Accel Pest & Termite Control

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Accel Pest & Termite Control
4.9 based on 214 reviews
  1. linda munroe 2023/10

    The gentleman who came to my home let me know what he was going to do and did a fantastic job. He explained everything.

  2. tyrell noel 2023/10

    A great company with excellent customer service!!!

  3. John Cobb 2023/10

    This company is always on time and very professional. In our case they handle the termite control for our house and garage. They are very good about reminding you as a customer when you are due for your annual inspection by their certified personnel.

  4. Len giordano 2023/10

    I recommend Accel highly to all of my neighbors. Our technician Robert is the best, professional, prompt, friendly and knows his stuff. I have 100% faith and confidence in this company and our technician Robert.

  5. Tim Brendle 2023/10

    Just had my annual termite inspection from Accel Pest Control. Tech arrived on time, did inspection inside and out and was on his way. Friendly and thorough.

  6. Michelle Mabrey 2023/10

    Kevin is a consumate professional!! He fully explained the work he did and recommedended services to prevent pest invasions. I would recommend him for your service needs. Thank you Kevin!!

  7. nikaury fernandez 2023/10

    He is wonderful and always on time getting the job done

  8. Rob Hanna Barnes 2023/10

    Kevin was professional and communicated well.

  9. Angela Howe 2023/10

    Kevin was great! He’s concerned about my issue and is taking steps to resolve it! Thank you!

  10. joyce fields 2023/09

    I have been trusting Accel Pest for about a year now with regular maintenance for an Airbnb of mine and they never let me down! Clear communication, welcoming personality, and professional approach to explaining their knowledge and processes. Thank you!!!!

  11. Dotty Strohmenger 2023/09

    Brian was excellent today. His service went above the norm. His knowledge was great and he took time to really explain what he was doing and why. He performed extra tasks that I had not gotten with my other service visits. I appreciated all he did so very much!! Awesome representation of your company!!

  12. The Francis Family 2023/09

    Very pleased with Accel and Brian. Always friendly, competent and helpful to me.He is an asset to this company!!!

  13. Diane Omite 2023/09

    The Accel team goes above and beyond. Thanks for killing our pests!

  14. Charles Moore 2023/08

    I think he forgot to spray spider webs on outside windows.

  15. Shannon E 2023/08

    We had a tech come out today and he was fantastic and extremely thorough, polite and professional.

  16. Victoria Roberts 2023/08

    Terrance does an amazing job with our Senior Residents here at Silver Hill. His service is always above the norm. He is very patient and kind to all resident and listens and tries to help answers any questions that they may have. Awesome Job!

  17. C M (CM) 2023/08

    Brian is great! Accel has always been wonderful to deal with; very accommodating.

  18. Anona 2023/08

    The rep was kind abd courteous and fulfilled service

  19. Remy Marcus 2023/08

    Accel has been absolutely wonderful!!! Every single person from Accel is kind, professional, and helpful. They do such a great job. They’ve been helping us get rid of reoccurring mice in our home. Brian has been helping us lately and he is so awesome and friendly!!! So happy I found you all!!! Thank you so much:)

  20. Thomasine Bailey 2023/08

    Good morning ACCEL! Called today 02/23/2023, and received immediate call back. Soon thereafter Mr. Numan was responding to my service call. GREAT COMPANY AND TERRIFIC SERVICE

  21. Vanessa Armstrong 2023/08

    I never had any problems with Accel, they always do a great job, keep up the good work ?? …

  22. Mary Williams 2023/08

    Very knowledgeable and friendly. Captain Kirk was very thorough in his inspection. Loved the fact there were no contracts.

  23. Rob Black 2023/08

    Have used Accel for 3 years, very effective. Our guy Quinton is extremely courteous and knowledgeable!

  24. Jamie Sliwinski 2023/08

    Employees are nice. The bad part: They don’t clean the spider webs off my windows.

  25. Teresa Uecker 2023/08

    Noticed the positive difference

  26. Renita Like 2023/08

    Brian is super polite! The office staff is friendly too!

  27. Katie Estelle 2023/08

    Always friendly, knowledgeable and flexible when we need different or more extensive services.

  28. Stephanie Atkins 2023/08

    The treatment worked. Technician was knowledgeable. Only issue is what they tell you on your evaluation and what will be included in your contract doesn’t match with what actually is in the contract. You will end up having to pay more than expected. The 1 year guarantee starts first day of service, not when service is complete, and you still have to pay for service during that 1 year if they have to come back. False advertising, wish I would’ve looked around for another company that was more transparent

  29. Tondra Boone 2023/08

    Inspection for Move In/out treatment. No none insects found.

  30. Christine Riedel 2023/08

    Years ago they got all my pests under control quickly. They put down ground cover under the house to help with moisture. I have been on their maintenance plan for years now and continue to be a very happy pest-free customer. Their employees are very friendly and always willing to work with you on price and scheduling.

  31. Jeannette Seagraves 2023/08

    Brian is a great technician! He goes above and beyond to inform me of things going on under my house.

  32. Joan Chauncey 2023/08

    Eugene was very professional, showed up on time, was pleasant to talk to and took care of all of my concerns. We’re hoping to see him at our next appointment!!

  33. Joe Mills 2023/08

    My husband was the one who talked with him. Things went well. Due to me being sick, we didn’t get him to spray inside this time.

  34. jason T 2023/08

    I wasn’t home , but my wife says it was all good

  35. Tee Tee 2023/08

    JT was great. New service for a different home. He explained everything and answered all of my questions.They will make adjustments if you are concerned about a particular area. They send an email in advance which gives me an opportunity to change appointment if necessary. Home is protected inside and the outside. They even remembered to bring my old fancy/rock bait stations that I just got.

  36. Ronnie Mason 2023/07

    While I cannot yet speak to the efficacy of their pest control service, I wanted to leave a review about the initial estimate and inspection process. The service advisor, Brandon, could not have been more professional or thorough. He walked me through the entire process, helped me figure out the best plan of attack for some of our pest issues, and was very up front and honest about the pricing.

    I have dealt with a couple other companies around the area, and the initial inspections have never been as thorough or well documented. I’d recommend anyone who is looking to give this crew a shout!

  37. Lauren 2023/07

    Terrible. Unprofessional and completely incompetent staff, when they FINALLY showed up they somehow made my roach problem WORSE.
    (Contracted by Residences at Brookside, owned by Gates Hudson.. also DO NOT RECOMMEND)


  38. Crystal Beauvais 2023/07

    DeKeon was very professional and informative. Thank you for sending out a great representative!

  39. Janice Lin 2023/06

    Accel was one of the only pest control companies willing to inspect our fly problem. They were fast in scheduling an inspection for the following day. Our inspector, Brandon, was very responsive and communicative through the whole process. He had a good understanding of where to look and demonstrated experience. He was able to pinpoint the source of our problem and make recommendations on how to resolve the issue. Overall, we are very pleased with our experience with Accel.

  40. Jennifer Reamer 2023/05

    Very effective against household bugs! Thank you to Kevin and all the people who come out, wonderful service.

  41. Kimberly Garcia 2023/05

    Kevin was very professional and took care of the problem areas easily. It was quick professional service

  42. Brenda Isler Christian 2023/05

    ZJi , My Namr Is Brenda Christian Kelvin Came To Spray My Apartment Today, He Was Very Professional And Respectful Did A Good Job

  43. Michael Bartel 2023/05

    Dennis was awesome, and very professional. He got to work right away, and didn’t stop until it was all done. The crawl looks great and is extremely tidy!

  44. Caitlin Sedano 2023/05

    So far I am blown away by this company! Brandon came out to do an inspection on my home to see what I needed. He was so thorough and even suited up to go in the crawl space. He took a ton of pictures for me to show all the issues he found. I’m a renter and live in a older home built in 1960 and everything gets in this house, plus the landlord doesn’t cover pest control. Brandon offered to reach out to my property management company to facilitate sharing the report with the owner of my house just to see if there was any chance she’d want to make the recommended repairs.

    Kevin came by a few days later for the actual treatment and he was equally as thorough! It was clear he read up on the inspection before coming out because he referenced it but he also asked me questions to make sure he was clear on what I needed. He went under the crawlspace to treat with granules since the standing water was down there. He went all around and knocked down all the old spider webs and outside and inside my screened porch. When treating inside he took his time and got every nook and cranny and even asked me more about specific bugs I’d see in different places and sprayed all over then went around treated with gel all along the baseboards and kitchen cabinets and countertops. After it was done, they also sent an email report telling me exactly what they did and details list of products used!

    I’ve used a LOT of pest control companies over the years living in different states and many different homes and Accel has exceeded my expectations with the customer service alone. Even the two women I’ve spoken to on the phone have been top tier polite and helpful (Princess being one of them!). I hate it when companies rush through treatment but even though only a day has gone by since treatment, I really feel confident about the effectiveness based on my experience so far. Time will tell but I think it’ll be good!

  45. Linda Griffith 2023/04

    This company is great! Prices very fair and tech very thorough with inspection and explaining pricing to me. Would highly recommend this company.

  46. Denise Hayes 2023/03

    Excellent communication, on time, and professional. Definitely recommend.

  47. Angel Harris 2023/03

    I received an initial consultation yesterday and am blown away by the time dedicated and the quality of service. Brandon Thomas greeted me on time and spent over an hour inspecting my home for potential pest concerns. He examined every nook of my interior, thoroughly walked the property, climbed into the attic, and suited up to dive into the crawl space. He sat down with me to detail his findings and provide honest guidance, prioritizing which action items to tackle first. I felt as if I was receiving help from a family member or friend; I trusted his recommendations without question. Brandon Thomas’ high level of service is hard to come by these days!

  48. Ben Fleming 2023/02

    Quick turnaround from initial phone call for service to appointment (about a business day). Brandon was very helpful about the various types of pests I’m likely to encounter as a homeowner. I definitely appreciated his past experience as a home inspector on top of his pest knowledge as well.

  49. Chris Guy 2023/02

    Accel was excellent with their initial inspection. Service became worse with every visit. Despite requesting pest treatment inside and outside, tech would show up without scheduling. Since I was at work most days, they would only treat outside. Had to call back and reschedule to get inside treatment. Was also talked into letting them do crawlspace work. This turned out to be a disaster. They installed a dehumidifier (loosley and unlevel on some scrap 2x4s) and didnt air seal the space! Dehu flooded the area instead of draining because pump wasnt level. Was told encapsulation was extra. The vapor barrier and insulation work looked like they were done by a child. They wired the dehu so light had to be on 24/7. Could also see through the cracks in the”door” they made so dehu was trying to remove all the moisture from all of RVA… After 4 or 5 times of having the tech come back out to fix poor workmanship, I gave up. Also started treating my house with relatively cheap stuff from big box store and house is finally pest free after a year, just had to do it myself… redoing terrible crawlspace work is my next job. Borderline scam operation, though the initial tech for pest control was at least helpful and friendly during the first few visits before a different tech took over. Can’t recommend.

  50. sheree slater 2023/02

    Codie and Arthur are the best. They came out today, insulated our attic and replaced our crawl space doors. They were friendly, professional and efficient. Thank you guys!

  51. Ryan Mulvey 2023/01

    Brandon stopped by to assess a pest issue that was noticed during my move in. He was very thorough with his inspection and was able to put my mind at ease with a detailed plan of treatment. If you have any pest issues I highly recommend giving accel a call.

  52. lifted 2023/01

    Great customer service.?? …

  53. Jonathan Frith 2023/01

    Brandon was very knowledgeable about bedbugs. Arrived on time, did the search, and made us laugh.

  54. Kitty Kelly 2022/11

    I called to see if someone can come out the same/next day to inspect for possible bed bugs. They were able to schedule me right away for the next day and will call me back if there was a cancellation the same day. I found another company that was able to come the same day so decided to go with them. Even though I didn’t end up using Accel, I would still call them in the future if I have any pest control issues. They had wonderful customer service and were very understanding & helpful!

  55. Patricia Clapp 2022/11

    They do a great job and they explain what I can expect very clearly!

  56. Mama B 2022/11

    Accel is great! Rob (who is my technician) is very knowledgeable and friendly! I feel 100% safe with him in my home to spray (I’m a SAHM with toddlers). My boys even like to talk to him! I recommend Rob & Accel. Thank you for all the help.

  57. Cheryl Brown 2022/10

    Estimate on pest control

  58. M. P. 2022/10

    Mrs. Sharon was very knowledgeable and made me feel like they would get the job done. She was absolutely great !

  59. Maggie Andrea 2022/10

    Kirk was such a great help. He was honest, friendly, and responsive. I hired him to come check for bedbugs and he was able to rule that out completely. Wasn’t trying to charge me for something I didn’t need! He was looking out for the customer. I haven’t had that honest of an experience in a long time. Much appreciated!!

  60. Jennifer Ross 2022/10

    Compared to other places, the people at Accel have been so much more responsive, prompt, and thoughtful. I trust them to do a good job. I actually got a call today from Brian letting me know well ahead of time that he was running late and might be arriving a little outside the time window. With other places, nobody will give any heads up, and they might not show up at all. Brian did a great job and took the time to answer all my questions. He even brushed the cobwebs off the windows! The termite treatment guys were very nice too. They were able treat my tiny crawl space and seemed very thorough. Another pro is that their mosquito treatment uses essential oils and shouldn’t hurt pollinators. I wasted time and money with other places first, so hopefully this will save you that effort!

  61. Carol Shaw 2022/10

    Initially hired for rodents… After such a great job, I decided to remain a client for general pest/insect control… Everything has met or exceeded my expectations since I’ve been a customer. Technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and always curious and helpful. I’d recommend Accel to everyone, and I do!!

  62. Dolly Vogt 2022/08

    Captain Kirk was personable, professional and responsive to our needs. I would definitely use this company again.

  63. Yvette Goode 2022/08

    Trey was very professional, he explained the process that was needed to get rid of the pest and he showed me the areas that needed to be treated. I am confident that the pest issues will disappear.

    Thank you Trey

  64. ashley showers 2022/08

    Seeing rodents is so overwhelming, disgusting, and embarrassing. Accel has been nothing but thorough and on call to answer any questions morning, noon, nights, and weekends. Great pricing and they are quick to send someone out. The only company I would call for pests. Alex is so helpful and pleasant on the phone!

  65. moknows28 2022/08

    Service was prompt and good quality. The whole team was terrific!

  66. Katherine Bohn 2022/07

    Captain Kirk was super thorough and knowledgeable! He answered all my questions + some. I felt very confident in his inspection and appreciated the different offers/pricing that he put together in an attempt to help us out as a young family. Based on my unprofessional research, it seems the products that Accel uses are also very effective! Highly recommend if you aren’t sure about a potential termite infestation.

  67. Molly Berg 2022/07

    Kirk was great! He came and inspected for pests. He was very clear and thorough about the course moving forward, and gave me lots of options. Generally a delight! I would very much recommend him, he is very professional and makes a stressful situation as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Thanks again Kirk!

  68. Stan Nickel 2022/07

    Xavier was friendly and competent. He explains what is happening and what his plan is and then reviewed the plan. On his second visit, he was happy to know that we were pleased with his service. Top-notch

  69. Elaine Thomas 2022/07

    Service person very professionally and thorough

  70. Terry Mock II 2022/07

    Appreciated the fast turn time to getting an appointment and the needed VA Home Inspection Form. Brooks was very nice. Impressive service overall.

  71. Eric Palmer 2022/05

    Very professional, polite service technician. Accel always shows up when scheduled. They have done a great job keeping the bugs away.

  72. April Branton 2022/05

    Yes I have been using this company for almost 5 years. I started using a pest control company when I bought this home. And I was impressed from the initial service so I decided to keep their services on a quarterly basis. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is interested in getting their pest control needs under control. Thank you.

  73. Teri M 2022/05

    Look no further!! I don’t believe you can find a more honest pest control business than Accel Pest & Termite Control. They’re prompt, courteous and sincerely interested in meeting your needs. Everyone from the manager to the office to the technicians are superb. My previous pest control company was kind but unable to meet our needs. For the first time in fifteen years, we were experiencing a sudden attack of roaches in our neighborhood. We are near the river so mosquitoes are an annual problem. We called Accel and they sent out Quinton who after a very thorough evaluation, provided his honest opinion He was willing to assist but suggested in all fairness, I should express my concerns to my previous company. I was shocked as this was a perfect opportunity to steal another company’s business! I took his advice. Well now I’m with Accel. They provide additional treatments not provided previously. I am confident in their staff as well as their pest control process. No more “buggin” out?! Thank you Quinton and thank you Accel!!!?

  74. Pastor Stacey Jenkins 2022/04

    I must share the professionalism of this company. originally there was a misunderstanding by my family. The members of Accell worked relentlessly to accommodate my family and I even went above and beyond expectations… True professionals and i hfhly recommend them to all. Im grateful for the support and understanding…. Our technician and Manager Joe are simply the best…. I thank God for caring and courteous people as them….

  75. Stephanie Rodgers 2022/04

    Our inspector was thorough, efficient and very personable. We have her card and will be using and referring her in the future. Sharon M is her name. She is a jewel.

  76. Laura Mizhir 2022/03

    Captain Kirk was exceptional! He was very professional and courteous. What a great representation of your company!

  77. Dj 2022/03

    My husband handles the Accel Pest account but I’m here to write a poor review. Not sure why this company advertises that they handle wasps/bees. All they do is lay sticky traps down in your attic & spray. We hired Bat Bee & Hornet Removal Service and Paul did an awesome job. He actually removed the bees nest and sprayed. Don’t waste your money on this company.

  78. John Rotola 2022/03

    Accel came out to do a termite inspection and were able to get there a day after I called. The inspector, Kirk was on time, professional and honest. Would absolutely recommend Accel and Kirk and will certainly call them again if needed

  79. Steven Polyson 2022/03

    Dekeo was extremely helpful and friendly!

  80. Janice Hicks 2022/03

    Sharon came out to quote us for insulating our home. She called to let me know when she was within 15 minutes from our home. She crawled under our home and took pictures and explained everything that she saw and answered all of our questioned. She went the extra mile to get additional information for us. Looking forward to work being completed in the upcoming week.Great experience and very informative. Hope I have an opportunity to work with her again.

  81. Benjamin Toro 2022/03

    Arthur was highly professional and knowledgeable. We’re very grateful for the follow up from his last visit to make sure our German roach problem was completely taken care of…and it was. Thanks!!!

  82. Don Mardock 2022/02

    Accel treated my yard for insects and pests. They Treated area for termites and in my shed. Placed barrier and insulation in crawl space under house. Technicians were thorough and professional. They introduced themselves, explained what they were going to do and we’re attentive to my questions. After the work was done they showed their completed work and asked if I had any questions.

  83. T Goodman 2022/02

    We have been working with Accel for a few months now and they have always been professional and great at communicating. Jason, in particular, does a nice job communicating his schedule and if something happens, he is quick to let us know and reschedule. We hadn’t had Accel do the inside yet and I had been meaning to ask them to do so. My wife asked Jason today who didn’t even hesitate and did it on the spot. Excellent company so far, and glad to have Jason.

  84. Part Time Vegan (MinimalistEve) 2022/02

    Robert was awesome! He answered our questions and was really friendly.

  85. kelly hogan 2022/02

    Kirk was amazing. Looked out for me as a new home owner and didnt rob my wallet or take advantage of me like businesses seem to do. Free inspection was nice and I called at 1230pm and there were here same day!

  86. K D 2022/01

    Capt Kirk was very kind and friendly and left me with a better understanding of what to look for when it come to termites. Thanks for his Service today well appreciated. Very professional and to point out he changes his shoes depending the area he is in. Which i felt was considerate of my home. Hats off to him and his work ethic. Thanks Capt

  87. Anthony Barber 2022/01

    Tech was professional, explained everything he was doing and gave a courtesy call prior to arriving.

  88. Joyclyn Kananen, REALTOR 2022/01

    Always provide great customer service

  89. Trent Hodges 2021/10

    Decided to change companies and called Accel for a termite inspection. Kirk was great…responsive communications, showed up on time, very professional.

  90. Liz Snider 2021/10

    We have had nothing but a wonderful and professional experience with this company! We have several rental properties and use them for our real estate sale transactions as well. The entire staff is highly educated in their field and are trustworthy. Melissa has been my go to person from the jump and she is an absolute rock star! I don’t know how I’d get it done without her sometimes! She’s such a pleasure to have on our team!

  91. Spencer Perry 2021/10

    Ms. Myers, the inspector, was very professional and explained the service and process thoroughly. Mr Hall promptly came the next day and applied the “bug juice’ where needed. Great folks to do business with.

  92. DrKay mk 2021/10

    Sharon came to give me an estimate- took a look at the property and rudely said “I’m going to let this one go”. You won’t be able to afford us “.
    I guess she’s better than the rest of us. Very unprofessional.

  93. Alfreda RM 2021/10

    Very knowledgeable, and on point with the task… Respectful and very professional ? …

  94. Sarah 2021/10

    In a very stressful time Accel put my mind at ease. The day I sent in a request for a call I was contacted very shortly. They offered go come out that day but I asked for them to come take a look the following day. Kirk came on time and looked thoroughly through the house. He was very comforting and confident. They offered to come the next day but I was leaving for vacation so they came the following day I returned home. Dontre came promptly and called before arriving. He did also did a check and serviced my home. He was very kind and even took care of an extra issue for me. I contacted two companies before Accel and both screwed me with no call backs and no shows. If you want good quality thorough pest control contact Accel. They can take care of it for you and are very kind during tough situations!!

  95. Courtney Stover 2021/09

    Kirk is awesome! Down to earth and humorous. He responded the same day we inquired (late at night) and came out the very next day to inspect our property, even gave us a courtesy call to let us know he was on his way. He gave us an option and payment plan that fit for us and scheduled the first treatment for the very next day on a Saturday. Highly recommend!

  96. Erin Brown 2021/09

    Kirk McGee was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and although he was was only there to perform a pest inspection for my refi, he tailored a plan for my needs. I would definitely recommend.

  97. darlene tyler 2021/09

    Best customer service and technician I have ever had with a pest control company. They email your service report and invoice so you can pay online. Super easy to work with.

  98. Susan Pulizzi 2021/09

    Very knowledgeable and helpful!

  99. Aaron Parker 2021/09

    Melissa at Accel is always very kind and checked up on our pets to make sure they are ok and what shenanigans they’ve been up to. Very quick to respond.

  100. Sheila M 2021/09

    Mr Mcgee
    was very professional, very nice and very honest. In these days and times it really refreshing to receive excellent customer service and honesty. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He was here at the appointment time ,very respectable and I will call for his service anytime.

  101. Deb Klosterman 2021/08

    A much more thorough inspection and treatment system than my previous company.

  102. Jennifer Pitsenbarger 2021/08

    Had been covered by a different pest control
    Company and had issue with them. Accel sent someone out next week and throughly explained problem and made plan to fix issues and had bundled
    A pkg together which saved me money. Professional and courteous from the start and relieved my worries! Earned my business after extreme discontent with pervious company we had over 7 years! Highly recommend! Rochelle People’s was excellent as was their first person I spoke to when I called! Won our business!

  103. Teresa Carrel 2021/08

    I engaged with Accel to help my tenant tackle a rodent problem. Making and appointment was easy and the technician arrived when promised. My tenant had made efforts to deal with problem but we wanted to be sure we checked all the points of entry especially because there is an infant in the home! The inspector called me to say the tenant had done and excellent job and he wouldn’t have any services to sell me at this time. As a landlord, I’ve dealt with several pest control companies in the past and I’ve never not had a sales pitch. I will use Accel again and I would recommend them because an encounter such as this makes me trust that a vendor is honest.

  104. Rachel Gierlach 2021/08

    Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service when acquiring for a home inspection, and the employee who came to my home was so patient and wonderful at explaining the best plan of action. Very impressed so far!

  105. Taylor Anne Moffett 2021/07

    Very friendly and thorough. They really care about their customers!

  106. Pineapples and Peonies 2021/07

    Sharon was an amazing Inspector! I was so impressed with her customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend Sharon and Accel!

  107. P Pressure 2021/07

    Good service

  108. Marc Begor 2021/07

    Kirk was on time, super friendly, & very knowledgeable. We look forward to Accel’s service.

  109. Joanna Clute 2021/06

    Kurt was wonderful. He was very professional, he was upfront about everything I needed (or didn’t) and was honest with his thoughts on our creature and insect problems.
    He did his initial evaluation quickly and they got me an appointment fast!
    Dontré, Greg, and Alex were quick on servicing our home and making sure that I was kept in the loop on everything they did. They have always been on time to every appointment and very professional and informative.

  110. Irv Lee 2021/06

    Very responsive. Excellent, knowledgeable, profession service.

  111. D H 2021/06

    Kirk was the consummate professional, very thorough and informative. I am extremely happy that I called Accel, and I trust him completely.

  112. April McLaughlin 2021/06

    I highly recommend this company! Unfortunately for us we brought bed bugs home from our vacation.. Kirk was out here super fast answered all out questions called to make sure we understood everything.. He was Very Respectful and Professional.. In a awful situation he definitely made things easier! They are coming out in two days to treat our entire house…

  113. Beth Hedquist 2021/06

    The technician was very nice and helpful.

  114. Arthur Russell 2021/05

    Patient, courteous, and friendly.

  115. Latisha Vaughan 2021/05

    I called several pest control companies with no success in getting someone to come out immediately. Accel was able to come and inspect same day. “Captain” Kirk was AWESOME. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you.

  116. Mary Catherine Nebel 2021/05

    More thorough than any other pest company we have used in the area!

  117. Barbara Clingenpeel 2021/05

    This man has the biggest heart and really made me feel good about possibly using this company i need to just finish doing my homework tyty captain kirk u sir r in my prayers ty also to my son in law for helping me post this

  118. Jonathan Benjamin 2021/05

    Captain Kirk came by within an hour of our call and did an inspection extremely helpful and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Julie also made sure instead of having someone come out a day later that someone came by same day.Thanks for the great experience!

  119. Solomon Young Sr. (solo14sy) 2021/05

    I ended up needing a Pest Control company to come out to my new home we just bought here in Quinton, VA because I kept getting field mice. After catching the eighth one in three days it was time for me to reach out. I called around and spoke to several companies including the national chains and all they wanted to do was charge you as much as they could for providing as least as they could. Not Accel. Out of everyone I called not only did they come out the same day but did the job better than I expected. I know this because I had another company out that I signed on with during a neighborhood canvass. Good company, nice technicians, but could not tie Accel’s boots with respect to this type of work. They just weren’t on their level. I was still within my three days so I ended up canceling with them.

    Sharon was wonderful and I could tell she knew her stuff. We walked around the house ans literally found every entry point, mind you in the rain. Alex came out, performed the work, and we couldn’t be more satisfied. He was very thorough as well and very good. Their prices are competitive, not expensive, and are definitely worth paying for what you get in comparison to other companies. If you want the job done right, call these people because they’ll make sure it’s done that way. Highly recommended!

  120. Cliff Meyers 2021/05

    I had a great experience working with Accel. They were always punctual, had great communication and did a great job for a very fair price. I’d definitely recommend their services!

  121. Randy Calhoun 2021/04

    The Leadman that made the initial visit along with the Technician that executed the service and follow up Consultation were knowledgeable pro active and provided the end results. In other words they took care of Business.

  122. Avis Winston 2021/04

    Initial visit was very informative due to knowledge and honesty of technician. Plan is competitively priced.

  123. John Cox 2021/04

    Same day inspection and scheduled service for a few days later. Prompt, polite, and reasonably priced.

  124. Amanda Talley 2021/04

    They were very efficient and knowledgeable. Kirk was prompt and explained things where I could understand everything. They give discounts for Veterans and Military as well as Active Students. Everything was set and scheduled within 48 hours which is amazing. Kudos to a great company that I would definitely recommend!

  125. Sarah 2021/03

    Accel was able to reach my boyfriend’s and my new home in no time. The promptness of their services was so helpful to us. Xavier with Accel has come out to our home twice now for insect control. He is knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Very happy with our recent experiences!

  126. bill irwin 2021/03

    Kirk was the ultimate professional and very courteous.

  127. Lisa Makepeace 2021/02

    Responsive, prompt, professional

  128. Jacqueline Jones 2021/02

    On 24-June (after 7PM) I made an inquiry via Accel Pest & Termite Control website and to my surprise “Captain” Kirk McGee’s responded immediately after my inquiry. Appointment was scheduled and Kirk arrived promptly on 25-June. Kirk was friendly, professional and accommodating. The inspection of my home was highly informative and I saw how rodents were making their way inside my home, Kirk explained the preventative measures needed to eliminate the problem and the plan going forward. Very positive experience and I’m confident in the plan going forward. I highly recommend Accel Pest & Termite Control.
    Thank you “Captain” Kirk McGee!

    UPDATE: Greg came today (2-July) as scheduled by “Captain” Kirk McGee. Greg is WONDERFUL!!! Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He inspected every room in my home to find any holes that rodents may be getting through, To my horror a Huge hole found behind my electric stove! Greg sealed that hole and other small/ potential entry ways found in other areas. Greg set traps inside and under the house and followed the preventive measures as planned. A new crawl space door will be customized to replace the corroded door and Greg assures me that I shouldn’t be having further issues with those critters. Thank you Greg for your professional service, you’re an asset to Accel Pest & Termite Control!

  129. Sharlene Adegeye 2021/01

    Sharon came on time! Very helpful. She was able to tell me how they could fix my problem and located areas around the house rodents can get in. Set up appointment same week to get started. Very affordable price.

  130. Greg White 2021/01

    Fast analysis! Very happy with the service

  131. Nadia Mueller 2021/01

    I called Accel yesterday and they had someone out the very next day. “Captain” was very professional and honest. He immediately viewed the area I was concerned about and said it was not termites but dampness that caused the wood damage. If I did have termites, I would have definitely hired them to do the job!

  132. Roberta McKnight 2021/01

    Kirk is among the most considerate and professional people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. I’m so grateful for meeting him!

  133. HER MRS 2021/01

    It’s always a pleasure setting appointments and their customer service is very amazing.

  134. Takiyah Dominique 2021/01

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon today and she is ????? I felt 1000% comfortable with her and she was amazing and just so knowledgeable. I can’t wait to start my service next week and monthly after. She definitely invited to the cookout? when someone or something have you proud about spending you money they a keeper!!!!!!! …

  135. Eric Whittington 2020/10

    My employer uses Accel Pest & Termite Control. They are prompt, knowledgeable about their products and pests. When you call Customer Service you receive the same professionalism received from Service Technicians. Thank you Accel employees and Owners. Two thumbs up for sure!!!!

  136. Lindsay Xander 2020/10

    I’ve been with Accel Pest & Termite Control for 3 5 years. They are responsive, on time, and communicative about the services they offer and what they are doing when treating my home for pests. Other companies show up at my door asking for business, but I won’t go anywhere else. I like that Accel does not use high pressure or creepy sales tactics, like trying to sell you something you don’t need, and dropping your neighbors names when soliciting business. If you’re in need of having crawl space insulation replaced, consider Accel. Kirk came by to give me a price quote, and he was super friendly, knowledgeable, and seemed like a real stand-up fellow. The primary criteria for me when choosing a company is the decency and honesty of the individuals representing the company; Kirk left me with the impression that their employees are trusted to do quality work, so I feel confident that they’ll do a great job.

  137. Alan Rowlett 2020/10

    Accel was great! Ants were invading our home, we called, Kirk came to see us that day, knew exactly what we needed, didn’t pressure or try and upsell us, found us a discount, and the next day the technician came, was super friendly and went the extra mile, made sure we were happy and knew everything they’d done, and we haven’t seen an ant since!

  138. Caroltine Bowles 2020/10

    This was our first time using ACCEL and was very pleased with the service we received. Our tech was Kirk and he was very professional and knowledgeable in his job. We will definitely be calling Kirk back to spray our home for pest control.

  139. Babs Jackson 2020/10

    Accel Pest came out to give us an estimate for termite treatment. Kirk McGee was helpful, honest and professional.

  140. Kathryn Deibler 2020/10

    Kirk was very professional. He called ahead of time and was spot on on time. He was thorough in his inspection and explanation. Didn’t recommend unnecessary services like others had. Was cost conscious. I was pleased with him and would recommend Accel to anyone.

  141. Matt Hutchings 2020/10

    Very quick and helpful. Honest with the whole process and very friendly. Would recommend Kirk for anyone’s pest problems.

  142. Joyce Rusincovitch 2020/10

    Kirk came out to do an inspection and free estimate of services, he was on time, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He really was everything you would want from a customer point of view. I like that it’s a local company. I would recommend and I know if I have any problems in the future, I will not hesitate to call them.

  143. tina degenhardt 2020/10

    Great customer service. Captain Kirk was very professional.

  144. Catherine Galateria 2020/09

    Kirk was great! He was efficient and thorough when getting us a quote for the space. We’re looking forward to using Accel.

  145. Gail Waters 2020/09

    I had an unusual situation at my house that involved removing the ridge vent on the roof so we could exterminate directly at the source. After calling a number of exterminators, and finding none that would be willing to do this, I came across Accel and my worries were over.

    Accel has been wonderful to deal with and you feel like you are talking to an old friend when you call Melissa at the office, or deal directly with the exterminator on-site,… Xavier and Captain Kirk are my two favorites technicians. All three of these employees seem to care about the customer and they make sure they go that extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction.

    Should you have a need for extermination service, I would highly recommend Accel.

  146. Delphine Talley 2020/08

    Service agent was very pleasant and friendly. He explained everything in detail and what to expect once treatment started. I would recommend this company for any pest control that you need.

  147. CAROL WIGGINS 2020/08

    Sales representative, Kirk, is friendly and knowledgeable and Melissa at the office is the most cheerful customer rep I have ever spoken with. She quickly resolved my issue and seemed to be genuinely happy while doing so. It was a pleasure to talk to her. We need to clone her.

  148. Patricia Rollison 2020/08

    Mr. McGee was professional and honest and helpful.

  149. Sue Stephen 2020/08

    Michelle’s customer service is exceptional and she goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is well-taken care of! I will continue to use this company in the future.

  150. Tom Young 2020/07

    I have big bees entering my roof. I called, they were responsive, set appointment same day, showed up on time, inspected , and set a specialist to come back this week to evict my squatter bees. Tom

  151. Cris Shanks 2020/07

    Kirk was thorough, taking time to answer our questions after his detailed inspection. Ours is a new home, but in Virginia it is never too soon to start termite prevention!

  152. Chasity Delaney 2020/07

    Chuck with Accel Pest & Termite Control came out same day to assess the situation. He inspected my homes very thoroughly was very informative about the products they used. I ended up having termites and Chuck was very helpful in explaining the different options they had to treat my home. Thank you!

  153. Benjamin Blevins 2020/07

    Fast, no up sales, good explanations

  154. Josie M 2020/06

    Kirk did an excellent job inspecting our home and pointing out the weak spots where pests could easily enter. He is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and helpful! I can highly recommend the services provided by Accel Pest & Termite Control.

  155. Jennifer Marshall Chung 2020/06

    Kirk McGee came out Abs did a free inspection- he was considerate, knowledgeable and very honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer people to him and this company

  156. Aaran Kelley 2020/06

    Melissa is such a pleasure to work with. In every interaction I’ve had with her, she has been responsive, kind, and a breath of fresh air! She takes the time to answer my questions and quickly address my needs. I always walk away with a smile on my face when I’ve talked to her!

  157. Aaron Parks 2020/06

    Sharon was quite pleasant to work with. Although they didn’t perform any work yet, they did give me some suggestions on what we could do to address the problem. She also educated us on the behaviors of pests and what we could do to fix it on our own before requesting a more exhaustive solution.

    I felt like they were trying to help us like a neighbor would as opposed to someone looking to make a quick buck. I’ll gladly use them if the suggestions Sharon suggested we do on our own don’t yield the results we’re looking for.


  158. Lori Perez 2020/06

    Kirk arrived on time and reviewed all items with us while giving exceptional customer service.

  159. Sheila Fowlkes 2020/06

    Accel Pest and Termite Control has exceeded all of my expectations. I called late on a Friday night regarding mice and by early Saturday morning someone was returning my phone call to schedule an appointment for Monday. Pete arrived and did a thorough evaluation. His recommendations were spot on. He even came back several times to check the crawl space and attic. Recently I left a phone message and within 24 hours the problem was taken care of. Accel is an excellent company to do business with! I recommended them to a friend and she has been equally satisfied.

    Called about an ant proplem I was having. Kirk answered and was at my house that same morning. Reassured me that they were not Carpenter ants. Inspected both inside and outside. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have already recommended him to my brother. Great service!!

  160. Theresa Pierce 2020/05

    Kirk McGee is very professional and polite. He answered each of my questions and was very thorough during the initial assessment. I will continue to use Accel Pest & Termite Control.

  161. Joyce Otey 2020/05

    I was highly impressed with “Captain “ Kirk’s professionalism. He took extreme care to examine my property and informed me on the best ways to solve the problems. I highly recommend Accel Pest & Termite Company.

  162. Joshua Mckeon 2020/05

    Captain Kirk answered all of our questions with a friendly professionalism that was very welcome amidst our pest panic. Accel was quick with scheduling and offered plenty of options for my wife and I. Great service!

  163. Tom Bossi 2020/05

    Work completed as promised. Great folks to deal with.

  164. Phillip Rice 2020/05

    Great experience- Kirk was very knowledgeable and helpful!

  165. Simon Nance 2020/05

    We have enjoyed great customer service with Accel in additional to thorough and professional pest control service. Their office staff is personable and knowledgeable, and the online customer portal is easy to use. We were happy to find a company that still offers termite bonds in the central Virginia area, something that gives us peace of mind and offers reassurance to a buyer in the event we ever sell our house. After almost three years, we have zero complaints.

  166. Hunter Lambert 2020/05

    FANTASTIC service. Quick, efficient and incredibly professional. Met all expectations! Only our first service visit, but looking forward to the good work they’ll continue to do for our home.

  167. Misty Morse 2020/04

    Inspector Sharon came out to inspect my roof line . She pointed out some potential vulnerabilities where critters could gain entry that I wasn’t even aware of. Her customer service skills are world -class, and she is very personable. She ended up resolving a matter that she wasn’t originally requested to investigate. I greatly appreciate and respect that she has integrity. She did not try to sell me anything I did not need but made suggestions on how to improve my situation. She was very thorough and made sure that I understood everything.Accel needs more Sharon’s!!! Thank you, Sharon!

  168. Jennifer Sims 2020/04

    Kirk and ACCEL are wonderful! They are very personable, knowledgeable and are happy to come out to assess the house, when needed! Their costs are very good and the payment plans are awesome.

  169. Daniel Komline 2020/04

    Kirk came out as scheduled and even waited for me when I was late. He clearly knew what he was talking about, and was professional while still being earnest. I will use Accel again.

  170. Anas Zafar 2020/03

    I had an issue with pests, I called to get a free estimate and they sent out a gentleman named Kirk. He outlined the cause of the pests for me and what I could do before needing a professional! Did not try to up sell me or talk me into anything, I really appreciate his honesty and candor. If I need pest control services in the future I know where to start!

  171. Vivian Horovitch-Kelley 2020/03

    Timely and thorough! Thanks!

  172. Jennifer Plumley 2020/03

    Kirk was very knowledgable and professional and made me feel reassured that they would take care of my bug problem.. Also very personable guy and enjoyed meeting him!

  173. Dana T 2020/03

    Kirk was very friendly and professional and took the time to answer all of our questions. Looking forward to working with this company.

  174. Dominique 2020/02

    Accel has been to my home 3 times in the past week. Every person has been on-time. What could not be completed was explained to me ahead of time along with the date and time of their return. Their work has been excellent.

  175. Brandy Nye 2020/02

    I highly recommend Accel for all of your pests needs. They’re extremely helpful and knowledgeable any time you need them. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for a response back. Great service from the techs and Melissa! At a time when you feel vulnerable know that this team won’t try to upsell you.

  176. Juliana Raymond 2020/02

    1. Honest, responsive, and punctual. This is the second time we have used this company and I won’t hesitate to again if needed in the future.. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat.
    2. This is and will always be our go to for any and all pest related problems. Good, honest, hard working people.

  177. Beth Brockman 2020/02

    The company representative arrived on time, was very pleasant and spoke with me about my concerns for the inside and outside of my house. My husband went outside with him as he did an inspection there and also the crawl space. He was helpful and informative. He explained the different options available to me financially and we agreed on that and set everything up. Pleaseed with my initial contact.

  178. Apple for the Day 2020/02

    On time! Kirk was sympathetic to my previous experiences. When I call everyone is extra polite and attentive. The technician, Dontré, announced his arrival and showed promptly. This company is very thorough and their attention to detail is superb! I would recommend over and over again!

  179. Rachel simeone 2020/01

    Called Accel on a Monday and spoke with Melissa who was very friendly and scheduled me a free consultation. Kirk came to my house on time and immediately identified the problem and offered solutions. Will definitely be using Accel for my home pest control

  180. Christina Leigh 2020/01

    What a fantastic experience! The team at Accel we’re so easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable and through. Kirk went the extra mile to help me and the admin staff was pleasant. Truly a high quality team providing first rate service with a smile.

  181. Andrea M 2020/01

    Great customer service from Accel agent Kirk. Answered concerns thoroughly. Should I need further service, I will use Accel.

  182. Marilyn Williams 2020/01

    Sharon was excellent in the assessment of my situation and provided assistance by pointing out items that would help prevent my issues. Although my solution would be better handled by a home improvement contractor, she was still helpful in reaching that conclusion. The best part was it was a free assessment! I would recommend them.

  183. Frederick Campbell 2020/01

    Kirk was an excellent inspector. The company has been top notch thus far.

  184. R. Mckinney 2020/01

    I was very impressed with how quickly I received a response after contacting this company. Our issue was with small flying insects. Someone came out, Kirk, and he was on time and professional. What stood out to me is that its apparent that this is a company of integrity. He wasn’t interested in selling us a service we may not need, rather helping us to find source of issue. We were very pleased, and if necessary, would definitely call on this company again.

  185. Kathie Cummings 2020/01

    Captain Kirk came out and inspected my property gave me a price which was very reasonable he even wore his mask for my protection that was very appreciative I will be using the service he was very nice and polite gave me a reasonable price and I look forward to meeting with him again.

  186. Allison 2020/01

    Kirk (aka Captain Kirk) was a delight to work with. He was personable and I felt like I was truly working with a small business instead of a large corporation. He came by and assessed the severity of my cockroach problem and determined that I could probably take care of it myself for the time being, and I could reach out if I didn’t successfully remediate on my own. He did NOT have to make that suggestion, he could have told me I had a severe infestation and there’d be nothing I could do, but he was honest and showed integrity. I have already verbally recommended him (Accel in Richmond) to others and I’ll absolutely call them should I need professional extermination. Their prices are also very competitive. Definitely go with this company and Kirk!

  187. Candice Swarn 2020/01

    I spoke with Michele and she has excellent customer service! The inspection went smoothly, and I was told what to expect. When the service tech came out he was very knowledgeable and did exactly what I was told during the inspection. I recommend Accel ? …

  188. john bowers 2020/01

    Excellent service!

  189. Pamela B 2020/01

    Accel took care of my mother’s pest concerns, they arrived early, wore the Covid19 protective gear, were very professional and friendly, and reasonably priced.

  190. Ian Titley 2019/10

    I used an online service to obtain three quotes for termite prevention services. Accel showed up when they said they would (thanks “Captain Kirk”) and wrote a detailed quote including a military discount, which we greatly appreciate. Other companies no-showed or wanted to re-schedule. Kirk listened to what I wanted and while I learned about other services Accel offers, he didn’t try to upsell me. If/when I need more pest or bug work I’ll call him again. We don’t have a termite problem and we don’t want one. I’m confident Accel will stand behind their guarantee if the need arises.

  191. Julian J Young 2019/09

    Thank you for your attention to our bug problem today, we look forward to working with you…. (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s witnesses) 8211,Winterpock Rd. Chesterfield Va. 23832…JJ Young

  192. Tammy Eng 2019/09

    Everyone at Accel are the best to work with!! Kirk answers ALL of my questions and explains what needs to be done. Melissa, in the office gets things done right on time every time. If there’s ever a problem she takes care of it immediately. The technicians are always prompt and polite. I’ll definitely continue to work with Accel.

  193. Michelle Slate 2019/09

    Accel Pest has been taking care of my house for almost 2 years now. The past few days I’ve had over 20 wasp in my home. I called Accel and they were extremely kind to send someone right away. Josh the Service gentleman took his time spraying inside my fireplace to make sure he killed every last one. He then checked throughout my house to make sure there were no more. Thank you so much for going above & beyond to get rid of the nasty bees for me! I recommend Accel Pest to everyone in need!

  194. melanie nichols 2019/08

    I have had roaches for months and they return weekly

  195. Michael McDermott 2019/08

    Sprayed for ticks/mosquitoes. Spray application appeared thorough. Technician was very friendly. Cost was in line with competition. Overall, very pleased.

  196. Greg Davis 2019/08

    While competitors were trying to get us to ” rebuild ” our crawlspace ( we just wanted to get rid of a family of mice), Accel sealed the entry points, set traps for the little*******’s, and got rid of the real problem, solving the problem, and saving us thousands of dollars in the process. Even better, these people are 100% HONEST, which we hold in high regard. I have recommended them to several other families.

  197. Mary Triplett 2019/07

    Kirk was prompt, professional, and very courteous!

  198. Ric E 2019/06

    Treated exterior for spider webs & eggs (it’s fall… that’s when you find ‘em) and treated for general pest control. He also set an exterior rodent station at the back of home right of a/c unit for rodents.
    No extra charges or surprises.


  199. V E 2019/05

    Accel is just awesome!! They come when expected and on time. They do what they come to do and sent a pic of the person who is coming prior to complete the service. I have an older home. I have found no signs of pest. The billing is so convenient. Thank you for being a company we can rely on to do what you say you will do. Again thanks!!

  200. Darlene Rickman 2019/04

    Very professional and a nice personality. New exactly what my Home needed.

  201. Erica Cromer-Watts 2019/03

    Kirk did a great job advising us of what to do to keep the moles out of our backyard. We appreciate his great customer service and arriving on time as well. Thanks Kirk!

  202. Richard Byers 2019/03

    Kirk McGee has been wonderful as the Accel primary contact for termite and moisture inspections. Super customer service and I’m grateful for his insight and attention to detail

  203. Ethan Craft 2019/03

    I’ve been using Accel for over a year now and I have always had very positive experiences! They are very flexible with their availability and they do a very thorough job. Great customer service. I have recommended them for other friends and family members and I will continue to do so.

  204. Chris 2019/03

    We had the misfortune of getting a flea infestation, after going through our apartment office and having them send Bug Busters out here to our home we had no success. Bug Busters does such a hack job, it’s not a big apartment only 1100 feet or so but still Bug Busters was in and out in less than a minute the two times they came. I did some searching online and found Accel, Josh was very professional and kind. He was very thorough and made sure to get in all the nooks and crannies and even the couches unlike Bug Busters. Accel is thorough, professional, and affordable. I recommend them to anyone in the Richmond and the tri city area with a pest problem. Hopefully our pests have been eradicated this first time but if not I know that Accel will make sure they are.

  205. Raven Bullock 2019/02

    Great and Amazing customer service , from the office to the rep who comes out to the managers. Everyone is very thorough with the process and knowledgeable about all types of pest ♥️

  206. Russ Thomas 2019/02

    Technician was very friendly and professional and knew his job well!

  207. Christy Burns 2019/02

    My sister and I have used Accel Pest and Termite Control for several seasons and we really like their work. Thanks so much!

  208. Kristin Caldwell 2019/02

    Very professional. Got rid of my fleas!

  209. Ashley Hawkins 2019/01

    Very professional, courteous and clear in explaining what services we needed. Services were delivered promptly and have been effective!

  210. Madeline Berger 2019/01

    He is a very nice man who came and informed us well and set everything up! I would definitely recommend!

  211. Sheila Lewis 2018/08

    Pete came out and did an inspection and was very professional

  212. Ye Ole Peasant 2018/08

    I called Accel for an ant issue. The girl in the office who i spoke with was very knowledgeable and friendly. They were able to get their inspector out here the same day! While Pete was out here he scheduled the service for the same week, it was so quick! The technician who did our service, Josh,was nice and very helpful explaining how he was going to do the service. Highly recommended and definitely within my price range.

  213. al Jones 2018/02

    The next day after the initial treatment, my wife and I noticed dead bugs inside and outside the house. We have not seen a pest since the initial treatment except to clean the dead bug. Both Pete and Josh were very polite and knowledgeable about their work.

  214. Joan Small 2018/01

    Always professional, reliable & honest!

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