Affordable Grooming

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Affordable Grooming
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  1. Muscava Rose 2023/08

    Wow! Excellent care! Mya, my 12-year old schnoodle received first class treatment at Affordable Grooming. She was pampered like a princess by the dedicated professionals at Affordable Grooming. It’s very clear they are passionate about what they do. My only regret is that I didn’t know about them until now. Very excited to discover the best animal grooming business in the Richmond-Chesterfield area; we already booked Mya for her next appointment.

  2. Nick Sestito 2023/04

    Great experience!
    They did everything possible to keep my dog’s stress and trauma at a minimum for her nail trim and grind. In and out in 15 minutes. Best grooming experience I’ve had.

  3. Rosemary MacFarlane 2023/04

    Duckie and her team go above and beyond to make my fur babies right at home. From start to finish it is an absolute pleasure to do business with them! My dogs come home looking, smelling, and feeling great! I can’t say enough good things about Affordable Grooming, and their name completely states their mission, to he affordable. Thank you so much for taking the time and pride in the work you do on my girls! Lily and Cheeks look great!!

  4. Scott Moe 2022/09

    Great place and Great People! Taz looks Great!

  5. Vannessa Wilcox 2022/09

    They Were So Amazing!!! They Did An Awesome Job on My 2 Kitty’s. The Ladies were Super Nice.

  6. un sheepled 2022/03

    My lil old rescue poodle loves it there , and she’s been traumatized and injured by previous groomers at vet clinics !
    Very animal friendly , good people , not like some vet clinics who only see $$$ . Every six weeks for my baby girl ! Hands down the best 😉

  7. nicole popluhar 2022/02

    This people are magicians. Love, love, love. They are kind, considerate, efficient, professional, and affordable. Half the price of other cat groomers. Highly recommend.


  8. Erin Till 2021/10

    Sadly, I stopped taking my dog to this groomer because I heard her screaming obscenities at the dogs. I thought I was mistaken the first time – except it happened again and it was unacceptable. My dog didn’t enjoy being there and now I understand why. No one should think this is acceptable behavior.

  9. Kimberly Jones 2021/09

    Very POOR service and communication! They were extremely nice and comforting when I dropped my dog off. When I came to pick her up everything had changed, The lady with darker hair had my dog and my $25 deposit in her hand. My dog look AWFUL! My 14 year old daughter and I were hurt. The other lady came in to assist but they both ended up being argumentative and disrespectful to me . I asked for the owners name where I was refused and then finally given but told to leave the property and not return.

  10. Lynn Payne 2021/07

    My dog smell like a dirty wet dog didn’t evenly cut him more of a chop up when I picked him up I had to ask for his ear face area on one side to be trimmed to match other side ppl are nice I tipped well as I always do. When they called me to check on my next appointment I told the Lady what happened,she acted upset with me hope I’ll find someone i can be happy with no Apology no offer to help just like it’s my fault wow I own my on business and would never do that to a customer. I have had the same groomer Lucky dog for years till she just moved to Fla I would not recommend this place to anyone hopefully this will help someone else

  11. Courtney_ unique 2021/07

    They are sweet ladies

  12. Sherry Mitchell 2021/07

    Great , caring people. My little girl left happy and looked great.

  13. Sandra Hollie 2021/05

    Wonderful groomer that treats my pup like her own. First place my Shaolin has gone to without being a nervous wreck.

  14. Megan Gunter 2021/03

    She truly loves what she is doing and you can tell she loves the dogs and cares for them. They are affordable and I trust them with my girls. She always shows me that the cares and knows what she is doing. She is very informative and can always answer any questions I have for her.

  15. Tina Jaramillo 2021/01

    Did a great job with my long haired sassy tuxedo! Poncho. Haha. She wasn’t too Happy but she’s a diva.


  16. Kristie Mayes 2020/09

    I have struggled the past two years having a Goldendoodle finding a qualified groomer that has the patience to work with his thick coat and his ears. I was at a loss being turned away by so many groomers that couldn’t work with Snickers and his ear hair growth being told I was going to have to continue to put my precious dog under at the vet to have his ears cleaned out from the matted hair. I finally found Daphne and her wonderful staff that are compassionate and determined to work on developing a relationship with Snickers to allow him to trust them. He doesn’t fight with them like he would with all previous groomers because he trusts them. They also cater just to him until he is completed. There are so many wonderful things I could go on about this grooming company. I strongly recommend affordable dog grooming. I am so thankful for giving them a chance!!!

  17. ang bartender 2020/08

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Great thanks to them! My fur baby is happy and clean 😉 Will be going to them from now on!

  18. Trevor Anderson 2020/08

    The two ladies that work here are super nice and good to the dogs! Also like the name says they were the most affordable grooming service in the area.

  19. Aria Simmons (BabyCakes) 2020/08

    This was our first of many visits to come. I absolutely love this place and Daphne is a Gem. My Chewy loves her and she is a stellar groomer. Thank you!!!

  20. Jasha1 Unit 2020/05

    They did a great job on the spur of the moment (due to a cancellation) with clipping our dogs’ nails. Thank you so much!

  21. Jacki West 2020/03

    I took my sweet dog here to get her nails done. She is so afraid of me touching her nails at home, but they were very patient with her and they used a drimmel tool instead of clippers. What I valued most was that they let me stay with her while they did her nails, which made her feel better.

  22. Lilli Terry 2020/01

    I brought my ragamuffin to be groomed…it was my first time bringing a cat for grooming. I was so pleasantly surprised at how calm and seemingly relaxed my cat was to be groomed by a stranger!
    The groomers were wonderful…answered my questions and gave me suggestions. I will definitely use this groomer again!

  23. Molly Phillips 2019/07

    My ride to Affordable Grooming. Stella loves going. I have been using this groomer for
    About 5 years


  24. Barbara Patterson 2019/07

    This groomer has been mine exclusively ever since I first met her in 2013. The way she makes friends with the animals and how she handles them is amazing. Her patience is never- ending. I’ve never seen a dog stressed out after their appointment and I’ve never seen a dog leave looking anything less than gorgeous.
    At her new shop, she has space to get personal with her furry charges. She always gets down on their level, they respond to her touch and can’t wait to see her when they get back. She also will pet sit at your house or hers and her rates and level of care is remarkable.

  25. Cynthia Powers 2019/02

    At this pet groomer there are not a bunch of dogs in cages waiting their turn.
    Appointments are made on an individual basis. This is a smart setup, especially since my rescue dog goes nuts whenever he sees another dog. Maxx had the complete and total attention of the groomer and helper. When we were leaving, the next appt. was coming in.
    They did a very good job on my shaggy schnauzer !
    Was very pleased. Will be a regular customer.
    IMO, grooming fee was reasonable.

  26. Ana Salgado 2019/01

    The groomers here are amazing! They took their time explaining to me how they do their routine and my 7 month old puppy absolutely loved them. I was a bit nervous being my puppy has only gone for puppy trimming twice at PetSmart but I’m so happy I took the chance to come here after searching google. She loved them! If you go here you won’t be disappointed.

  27. Terry Wike 2019/01

    Affordable and great with the animals. My dog loves her. Great haircuts.

  28. Donna Lewis 2018/01

    The Best Dog Groomer in Chesterfield. Affordable and Quality Service.


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