want to attend that week, no worries about missing a class you’ve already paid for due to a conflict or having to make up a class.
    3. Many instructors with a breadth of knowledge. I think almost every instructor we’ve been to has a CGC certified demo dog in the class, which is impressive. We’ve tried 7 different instructors and each provides a slightly different perspective, so you get the wisdom of many vs. one. There is bound to be an instruction style and personality that best suits you and your dog.
    4. There are a lot of options after basic manners. Not everyone wants this, but it’s nice to have the ability to do more with your dog if you decide you enjoy it.
    If you have a new puppy, I would highly recommend All Dog. A couple of things to note, your dog will need to be comfortable in crate and with louder noises (the building can get loud). Also, the classes are geared heavily towards training. I wish the importance of socialization was discussed in Level 1 Puppy, and that they could see the walkers and wheelchairs that they see in Level 3 earlier, as some dogs are scared of these after the critical socialization window closes. Overall, a wonderful place!

  36. Jon Bibbs 2019/10

    Great place for dogs. Boarding, daycare, training… they do everything except grooming.

  37. Alex Strauch 2019/09

    Would give this place 5 Stars but there was an inconsistency between instructors. …

  38. Brian Cosner 2019/08

    I have just started classes here and I’m very impressed with their facilities and their instructors. I’m really looking forward to training with them.

  39. Gabrielle 2019/08

    Great place for your pup! Highly recommend

  40. Trillius Wiberg 2019/07

    Great dedicated folks!? …

  41. Rachel B 2019/06

    Teaches our sweet border collie puppy the best manners


  42. Sarah Califano 2019/06

    What a wonderful facility to take your pup for training or day care. All kinds of dogs are welcome. So many different programs available to meet every type of dogs needs. All of the trainers are super knowledgeable and have pets of their own in some of the classes. Cindy, the owner is just so awesome and knowledgeable herself. Just all around wonderful people. And the day care is awesome too! Check them out, You WILL NOT BE disappointed.

  43. Tony Castelvecchi 2019/06

    Over the last handful of years we have brought two dogs for training. The late classes work great with our schedule.

  44. Christina Fitzgerald 2019/02

    Amazing place to train your pup! My boyfriend and I started taking our little yellow lab mix Brigitte here when she was about 4 months old I would say. She went through her paces and finally graduated with flying colors from Puppy School at All Dog Adventures! This is a great place for doggy and owner to learn how to communicate with each other, resulting in a confidant owner and a well trained pup. They have a variety of class times to work with your schedule, and the pricing is so affordable too! After Brigitte graduated we took her to some of their rally classes where she could flex her Brian muscles, release some energy and have lots of fun! Also used ADA for boarding and she always left having had a great time!! We loved all of the trainers but Kathy was our favorite. She is really skilled at what she does and has so much insight! Plus she was really kind to my boyfriend and I being first time dog owners and not knowing a thing. I credit all I know as a dog owner to Kathy and the whole team! So thank you! Even after we finished training school and had moved away Kathy graciously emailed us when we had questions regarding our little Brigitte! Our girl is now 4 years old and is the most well trained pup ever! Highly recommend All Dog Adventures to anyone looking to train and understand their pup (and themselves to their pup) better! ❤️

  45. Mary Alexander 2019/02

    We love All Dog Adventures – did 3 levels of manners, two tricks classes and many agility classes. Our dog received his CGC and therapy dog certification at ADA. The teachers are awesome. We love their philosophy of positive reinforcement training. I have recommended them to soooo many people! People constantly comment about how well mannered our dog is. All Dog Adventures teaches at both ends of the leash!

  46. Diana Vaughan 2018/08

    Some of the VERY BEST trainers available in RVA!!! The only place that offers “crate training” like they do in Great Britain. They also offer apprentice training for anyone wanting to learn how to train dogs.

  47. Joanne Rosel 2018/06

    Want to build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your dog? Want to have fun and learn to train your dog to focus on you, respond to you, come when you call, do tricks, obey, do agility work and much, much more? You have come to the right place! They truly do train both ends of the leash here! It’s the best adventure you’ll ever take with your dog!

  48. Patricia Weymouth 2018/03

    Wonderful training facility

  49. Lindsay Wood Brown 2018/02

    Great facility, huge training space, friendly staff!

  50. Marie Henderson 2018/02

    Our dog loves this doggie day care and we do too. The staff is very caring and we feel very confident leaving our dog there.

  51. Mary Ellen Boesen 2018/02

    There are 7 “Puppy One” classes throughout the week. You and your dog attend 2 classes every week. Which equates to plenty of practice time at home because you always have a class coming up! During class there are at least 2 teachers to demo and answer questions. There are 18 beginner exercises that will morph your dog into an obedient, well behaved pet at home. Every trainer teaches me a new idea/perspective towards training. They are after all teaching me as well as my dog!

  52. Andrew Harrington 2018/02

    Highly recommend!

  53. Brendan de Wet 2018/01

    I really have to say I love this place every time I go I have a blast. Wonderful business with awesome staff Cindy and Melanie are engaging, enthusiastic, and invigorating.

  54. Chris Gilson 2017/09

    The trainer Kathy needs some training on how to deal with humans. Kathy tried to feed our dog from behind thus scaring it. Kathy then blamed the dog because it was scared. I am glad that our dog did not take what was in her hand because …

  55. Anne Auditore 2017/01

    Great place for training! They are so welcoming, understanding and helpful!

  56. Katherine Hughes 2015/09

    Great place for training and day care. My puppy LOVES going to classes and comes home very well behaved after a full day at day care. I would highly recommend All Dog Adventures!

  57. Sara Dobson 2015/01

    I found the staff to be unresponsive and a little rude. I will take my dogs somewhere else that appreciates my business.

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