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All American Pest Control
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  1. Julia Daum 2023/09

    Their service was amazing! Figured out a huge problem in my house and offered a reasonable price to clean it. So grateful for all of their help! Definitely recommend!

  2. Lisa Fludd 2023/09

    Yard was sprayed for a specific type insect.

  3. Lauren Harris 2023/09

    Excellent service
    Excellent results

  4. Kaycie Baxter 2023/09

    He was very knowledgeable, price was reasonable, very thorough. The spirit led him to even offer a word of prayer, and he left us with words of affirmations for my business! Highly recommended!

  5. Lucy Dennis 2023/09

    We had a great experience with this company! He came the same day and gave us a great price for the services that we required in our home. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone in the Richmond area. He even fixed a problem that we had with our door for no extra charge.

  6. Good Girl Gone Fashion “Good Girl Gone Fashion” 2023/09

    All American Pest Control does a great job with pest related issues. Their work is very detailed and efficient. We use them at my place of employment and will continue to use them. They are also very professional!

  7. TCB_ANTHONY-_ ANTHONY 2023/09

    Very professional and accommodating.

  8. Chris J 2023/07


  9. Lotoria Fowlkes (Lo) 2022/11

    James was prompt in responding and very knowledgeable Thank you James

  10. Kurt Helfrich 2021/09

    James is an absolute rockstar. After buying a used bed frame from a garage sale, my son’s room had a horrible bedbug outbreak. Lesson learned. I tried to treat the infestation myself but it soon spread to the master bedroom as well. I was officially out of my weight class and didn’t know what to do. I called Orkin and they wanted $95 just to come out for an inspection, with no idea when they would be able to actually treat the infestation.
    I called James and I guess he could sense how desperate we were because he squeezed us in at 6pm the same day I called. He technically treated 6 and a half rooms but only charged me for 5, plus a military discount. His professionalism and knowledge of the issue was very reassuring. Hopefully we’ve killed them all but if we see any signs of stragglers for the next 60 days he said they would come back and re-treat the problem area – that’s a huge peace of mind. Highly recommend.

  11. Heather Ross 2021/06

    Awesome service!

  12. Tameka Hamiel 2021/05

    Ive been calling since yesterday, job not done correctly and no answer, voicemail is full

  13. Patricia branch 2020/07

    I have been calling and emailing James for weeks now and he has only left a voice-mail once! 1st the price amount was not correct and I’m still waiting on my refund now! I haven’t received information on what was found on the report as of yet! Poor customer service and unprofessional not to address concerns from customers, but u gladly took that money and pushed other customers to another day.

  14. Isaac McKay 2020/04

    Very professional! They have just gained a repeat customer!

  15. Cleopatra Jones ll 2020/01

    Great service they came out quickly after i called…Bernard was great & patient with me & my sister.

  16. kevin brown 2019/08

    I was impressed with James work. He was very thorough in doing his and let us know what he did after he was finished. I look forward to him continuing their services to us.

  17. Aty Le 2019/07

    Called them out about 2 months ago to see if something I’d found was a bed bug casing and the guys that came by were absolutely fear mongers; they did a cursory once-over of the room and proceeded to push me, saying it probably was and that if I didn’t treat right away, I’d have a full-blown infestation. In fact, they were pushing me to treat my place that night and it would only be a few hundred and said that if I waited, it would cost much more.

    I’ve been warned to not work with any pest control company that treats a place without visible evidence of bed bugs because they just want a sale and that’s what this felt like. I got a second opinion and turns out it wasn’t a bed bug at all. Two months out and no other evidence like you would suspect from an infestation. So maybe this company is fine when there is clear evidence of a pest problem but I definitely didn’t appreciate their scare tactics and lack of thorough examination.

  18. Garrett Atkinson 2019/07

    Braved a snow storm to treat our pest issue. Friendly, professional, thorough, and very reasonably priced. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

  19. Amy Clare 2019/03

    They are quick to respond when searching for business.. but ignore all messages when they do not complete a job… they took advantage of a single mother and did NOT do the job the were paid for… DO NOT do business with them

  20. Zerita Crewe 2019/02

    I had to have my workplace exterminated for bedbugs, these gentlemen were Johnny on the spot ( same day service) not only was James very knowledgeable and informed us step by step what it would take to rid us of the pests he beat all competitors prices and excelled our expectations. I highly recommend All American

  21. Carleen Le 2019/02

    James was awesome! I was so dismayed to find out I had bedbugs from a used couch I bought. James fit me in two days later to treat my home and now I can sleep in peace! He was honest, thorough, and told me what to expect along the way. Excellent experience! (James, not the bedbugs lol)

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