A Dog’s and Cat’s World

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A Dog’s and Cat’s World
4.7 based on 22 reviews
  1. Brady lassiter 2023/09

    Always pleasant and super easy to work with. Good pricing.

  2. Nettie Meluch 2023/04

    The groomer and staff are all terrific!! I have been coming here for nearly 15 years!

  3. Ian Titley 2022/11

    We used to go to a chain store and our dog was reluctant to enter. She walks right in here and is happy to go back with the groomer. Plus she always looks great afterwards.

  4. Sue Salvatore 2022/05

    Wonderful team of dog groomers. Always willing to help. The styles look wonderful on my two golden retrievers. Bimonthly drop-in for nails cut and Dremel keep my performance dogs paws in great shape. Highly recommend.

  5. Robin Slater 2022/04

    I’ve been going here for over 2 years now and every time they do a fantastic job!! Highly recommended.


  6. Kellie pritchett 2022/03

    Adopted my what we think foxhound from the spca last week and decided to get her bathed yesterday! The workers were amazing and gentle even with my doggy being nervous. I never though I had such a soft dog!


  7. Michael Clark 2022/01

    My three poodles look like they are ready for their turn at the national dog show. My girls always like ready for show time when I pick them up at the end of the day.
    Superb grooming!!!

  8. Anita Anderson 2021/10

    Awesome. Do a great job on our furbabies and take great care of them while they are there getting groomed!


  9. Tom 2021/10

    The dogs look great! Reasonable price. Thanks

  10. Ursula Uszynski 2021/06

    Very clean, able to see grooming stations
    Can bring dog in for nail trim and paw trim between 10 and 2 without appointment

  11. R C 2020/10

    I’ve brought my pup here a few times and he looks great every time! Making an appointment is very easy. The staff is professional and friendly. Highly recommended!

  12. Paul Kroog 2020/06

    They did a good job grooming my dog
    They were friendly and helpful

  13. Brooke Johnson 2020/01

    Such a wonderful place. My pup loves getting his hair done!!

  14. Jamie Moricle 2019/10

    They give the best attention and puppy cut to our little fur babies.

  15. Kayla Hylton 2019/03

    Amazing place. Been taking my baby here for years. Convenient location, hours and everyone is super nice. My dog can be kind of scared, and they handle him great. Highly recommend!

  16. Lis I 2019/03

    The most knowledgeable pet groomers. They do an excellent job!

  17. Katherine Furr 2019/02

    Friendly staff !! They remember my pup’s name !!

  18. Harry Mullica 2018/06

    Excellent service!

  19. Rick Wilmoth 2018/04

    Best groomers ever.

  20. Charles Spraggins 2017/09

    Grooming services are fine, but our dog contracted Kennel cough while at their facility. The owner refused to accept responsibility for costs incurred and denied any culpability.

  21. Kathy Gorman 2017/08

    I’ve used Dog’s and Cat’s World for many years and am extremely happy with the service and the care I receive. Rebecca has always gone above and beyond for me my dogs. After trying many groomers in the past, I’m so happy that I finally found Dog’s and Cat’s World – they do a beautiful job at a reasonable price and they REALLY care about the animals and their owners. I highly recommend them!

  22. Dan C 2015/06

    We’ve been customer of this little shop for a while. Our 2 miniature schnauzers really hate that place 🙂 Mrs. Brenda is always welcoming, dogs hate her. Job they’ve done on our dogs so far was great. Groomers are handling dogs very well and we had only 1 accident where our dog came back with blood on his paws. Groomer apologized and blood stain was gone within 1 hour. Dogs come out from the shop clean and smelling really good. I could definitely recommend this shop to anybody who’s looking for nice service for the dogs. The only thing which I really don’t like is the way they keep dogs while waiting for grooming – in crates. We never put our dogs to the crate and I always consider this to be cruel behavior. However, I fully understand the need for crates in this profession.
    And let me note here one thing: our dogs are always treated as a dogs which means we never put them at the same level like humans which I believe is happening in the shop while grooming them too.

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