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  1. Edward Fenske (Mr Ed) 2021/09

    I have spent time at the building for in person/dog training and have been very happy! Thank you! I learned how to communicate with our dogs and vice versa. They ae a great supporter of animal rescue as well! Thank you for being there for places like C.A.R.E. dog rescue!

  2. Kristopher Klenotiz 2020/11

    Called during office hours. Keft a message. Never heard back.

  3. Paul Boltz 2020/07

    I have heard NOTHING but such good things from this training facility, which is why i wanted to do business with them. I spoke DIRECTLY to the trainer as well as an admin whom FAILED to even return an email or phone call. Maybe shes great with commands but this has been an EPIC fail for her as far as business decision goes.

  4. Lisa Snyder 2020/06

    Excellent training program.


  5. D.B. Anonymous 2020/05

    This place is great, very hands on with your dog and yourself. They give you the tools to work with your dog in and out of class. At the end of the program our dog knew many commands and became more confident with other dogs. I would highly recommend them to any family with a new dog or dog with behavioral issues.

  6. Alex Nies 2020/03

    The class had far too many dogs to be effective (10-12 when we started, but attendance dwindled as the weeks went on). The facility was dirty, smelled, and poorly lit. Additionally, the instructor spent a minimum of 70% of each class talking (think 20+ minutes of complicated instruction, then 3-5 minutes to practice), which made it extremely difficult to understand or learn the concepts she was trying to teach us. Perhaps the most frustrating part was that the instructor refused to believe or acknowledge that there are different methods of training a dog. When we mentioned that her techniques were not working with our dog, but that we had found another method that worked really well, she told us our method was wrong and that we shouldn’t be doing that. Overall, I would not recommend this class to anyone. It might be affordable, but you definitely get what you pay for.

  7. Victoria L. Fahed 2020/01

    2 Speak Dog has been helping my rescue dogs for about 2 years. Kasey is very skilled and the way she explains how to do something is so easy to follow. The classes are amazing and wonderful to take. The pack walks are fun and a great way to have your dog socialize while Kasey gives training and suggestions.

  8. Jacqueline Broyer 2019/10

    I am so glad we sent our dog here. They do a great job of explaining the dog psychology behind commands and how best to communicate with our furry friends. Each lesson comes with at home exercises to practice. This is the place to go for dog training.

  9. Dominique Fleming 2019/07

    I think this is a great facility and great team. They have great knowledge and patience for us owners lol. I can’t wait to learn more.

  10. Tess Powers 2018/12

    I can’t say enough amazing things about 2SpeakDog! The entire staff is warm and compassionate – they genuinely care about each dog and family that walks through the doors. They helped me with a very reactive, untrained foster dog who eventually became my adopted dog. I highly recommend anyone looking for help with reactive dogs, basic obedience, confidence, etc to give 2SD a try!

  11. John Hui 2018/07

    Expert staff and positive trainers!


  12. Renee Judkins 2018/06

    2speakdog is the best! They have trained all my dogs and will train all my future dogs as well. They don’t just do obedience but they work with behavior and making sure you train to get the best behavior out of your pup. I recommend them any chance I get!


  13. Shaunn Hummel 2018/02

    Excellent training and very knowledgeable staff! Outstanding choice for training!

  14. David Grossman 2017/10

    Awesome place. We are learning a lot from an excellent and knowledgable staff

  15. Kat Lindsey 2017/08

    Honest-to-God real dog trainers – they’re not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear, and they’re tactful but direct about it. Willing to work with those willing to change.

  16. Wanda Ferguson 2017/06

    Theclass started out w/ 9 or 10 dogs , ended w/ 4. I found out ,too late, that the trainer was new. She talked too much!! zzzzzzz! I’m a teacher and no one wants to be ” talked to” !! Anyway, it was an o.k. basic class but, I wouldn’t take another there. And, an acquaintance is taking the same class with the same instructor now AND she’s still talking too much, he said. I think it would be helpful ,at the end , to have people write a critique of their experience ( like I’ve had at other places in the past) But, this did not happen! Well, here’s mine!😊

  17. Rachel Rique 2017/01

    Great advice and human training to help you be a better dog owner.

  18. Mitchell 2016/10

    Super professional staff. Really helpful teaching our super energetic dog! Will defiantly attend classes again!

  19. kathy townsend 2016/08

    My dog Zola and I have been to several dog training facilities. While we have able to take something positive from each of them 2SpeakDog is definitely the place for us. Both Kasey and Jennifer have been so informative…they really know their stuff! One on one, private, in home lessons are so beneficial if you have any unusual issues that come up. Many thanks Kasey!! A special training technique used by 2SpeakDog is to do a lot of training in public settings. What a great way to be able to teach your dog to be an active part of your life. Even after formal classes are completed 2SpeakDog offers many pack walks and workshops to keep training fresh and experience fun outdoor activities with your pet. Thank you 2SpeakDog. Kathy & Zola

  20. Daryl Taylor 2016/07

    After one 2-hour session with Jennifer Kyzer, our chaotic house of dog personalities was reined in. Our time with Jennifer was very consultative. She listened to all the input from our family members and then proceeded to teach us quite a bit about our dogs. We brought her in to help house-train our new puppy, but she showed us the possibilities of training our older dogs to behave much better and develop respect for us. We have followed through on her suggestions, and our dogs are responding positively to the hand-feeding and calming techniques Jennifer shared with us. We look forward to mastering the list of training items we were given so that we can add more.

    We are looking forward to future sessions. It was worth every penny!

  21. Chris Gilson 2016/05

    Great place to get your dog social skills

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